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Friday, January 27, 2012


 Introducing Freestyle Fridays - Fashion, Food, Fitness or Fact. 

I plan to discuss fashion. It will probably be about something I've already bought, something I want, or it could be a great fashion find for you. Food will be a fine dining restaurant experience, fitness will be exercise I have completed for the week if it's blog worthy and fact will be a story past or present from my life. I hope you enjoy!

This first post is of course about Fashion:
I received a JcPenney's gift card for Christmas. I have a love/hate relationship with this store, but I may have never told ya'll this but I can find something to buy at ANY store I find myself in. It's a sickness! LOL!

This year Penney's (as we call it) had a pretty awesome MLK sale so I was determined to use my gift card. I bought this wonderful golden blouse regularly $50.00 for 15 bucks!  SCORE!!

I may do something about the sleeves but this will be great for the holidays this year. I plan to pair it with dark denim jeans, cream slacks or patterned leggings and some sky high heels.

This week my fashion find for you is at ShoeBox NY They are currently having an AWESOME sale on designer shoes. The best bargain is on the Vince Camuto shoes for as low as $25.00!! You can't beat that with a stick! Happy Shopping!

I bought both of these for $25 each with $8.00 shipping


K. Rock said...

This new series sounds fun! Cant wiat to see what else you come up with.

JC Penny is doing something new in Feb. It will slash all its prices by 40% and have less sales. Going after a Wal-mart type business model as far as low prices everyday. May wann go back and check them out then!

I actually like both those shoes. The first pair the most. Great gets! I cant buy shoes online b/c I have funny feet but I will venture more ito online clothes shopping this spring.

Bajan Beauty said...

I was just on JCP.com last night filling up my shopping cart. I buy a lot of skirts and pants from them. I am lovin the brightly colored pencil skirts, blazers and ankle trousers they have. They also have the best jeggings!

So I have been wanting to try Vince Camuto shoes for some time, at these prices I should be able to find at least one pair that tickles my fancy. I like the pair you purchased but I have wide feet =( I love the caramel color!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@K Rock
I saw a news story about JCP and was intrigued. They showed a complete overall of the design of the store making it more stores in store boutiques kinda like Neiman's is.

Sometimes my feet do weird stuff so I hope these do fit. If not a family member will enjoy them or maybe an E Bay buyer. :) Online shopping is fun once you get into it. You'll see!

I think you are just an overall better shopper than I am! I need to go back and look for all these clothes you speak of. You wear color really well. I actually just do color a little and tend to buy neutrals a lot so that may be why.

DianaBoss said...

I looooove those shoes..... now I gotta check out that site! My dads fiance is a JC Penney addict. I never go but she always buys cute stuff for and my little guy. I wonder if the mercgandise will stay the same after this price cut thing.

ichoosethesun said...

Cool series. That shirt is haute as well as the shoes, but I'm most impressed with those prices!! :) I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure most of the Penney's in the DMV are now Macy's.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Girl! many older woman love JCP hence the giftcard. My Aunt is a stan! I hope the quality doesn't change. My blouse arrived and it is really nice material. It would be a HUGE mistake for them to change their quality if they are trying to improve their image. Definitely check out the shoe site!

Thank you! :) Somebody tweeted about the sale and put them back on my radar. Check it out. They have a lot of nice items. I originally had $600 worth of stuff in my online cart. A coat, a purse and shoes..then I checked myself LOL!

P.S. I love this... said...

The new series sounds fun! I have never bought anything for JCP.. I always put stuff in the cart but never check out.

I have just bought those Vince Camuto Bailey booties in the leopard print. I LOVE them!! However, I'm a little miffed that I paid $80.00 for them on sale from Piperlime. Aaaaand I'm too lazy to send them back.

Those caramel sandals are the business!! I think I may get them.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Thank you! JCP has some cute things from time to time. You can get leggings and Levi's and trendy items from there. My aunt's daughter was being funny when they got this card but I leaned wit it rock wit! I can buy anything from anywhere anywhoo...those booties in leopard sound HOT! As for buying the other shoes *chants* do it! do it! :)

Tarsha R said...

Yay for new new stuff! I would have never looked twice at that blouse BUT they way you plan to pair it I can't wait!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Dang like dat? Not a 2nd look? WOW! That's HILARIOUS! I like glittery, shiny things! :)