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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A True Blood Tuesday? Yes Yes Ya'll

Hey Trubbies!

 Welcome Back to True Blood Tuesday!

 First episode of Season 5  let's get to it!

Disclaimer:  I'm a True Blood fan and I want to talk about the show with other fans. I decided to wait until Tuesday in case you didn't catch it on Sunday the day it comes on.  I will be all over the place at times as thoughts come to my mind so please bear with me! This is not so much a re cap but things that stood out or were hilarious to me about the episode. Every season is crazy! This season looks like it's going to be just as crazy! LOL!

Okay...so... I'm gonna keep this short and sweet!This was the best season opener so far. There was entirely TOO MUCH happening!!!!!!!!

Why is the reverend a vampire? Who turned him? Umm he's gay and was he about to rape Jason? Why is somebody always trying to get Jason's goodies?Well I know why but still. Dang!

I was so scared for Sam. I thought those werewolves were about to take him out. And what in the cannibal heck? They ate the corpse! Ewww! I want to know why? What did that symbolize? These werewolves are about to be too much!


Lawd, Eric and his sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tweeted "what in the incest hell??" I was enlightened by a follower that the chick was his "sister" because Godric was their maker no blood relation. I was SO relieved because they were getting it IN!

I'm so glad Lafayette cut the braided, glued on lacefront cap. LOL! Him so sad...Jesus R.I.P. or not?

Pam! Pam! Pam! PAM!!!!!!!!!! ya'll She is a FOOOL!! I hollered at "super snatch" and that Walmart sweatsuit. ALL points for the night go to her!

THE KANG LIVES!!!!!!!!!!! This season is going to be EVERYTHING just because he's alive! LOL!

The Authority looks like they are no joke!

Last, but certainly not least *screams* TARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! R.I.P. I was so hoping that she did not die. Now that she is dead and a vampire I...just...don't...KNOW!!! Especially with Pam as her maker!!! Can you just imagine the shenanigans?? I wonder how long before Tara comes back to herself and what type of havoc she will wreck before she does.Hmmmm.....

Side bar: I have to throw this in  and it's  just my opinion.  HBO has another opportunity to perpetuate a stereotype. First Tara was a wanton sex whore or Jezebel  combined with Sapphire the evil, bitchy black woman. Can you just imagine her as vampire?? I LOVE this show but her character irks me at times.

Okay its your turn to chime in. Tell me what you thought!


P.S. I love this... said...

I totally agree with the sterotyping of Tara.. I didn't want her to come back if she's gonna be the victim. Hopefully in this vampy character will empower her..some kinda way.

This episode left me with baited breath and mad that it wasn't a two hour 1st episode. There was SOOOO much going on.. I needed more!!

The Reverend.. "I'm a gay vampire american". Too funny!

The werewolves.. I wanna know what that eating the corpse was about too. I like the mother's character.


Ummm yeah.. Eric and sister was getting it soooooo in!! *shudders*

SO glad Lafayette isn't rocking the lacefront.. it was a mess. Where did Jesus body go? Who done stole it!!

"Super Snatch" should be a tshirt. lol

Can't wait to see what the KANG is up to this season.

Love that Chris Meloni is a vampire.

Monique said...

this show is everything!

I wonder what will happen with Tara this season. Girlfriend has gone through some things. I wonder if she's finally found peace as a vampire.

Eric Northman = my boyfriend in my head. That body is SICK!

When did the Rev get bit? I seriously don't remember that.

Russell is back? Bon Temp is going to have their hands full.

Alcide could growl at me any day!

I'm getting my shirt made that says "I will super snatch you". LOL

Anonymous said...

Girl, the Reverend was always into Jason!. You know those repressed republican preachers are always wilding out behind closed doors. My favorite part in that story line was when Jason took back his invitation and the Reverend screamed, “I love you,” right before he was whisked out!

To me the crazy thing about eating the body wasn’t even that they did it – but that it was days old. Ew. Wouldn’t that meat be rotten and make everyone sick?

How big is Alcide? That is a lot of man!

I am SO glad the Eric/Sookie storyline is over. There was no chemistry there. But Eric and his sister. Got damn!

Did Lafayette have struggle hair or what? And seriously, don’t you think Sookie – of all people – should have been a tiny bit more concerned about the missing body of a dead witch? I used to love that actor in his role on “Southland” and when he was killed so that he could go to True Blood I was heartbroken. I hope that he didn’t leave Southland only to die on True Blood, so I hope he comes back.

Pam is my whole reason for living. My absolute favorite character on the show!

Again, Sookie should be a tiny bit more concerned that Russel Edgington is alive. Why is she so dumb?!?!

Tara. Poor Tara. She has been such a good friend to sookie but being sookies friend is bad for your health. I hope Tara finds her inner bad ass this season.

ichoosethesun said...

So.....yeah I was excited but I, too, wanted more. Not sure I like where Tara's character is headed. Alcide is everythang!!! I'm hoping that Jesus s still allive. Yesssssss @ the return of Russell, I.can't.wait.!! Looking forward to Chris Meloni...

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Hi All,

Thanks so much for chiming in!

I hope they do allow Tara's character to grow this season. I hope she isn't the crazy vamp for too long.

It was long enough to me. I don't think I could took much more! Super excited about this week tho!

Girl the reverend LOLOLOLOL!

Alcide all day!

Just hope she's not his "real" sister and only is because of the maker.

Yes...a Jesus mystery!

I would wear a "Super Snatch" t-shirt! Judge Me! Hahaha!

Yes I can't wait to see what "Stabler" does. He such a great actor! Very intense in his roles.

Indeed it is!

I don't know about finding peace as a vamp because she hated them so much. It will be interesting to see. Maybe she will be happy to be "alive" lol

The men bodies on this show are AMAZE!!!

I totally don't know when the Reverend was bitten. We need a back story on that. He was supposed to be killed.

Girl Yes!! The Kang!

LOL@these t shirts!

Yes indeedy I can't wait to see Stabler in action.

I never thought about the Rev attention being of a sexual nature towards Jason. That's hilarious!!

I thought about his rotting body too. Ewwwww!

I know right? Girl 6'5 Yum! lol

Eric/Sookie was very amusing to me. Their fanciful sex scenes tho! LOL!

Hahahaha@struggle hair! Jesus fahn too! I wouldn't mind continuing to see him. I didn't know he was on Southland. I must of started watching after he left the show.

PAM!!!!!!!!!!!! That is ALL!

Sookie is always so dumb to what's going on until it's RIGHT UP ON HER!! LOL! She really needs to get a clue!

Oh Tara *sigh*

So.....yeah I was excited but I, too, wanted more. Not sure I like where Tara's character is headed. Alcide is everythang!!! I'm hoping that Jesus s still allive. Yesssssss @ the return of Russell, I.can't.wait.!! Looking forward to Chris Meloni...<<<<< STAMP!!!!!!!!!!

Bajan Beauty said...

That damn Debbie, Sookie should have killed her last season, hmph!

ALCIDE, yes lawd! Sookie better get right, if she gave Eric a chance she can give the Mr. Werewolf a go as well. Hell why not, lol.

I need the back story on Steve Nuland, that's just gross =(

What in the world are these wolves up too, I don't get them at all. They are a strange group, we need more insight on how they operate, and why in the hell did they eat Marcus?????

Eric could get it...that's all.

I don't want Tara to be a vampire, WTF would they do that for her. Damn do they not know her at all. Especially after what ole' boy did to her in Season two. Tisk tisk True Blood writers not a good look. Where are they going with this? Angry black vampire woman????

Finally we get to see who the Authority is!

Oh and what were the plans after they staked Nan? I'm lost on that.