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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #57

1. I follow a tumblr that shows beautiful pictures of bodies of water. I really like it and reblog many of the pictures. I guess it’s the Pisces in me to love water like I do. I could hug it I love it so much! LOL!

2. So I thought the phrase was "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?" There are these commercials on about calling a number if you see certain activity.  So now they want you to tell? *scratches head in confusion*

3. It’s almost here!! It’s almost here!! Ya’ll ready?? CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHOOO HOOOOO!! What are your color schemes this year? I’m still trying to make this black sequins and gold happen. #mightdontmakeit

4. I keep forgetting that Christmas is on a Sunday. I still haven’t bought my dress. I’m supposed to be going to church that day. I was super excited at first, but as it draws nearer I forget. Shame on me.

5. I was so upset when they played the preview for ANOTHER Devil movie! UGH!!! That mess scares me!

6. I feel like my city is at war with itself. People have lost their minds!!  There is so much shooting and crime in the bay right now.  It’s just sad and scary. Two young children have died from gunshots. People are being robbed in parking lots. Some crimes happening in broad daylight  It’s CRAZY!

7. So how do you handle when the temperatures drop into the 40’s during the night? I hate being cold when I peek my head from under the covers or have to get up.

8. Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake. Name that tune! Do you like it? What songs are you currently playing?

9. I watched the finale of America’s Next Top Model last week and Angelea had won! She won y’all Yaay her!! But I was disappointed to learn that they took her win from her because she Facebook’d that she won. I’m not sure who I’m angrier at, ANTM for that stupid re-taped whack finale or Angelea for being so dumb!

10. The Obama Chia pet has me so disturbed! Where is the respect?

11. Seen and Heard ~ Gold is a hot commodity right now. With it being so high in value people have lost their minds with trying to cash in. Please click this link to see how far some people will go. I literally had real tears rolling down my face in laughter. People are so CRAZY!!


Bajan Beauty said...

2. LMAO I find that hilarous! I guess people were taking the Vegas slogan a little to literal, smh.

3. Not ready, haven't done anything but decorate. No one gift is under my tree, but I will take care of that this weekend. I will shopping and wrapping.

5. Did you see the preview for the one about the crazy lady and her daughter, sheesh. I saw that preview when I went to watch the Sitter, how do those two movie correlate with each other, lol.

6. Same story in Miami.

7. Well we don't make it that far down in the temps very often but if we did, I would need a snuggle bug, lol.

8. Birthday by RiRi. I didn't care for that album, but I have been listening to The Weekend. His voice is amazing, my friend put me on to him.

9. I watched Top Model for the first time in years and wondered what happend, poor baby.

Monique said...


Nina said...

dang...i knew christmas was on a sunday but it wasn't really on my mind until you mentioned it....

2. they have that number because people act a fool!!! not up in there! NOT UP IN THERE! lol

6. NYC is crayyyyy! A mother was shot and killed shielding school children from bullets that older kids were shooting from MACHINE GUNS a few months ago. where are high school kids getting machine guns? corrupt cops that are smuggling guns into the city. too too too much!

K. Rock said...

1. I love pictures of nature. Sooooo pretty.
2. Sometimes you just gotta tell. I'm all for snitchin'.
6. And then half these movies are terrible.
8. Rhianna!. I have a few new cd's I haven't even listenend to yet. I am alwyas looking for new music so I keep new stuff on deck!

Nexgrl said...

I don't do christmas decorations. I purchased some the first year that I was in my current home, but I haven't purchased a Christmas Tree yet. I really don't want to deal with pine needles, and I don't like artificial trees.

When I wake in the middle of the night, I've found that I've wrapped myslef in a cocoon.

Krissy said...

i love pretty pictures of bodies of water

obviously vegas has some snitches! lol

i can't believe christmas has come so soon. i just bout a sweater dress earlier today to wear on chrismas

tell Oakland to have a seat!

I run the heater on my toes until i climb into bed lol

I deleted ANTM off my DVR. once you told me she lost i didnt want to watch anymore

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Welcome back! Thanks for stopping by! :)
2. I agree! I want to know what folks are doing that Vegas is advocating snitching.
3. Well at least you have a game plan. I love shopping!
5. That would have made me so mad! The Sitter is a comedy and comedic trailers should have been played. What about the kids?
6. I just want people everywhere to get it together and calm down!
7. Girl okay! LOL!
8. Ding! I keep hearing mixed reviews. Some love it, some not. I do like this song tho. I'll look into The Weekend I love a man that can sang!! :)
9. Wasn’t that awful? They could have played that off and have all the girls tweet and FB that they won. I mean really…it was not that serious! She really needed that win.

Glad to see someone else is enthusiastic! YAY!!!!!!

4.It being on a Sunday makes you want to plan to look a little more special doesn’t it?
6. WOW!! That is terrible! I want to know where teens are getting machine guns too! Poor lady and her family :(

@K. Rock
1.It is pretty. I'm mostly into the water and maybe some trees or mountains.
2. Okay good to know *scratches K Rock off the if I commit a crime list* LOL!
8. DING! Me too good music makes life better and the day go faster if needed.

@ Nexgrl
I just love the smell of Christmas trees. I don’t like the needles either but I guess that’s a part of it.

Shoo...your body said bump that! You aren’t getting cold in a cocoon. LOL!

It’s the best! So tranquil

Ah Vegas just won’t be the same. I think the Hangover made fools go crazy.

I love sweater dresses. I need the deets. Color? Length? Style?

Girl! Oakland needs to have a whole aisle of seats!

LOL! That’s funny!

Oh...then you missed that hokey finale. I wanted you to see that mess.

Don said...

I am already in thermal mode and an electric heater when I feel like I'm not warm enough.

Hmm. I'm so old school but I've been listening to the new MJB album.

It's sad how our black POTUS has been disrespected on a whole, more than any other president in history I have to believe.

I never understood why Hollywood would green light a movie about the devil. It's almost as if they are intentionally wanting to corrupt the mind.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Now that's a recipe for warmth!

I love all things MJB!

I agree with you! I'm just glad that he's so awesome the negativity makes the doer look dumb!

See...that's my thought exactly! There are so many other movies that can be made and they choose to waste time and money on producing insanity.

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Stupid devil movies! I hate them too. Just about as much as I hate taking my kids (2 and 8) to church, ugh.. they are some heathens! lol

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I hate that the initial commercials scare me especially if I'm not near the remote for a quick channel change. But wait...how are you comparing that to taking the kids to church?? I CAN'T with you! LOLOL!