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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #56

1. We are I am trying to put together a seafood Christmas again this year.  Last year my mom made the best gumbo ever! It was so good . I would like a repeat of that or at least to enjoy crab in a wonderful way. Both my sister and I are super scary. Why are we considering going to the docks to get LIVE crabs to cut down on cost and get the most for our bucks?? The idea is hilarious. Can you just imagine two women at a dock hollering trying to get some live crabs in a cooler and carry them somewhere? LOLOL!

2. I tried to let this roll off like the other snide, sideways remarks/behavior but I can't. I get annoyed when people stop by my blog then take what they see or read here and talk about it on twitter negatively or in a ridiculing way. I have a level of respect for the blogs I comment on regularly and actually liked the bloggers, well as much as you can "like" somebody you don't know....you get a vibe about who's cool. Well I see times are a changing. Being unnecessarily mean is SO not cute. What is unattainable to you may be attainable to the next person. That said, if I want a thousand dollar pair of shoes, a purse, an Infiniti or whatever...that’s me doing Me. Nobody is knocking what you like. There’s space for us all. I guess my mistake was not clicking unfollow when you did.

3. I watch Love and Hip Hop. Yes, I do! I have a confession about it but I might get too many side eyes so I will keep it to myself. Anywhoo, they all say “At the end of the day” entirely too much on this show. I thought it was isolated but I swear in the last 2 weeks I have heard that phrase SO many times on so many reality shows I’m about to scream if I hear it again. Oddly, I wanted to say it in#2 but resisted! LOL!

4. I can’t believe I’ve been out of my relationship with theCaptain for a year. I would like to do more posts about my dating life, but to be honest right now it’s just not that exciting. I’m really not that pressed for a new relationship just yet. I am being open tho. Besides, I can’t make my stories sound as exciting as K Rock or MrsTDJ make their stories. These ladies can spin a tale like wow! LOL!  Check them out!

5. School is quickly approaching and I am starting to get nervous. I will basically be a student all of 2012 relying mostly on financial aid to live. I do plan to get some type of part time gig on campus, but in order to get this school thang knocked out I plan to go hard with a full load. What’s great is they have a PhD program I’m considering too, so I may be a student in 2013...2014...Geez! LOL!

6. I caressed, massaged, stroked, petted, rubbed and fondled the iPhone 4S while I was in the S.print store with a friend and it was absolutely wonderful. This is that one!  I must have it! My contract is up in February at A.T&T so yeah!

7. Are you a Se.phora Bea.uty In.sider? Did you get your $15 coupon? Have you noticed how every year they raise the amount of purchase? Before, you could just spend $15 and get something and it was practically free. Last year you had to spend $40 and this year you have to spend $50. *shakes fist at Sep.hora but still buys something* By the way... this is the perfect time to purchase your replacement brushes for your Claris.onic if you have one. : )

8. As smart as Amber is on Parenthood why didn’t she get into CAL?? The way that storyline ended was just… I mean seriously?!? She could have lived at home and driven to school to remain a part of the show or live how she's living now. The writers are so stupid for that. I held my breath during the storyline about Max and what Christina did is just WOW! I don’t think I could have done what she did regarding the receptionist. Your thoughts?

9. Seen and Heard- People on Tumblr are equally as crazy as the folks on Twitter. This gif!!!!!!!!!! is straight shade! LOLOLOLOL! It's so funny to me because I do it too!


K. Rock said...

2. Uh oh. Do you know for sure they are talking about you? And why would they do that if they know you are going to read it? That weird.
3. Ha! This is so true. When my Sister in law lived with us (who is pretty much a wanna be basketball wife) she said that all the time too.
4. C'mon GP, we wanna know what's going on! It doesn't have to be super funny or eventful. We just wanna know. Share with us puh-lease!!
5. Yeah! Love that you are completing these goals. School sucks to me though and I will never do it again but for those that dont hate it, it's a great thing to do.
9. I literally LMAO at that gif! That is so how I feel when that commercial would come on! Exactly what I would do. Genius.

P.S. I love this... said...

1. OMG @ going to docks for crabs. That's so funny. I used to see people crabbing by the dock by my house and they would be out there ALL DAY.. so if you and your sister do go crabbing.. bring a picnic basket and some music.

2. LAWD!

3. LOL @ "at the end of the day"... UGH hate reality shows. Well, except Tia and Tamara's show.. it was cute.

4. Those two CAN tell a story. When I read MrsTDJ.. I grab a cup of tea and settle in because I know it's gonna be long but funny as heck!! KRock.. her short or long stories are hilarious. I nearly died when she wanted to put her inpiration board on an index card.

5. Go hard or Go HOME!!! Go on Girl.. love that you're getting your PhD. That's my daugther's goal too.. I always tell her to do as much as you can..she's taking full loads and going to take classes in Summer. My poor..poor pockets gonna have bunny ears.

7. I think I am...where the heck is my coupon!! *emails Sephora*

9. *DEAD* But yeah.. kinda annoying.. but her hair looks great.

keyalus said...

1. My dad bought home live crabs once and cooked them. They were crawling out of the pot and fighting their death. I love crabs and after watching all that they didn't taste right. I'll eat but I don't need to see all of that!

2. I don't like passive-aggressive Tweeting. It is one thing to comment on anonymous folks you see on the street. It is another to make sideways remarks about bloggers to your Twitter circle who probably reads the same blogs or knows the blogger! It is just a bad look for the players involved. I think that kind of thing should be kept to Direct Message or email if you feel the need to comment. I've seen people making sideways remarks about bloggers that I consider my friends and I didn't like it at all.

4. Agreed that they both can tell a story...or just have some crazy stuff happen to them. But we read because we want to hear your stories. Tell them!

9. Funny!

~Mommy+Me~ said...

1. Aah....please don't try to get live crabs. If you do, You Tube it though! LOL

2. That's crazy.

3. I want to know what your confession is about the show. I watch that show too. Kimbella.....I can't. And I feel bad for Emily, she sort of makes herself look pitiful. They do say that way too much, it's the same on Basketball Wives and on that show it was killing me because they kept saying "misconscrewed" O-O

5. Good for you, I've been wanting to get my Masters for a long time now and finally applied for this program, but didn't get accepted.
:( I'm starting to debate it now, because most school districts here are on a salary freeze. :(

7. I am a Sephora VIB and got a $20 certificate this year (off of $50 purchase)

8. Agreed, especially about the receptionist!

Don said...

Crying laughing at the comment about imagining two women at the dock, screaming, trying to get the live crabs in a cooler. Hilarious.

I've never seen Love And Hip Hop, although I would love to catch an episode and see exactly who is on the show.

Sometimes I wonder if there will be a continued interest on my part to obtain a Master's Degree in English, at some point, once I finally obtain my Bachelor's. If I had real money I'd probably attend school full-time for the rest of my life.

Nexgrl said...

I usually make Gumbo for Christmas Dinner, but not this year. I really want to go to a Feast of the Seven Fishes.

Now I want to know who those people are. What blogs, and what twitter names. You have me curious now.

I watch Love&Hip Hop also. What's the confession? You like Chrissy?

I don't even attempt to date anymore. I always meet the odd people. Your stories are probably great.

My contract is up today with AT&T, but I don't want to get the iPhone4S, if the 5 is around the corner.

I am a Sephora Beauty Insider, but I haven't received anything from them.

I watch Parenthood and maybe the writers didn't know how to rework the Amber story line so that there would be a smooth transition. I could have done what Christina did. I haven't called another woman to confront them. I have told them what they didn't want to hear when they took the time to obtain my contact information.

Jameil said...

2. So why didn't you let it roll of your back? Or say something to them if it hurt you? What was it in particular that rubbed you the wrong way? Like K. Rock said, if the person said it where they KNEW you could read it, what's the problem? And why do people get so upset about who follows them on twitter?
6. I haven't decided whether I want one yet.
8. They didn't play her as a person who applied herself until she got to English class senior year. That doesn't get you into college and it was a long shot. They didn't say that but I was side-eying the idea that ONE class could get her into a great school.

Anonymous said...

1. Seafood Christmas sounds WONDERFUL and I've already got an oh so hilarious visual of you and your sister falling into the water, getting tangled in the nets, all while the little crabs are nipping at your ankles. I'm gonna need photos ma'am, so please take along a 3rd party.

2. Ugh! E drama irritates me so damn much. Sorry your feelings got hurt.

4. Girl, you better tell your stories!! Thanks for the shout out. I just like to talk too dang much, so writing comes easily.

5. I'm envious of you and school! Get it girl! You'll be fine!

Nexgrl said...

I commented earlier and it disappeared. I had logged into google and everything.

I usually make Gumbo for Christmas dinner, but not this year. I would like to attend a Feast of the Seven Fishes Dinner at an Italian Restaurant.

I'm curious. I want to know who these people are.

I watch Love&HipHop and I want to know what your confession is. Do you have a crush on Jim? Do you have a crush on Fab? Or do you just love Mama Jones?

I don't even try to date anymore. Each time I put myself out there, I meet a dud. I think your dating stories would be very interesting, especially since it involves men from the Bay.

After I received an MLS, I vowed no more school. I think about an MBA, but I hate writing and I hate lectures. Good luck with school.

My contract is up w/AT&T. I don't want to purchase the 4S if they will release a 5 in the next year.

I received that Beauty Insider Coupon via email. I probably won't even use it. The most I ever spend in Sephora at one time is $30.

I watch Parenthood and I didn't get the Amber storyline either. I think the writers changed their minds regarding the direction of Amber's character mid-storyline.
I could have done what Christina did. In the past, I've told a woman who went to the trouble of obtaining my contact information some things that I'm sure were painful for her to hear.

Monique said...

Did someone say seafood Gumbo? *holding out my bowl* Please sir, I want some more. LOL

I hate when people act crazy on blogs. Twitter is the worst though. You can ignore it and try to raise above but man there are days when I want to light into folks.

Reggie said...

I like the idea of gumbo at Christmas, I've actually had it a few times myself.

Of course, I'd want jambalaya too.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@K. Rock
2. I thought the same thing...about it being weird. But people have different senses of humor and what one person finds funny the next one might not, especially if it’s something that you’ve noticed before.
3.DEAD@her being a wannabe basketball wife! The reality people have taken the phrase too far. I screamed last night. Dude from Man vs. Food said it too! LOL!
4. I’ll see what I can do! :)
5. Thanks so much! I know it’s going to be hard, but I really want this! Education took you as far as you needed and that’s okay :)
9. I did too! It’s so funny how people feel the same way about some commercials. I actually liked it at first but Geez!! Enough already!

@P.S. I love this...
1. I did more investigating and some of the crabbers put them in the coolers for you. Chile we weren’t actually getting nets and stuff. Just buying them alive at the docks fresh out the water. LOLOL!
2. Right!
3. It’s said too much!
4. They really can! I love their writing styles much like good books!
5. Yay!!!! for your daughter's aspirations!! Tell her to keep going and get it done. This going back is for the birds, but so necessary! DEAD@My poor..poor pockets gonna have bunny ears. Mine too! LOL!
7. Yes find it! The promo ends on the 12th.
9. She looks FAB! They just over promoted her commercial.

1.My mother has no problem cooking them alive. I’m fine as long as I don’t see it either. This trip will be interesting! I’m imagining them fighting in the cooler in the car. Lawd!
2. I don't like passive-aggressive Tweeting. It is one thing to comment on anonymous folks you see on the street. It is another to make sideways remarks about bloggers to your Twitter circle who probably reads the same blogs or knows the blogger! It is just a bad look for the players involved. I think that kind of thing should be kept to Direct Message or email if you feel the need to comment. I've seen people making sideways remarks about bloggers that I consider my friends and I didn't like it at all. <<< You said it all!
4. LOL! Thank you!
9. Agreed!

1. Hahahahaha! That would be the most hilarious YouTube video ever!
2. Agreed!
3. Ha! I will. Just not today! I wish somebody would have corrected the Basketball Wives.
5. Just apply again. If it’s something you want...do it!...do it! :) This economy is definitely a factor in increasing my education.
7. Aha, so you gets your shop on! V.I.P. I didn’t buy as much this year or last.
8. Yes, that was big of her. That chick would have had to go! Period!

In heels! LOLOL! We would definitely look crazy.

You thought Frankie was bad! Check it out just so you can see the ridiculousness that is Jim Jones mom!

“If I had real money I'd probably attend school full-time for the rest of my life”<<<<OMG Don!! I feel the same way. I love school! I think you’ll want to continue after you complete your BA. :)

Sounds yummy!*immediately Google’s Feast of the Seven Fishes* Oh I’m not foodie enough for eel and octopus. No ma’am!


Bingo! On your first comment guess. Nope, Nope and Nope on your 2nd comment.

Oh Gawd! Then you can relate to the weirdo’s, creeps and pervs out in these streets Ugh!

I kinda want it just cuz I think it was Ste.ve Jo.bs last baby!

Oh you got it! Cool! But you can spend $35 and get $50 worth.

Hey I’m trying to get like you! Gon head Ms. MLS!! Thanks for the well wishes!

Maybe so, but I wanted Amber at school tho.
“I have told them what they didn't want to hear when they took the time to obtain my contact information.” <<<< This made me laugh so hard! You a gangsta!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

2. Since your husband@me on Twitter, I guess we can’t act like this is random. I didn’t let this roll off because it bothered me. When you did it I asked you why you were throwing shade. I guess you didn’t get it. Tweeting it where I could see it is what made it messy to me. I could have just as easily missed it had I not logged into Twitter. If it was really meant not to be messy you would’ve @me. I saw it and tried to make light of it, but I did get angry because I wouldn’t take something from your blog and ridicule you on Twitter. "That's what rubbed me the wrong way" I mistakenly thought we were better than that because of our off blog communication. In the past, you have posted what annoys you on your blog directed at people. Why is this different? I know you realize your sarcastic tone. You both come off superior, like what others do/say that you don’t do is somehow dumb or bad. I don’t like it directed at me. In the real world this would not be okay. Lastly, I wasn’t upset about the unfollow, I continued to follow you. I said it was my mistake because if I had unfollowed you before I would not have seen your “jokes.” At the end of the day, a simple apology would have sufficed.

6. I think I want the white one. There is something sexy about it.

8. I didn’t get that. I see her as a good student who has been through some things, but her grades were still good, and this particular class got her refocused. Otherwise, why even consider it?

1. Doesn’t it though!! I’m always excited about seafood! I would absolutely die if I fell in the water. Y’all are crackin me up! I’m not going crabbing. I’m just going to the docks to get live crabs, which is scary enough.
2. Thank you! I hate being a thug with feelings Ugh! LOL!
4. You’re welcome! I’ll start writing something. :)
5. Thank you!

ROTFL @the Oliver reference! Gumbo is one of my favorite things!

I have to agree that Twitter is the worst! What started off as fun is so not right now!

Gumbo is the best!! I’m really starting to enjoy it at Christmas