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Monday, March 12, 2012

Can We Discuss The Walking DEAD?????????!!!!!!!!!!

This season started off sloooooooooow, but really picked up!







Reggie said...

I've never watched it. I've never quite bought into the whole zombie craze.

I guess I don't want to see anyone eat anyone else's brains.

AR Gal said...

I only saw the last few moments of the most recent episode. My jaw hit the damn floor. I'd been wanting Rick to take Shane out for a minute but never thought that he would actually do it. I'm still tore up about Dale. That was my boy!!! Is it wrong that I want the zombies to snatch Carl's lil ass up for getting him killed. Okay, okay it wasn't truly his fault but his actions caused the thing to come out of the woods. I can't believe there is only one episode left this season. Where did the time go???

P.S. I love this... said...

OMG, what a great episode! Several points that stood out for me:

1. Randall turning into a Walker without being bitten.

2. The CSI skills of Daryl.. my fav character!

3. I felt that Lori thinks her husband can't protect them.. that he is a lil wishy washy. That Shane, albeit crazy, would be a better protector. After her tearful apology and telling Shane she didn't know who's baby she was carrying just further gave Shane the "reasoning" to try and kill his used to be bestie.

4. How in da hell the the Randall Walker get the best of Glenn and Daryl, when they SAW him coming?

5. Was Carl really aiming that gun at his Father or did he see that Shane was reanimating?

6. What was that Walker thing that Shane was "seeing" while he was dead-ish? Hive-mentality?

7. Where in the world did all those Walkers come from?? They swooped in like SWAT!

I can't WAIT til next week.

P.S. I love this... said...

Oh and are they all infected? Being a Walker is imminent, just need to die in order to become a Walker? The Walking Dead is the people..not the zombies.. Oooooooh!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I can't believe you don't watch sir. I thought this would be something of interest to you. They really don't get much of a chance to eat brains because they get KILT! by the living. Catch up and be about it man! LOL!

@AR Gal
I think them dividing up the season threw off the timeline.

I’m SO mad at Carl for Dale's death. I know he’s a kid but still! He needs to stay his butt in the house instead of wandering all willy-nilly.

Yes you are WRONG for wanting him to be eaten by zombies. lol We already lost Sophia RIP!

I was screaming at the screen when Shane pulled out his gun on Rick. I didn't know how it would end but I'm glad of the outcome. Shane was crazy and it's all Lori's fault!
Thanks for commenting! :)

@ P.S.
1.Randall turning into a walker!! I want to think it has something to do with the Barn and blood contact. He was in there a long time and those cuffs must have been contaminated.
2. I was screaming at the screen "look at Darryl figuring it out!" I didn't like him at first but he grew on me.
3. I'm mad a Lori!! She is messy and was stirring the pot by telling Shane she's not sure about the baby. Shane was already unstable and half crazy! She had already riled Rick up and the fight he and Shane had previously could've cost them their lives. Where would she be then? Ole heffa!
4. I think because Randall turned so quickly he still had human instincts combined with his zombie strength and was ready to attack. Glenn was all jumpy anyway so...but I'm glad they got it together and took him out!
5. I choose to believe he saw Shane zombiefying and acted accordingly but who knows he's weird and maybe he is zombie sick too.
6. I thought it was the show giving us an eye view of what it's like to turn, especially introducing how it happens so quickly after death now that it appears to be airborne!!!!
7.OMG!! all those walkers I don't know how they are going to survive this attack.
8. Wow that is a theory that THEY are the walking dead. Geez what a thought! lol

I can't wait until next week either. We will be discussing this finale cuz... MAN!

Bajan Beauty said...

That f******* Shane, he was awesome eye candy at one point but dude was CRAZY! I think he some what had his issues with the Lori situation contained but her boo-hooing pushed him over the edge along with Carl feeling he could confide in him more than his own dad. Shane was really critical of how Rick was parenting but hell they are in a zombie apocalypse cut dude some slack!

What the heck happened to Randell! Did Shane kill him, how did I miss him dying. I am thinking that everyone is infected now and you only need to physical die to become a walker. That dang disease is evolving rapidly. It's airborne!

I am glad that Darryl didn't believe Shane because now Rick will have back up on why he had to kill his crazy a**. All the clues point to Shane wanting to lure Rick into the woods alone.

And what the heck was Shane going through before he took Randell into the woods, was that the disease taking over his body.

Did you notice that Shane and Randell looked different from the other walkers, their eyes weren't the same and their bodies were much stronger.

Okay AMC ya'll got me doing some critical thinking!

South Loop Social Light said...

I never thought they'd off Shane. Never. He was my lovable bad guy. My jaw dropped for at least 3 minutes when they shot him. Well, he did get father/son double teamed. *le sigh* I missed the previous 2 episodes so I didn't know Dale was gone either, but he was a bit annoying to me, like Sophia... not sad to see him gone lol... But seriously, the season picked up and thankfully so. They definitely need another season.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

His body was hot! But yes he quickly declined for me in character after he killed Otis. I try to rationalize that it was for his survival but...

Lori is evil! I thought Rick had sort of controlled their love triangle but I think SHE pushed Shane over the edge. Carl Carl Carl smh!

Yes Shane killed Randall!! When they went behind the tree it is implied that Shane broke Randall's neck. I thought he pushed him off something too but I'm not sure.

Yeah like P.S. said Darryl's CSI skills were on point and he will definitely need to be Rick's backup.

I don't know what Shane was going through he just seemed like he was going all the way crazy to me.

Yes, I did noticed that their eyes were different. They changed pretty quickly and decay did not set in also maybe their human instincts/strengths are still intact. I also watch the Talking Dead after show. The show said those eyes were stinging Randall so bad they took them out and CGI'd them in later. I was surprised zombie Shane did not take a running attack at Rick and Carl.

I can't wait until next weeks episode! Thanks for commenting! :)

As Shane's mental state declined I figured him or Rick had to go. As I keep saying it was ALL Lori's fault she escalated this situation with her manipulation! You definitely need to watch the previous episodes to catch up and see what I mean. Wait.. Ha Ha! at the Dale and Sophia slander! They were both the humanity of the group to me. I agree the season picked up and we do need another season! Thanks for commenting! :)

P.S. I love this... said...

Another point to ponder.. Lori's pregnancy. If everyone has the virus, what, if any, implications does that have for the baby Lori is carrying? Will the baby be born a zombie, or will it represent the cure (babies typically are immune to outside viruses or infections because they are protected by the amniotic sac and chorionic fluid it contains)?

Gorgeous Puddin said...

I had a fleeting thought about that baby especially with her heavy lifting and acting as if she's not pregnant. Interesting theory maybe it will be the cure...