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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #55

1. Thanksgiving was so good! The most of the food was a success. If you noticed, my mac & cheese went from six cheeses to three this year because cheese is expensive! I used sharp cheddar and the other cheeses were hardly missed except by me.  I really don’t like sharp cheddar. I really don't!

2. Whoever invented condensed milk needs a medal. I can’t sing its praises enough!

3. We arrived at my mother’s and she had set the table and pulled out the GOOD china!  LAWD!! It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve eaten on the GOOD china! And I didn’t!  The good china can’t be microwaved. I likes my food extra hot. Click here to see a few of our delectables! LOL!

4. I SOMETIMES HAVE A FLARE FOR THE DRAMATIC! I feel like pulling out my bongos and beating them through the streets screaming CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!! in my best Will Smith as Muhammad Ali voice! The Champ is here!

5. Speaking of Christmas, I would like an exotic, glamourous Christmas this year! Black sequined and black glitter Christmas bulbs, gold snakeskin wrapping paper, twinkling tiny white lights. I’m excited to make this happen.

6. Jonah Hill as a comedic actor is very entertaining to me. P.S. I LOVE THIS has me watching Allen Gregory and he is completely hilarious as a 7 year old going on 47. His new movie The Sitter trailer tickles me every time the little girl says, “I let my haters be my motivators.” EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! White people using black colloquialisms is just funny to me in general.

7. My mother’s husband passed away a few years back. She grieved awhile and is now interested in trying online dating because a few of her friends have had success. I just don’t know how I feel about it. However, my sister has already set up her profile on a site. Did they not hear me…I said I don’t know how I feel about it yet! 

8. If you received your entire salary in one lump sum at the beginning of the year, do you think you could successfully live from it without running out of money?

9. Every fall/winter I try to think of new ways to make my bed more lavish, warm and comfortable. I think I need a heated mattress pad.

10. I love it when I see a father opening doors and pulling out chairs for his daughter. It warms my heart. Awww!
11. Can I just say that I am absolutely THRILLED that it is Dungeness crab season, thrilled I say! Twirling dancing, jigging, thrilled! I enjoy crab that much!! YUM!

From Gem at Rainbow Colored Lens check her out, She funny as isht!!


Jameil said...

1) Most? What'd you mess up? Also FOR SHAME!!
3) Do better. Next time if you MUST, warm up your food in the microwave, then transfer to the good china! I can't. Eatin on plastic plates and everyone else is using china...
4) You? Dramatic? Oh...
5) -_-
6) It usually rubs me the wrong way.
7) You gotta let your mom be happy. If she's ready to try again, that's a big step in healing for her. My uncle lost his mind over the idea of my grandma remarrying and ran off her boo/insisted she dump dude decades ago. She's now been a widow for almost 41 years.
8) I'd hope I could but nope
9) I would sweat the locs out of my head with a heated mattress pad.
10) My dad told me I shouldn't date a man who didn't open doors for me.
11) LOLOL @ that gif!

K. Rock said...

8. I guess I could if I had to but I would definitely not prefer that. I need my money in installments.
10. You know I dont know if I have ever seen that. My husband opens doors for me and my son opens doors for me and the girls too. I will have to make sure dad does it for the girls when they get bigger.

Anonymous said...

2. It's a delicacy up there near bacon in my book.
7. Jump thee on that bandwagon sis.
8. I damn sure wouldn't like it, but I suppose we'd find a way to make it work. Little things like paying the mortgage for the year and not having to think about it again would be great though.
10. That's my daddy! Still!!
11. Ha ha! Tell us how you really feel. I love crab too!

Nexgrl said...

Where or where did you find that gif?
I used a variety of cheeses this year and my mother proceeded to burn my mac n' cheese. The pasta was crunchy on top and everything.

I wouldn't enjoy my salary at the beginning of the year. I hated receiving it once a month.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

8. I probably could manage it but wouldn't prefer.

I love that gif

Adei von K said...

1. wait, how you gon have a slash thru and not address it? i want to know what was a hit and what was a miss!

2. yeah, me and cond milk can never meet again and I will be okay.

3. GP!!! IT'S THANKSGIVING! When else will you use the fine china!?!?!?!

5. sequins AND animal print paper. please post pics!

6. yeah, jonah hill trips me out too!

7. let your mom move on. don't you want her to be happy?

8. i would NOT be able to get a lump sum. i am not disciplined enough for that! lawd, i'd have chanel everything; broke in February!

11. iDied at that gif!!!! i NEED IT!!

Reggie said...

I like crabs too, unless they're attached to my nether regions.

Though I don't know if I like them as much as you clearly do.

krissy said...

I loveee mac and cheese! And I eat sharp cheeder for snacks son! Lol


Maybe its just me but food tastes the same no matter what dish its served on. I'm no snob! Lol


Good luck with that! Lol

I like Jonah Hill but I don't like that cartoon. I don't think it will last a full season.

Let mama date!

Nope! Do.Not.Want!

I hate being hot! I sleep with my feet outside the covers

My dad opens doors all the time :)

I had crab for my bday! Yum!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1.You saw that dressing right? It tasted good but it was dry. I will make it myself next year. LOL! It's too sharp! I just can’t.
3.I used a regular plate it wasn’t plastic or paper. I don’t like my mom’s china.
4. LOL!
5. What???
6. In what way?
7. Whoa! I’m not trying to do anything like that I just...I don’t know. If she meets somebody cool I won’t block.
8. I’d like to think I could but all that money up front? chile, I’d think I’m rich. LOL!
9. Haha! I just want the sheets warm when I get in!
10. Wise man!
11. I know! LOLOLOL!

@ K. Rock
8. I think that’s the best way too, but wouldn’t it be crazy if salaries started being dispensed like this? LOL!
10. Yes! We gotta keep chivalry alive. It’s dead! *sadface*

2. See!!! You get meeeeeeeeeeeeee! LOL!
7. I will. It’s just soooo strange. I do want her to be happy though. I just don’t want to have to kill anybody. My mom has stuff. Last thing she needs is a gold-digger.
8. That’s a great thought. I think getting shelter out the way for the year would be GREAT!!
10. Awww!! *thug tears* He’s a great man!
11. Really, really I do! :)

Check again.
OH MY GAWD!!!!! A masterpiece was destroyed? All that expensive cheese wasted. So sorry! *the saddest face ever*
I used to get mine once a month at a previous job and GIRL! Who was RICH at the beginning of the month?? Meeee! LOL!
8. yeah that seems to be the consensus
11. Thanks! Ah but you broke the rules, link back next time. jussayin!

@ Adei von K
1. The dressing was dry, but we had a wonderful time and what was good was GOOD!
2. Wow! Sorry lactose?
3. I know,I know but those plates are just so dainty. I will forever use a regular plate.
5. I will, if it comes together. What I envision is fabulous tho!! *snaps in Z formation* LOL!
6. He’s funny! But that cartoon had me holler laughing. The one when he met the principal? I almost DIED!
7. I definitely want her to be happy.
8. See...LOLOLOLOL! That would be meeee too. Talk about the glamorous life. I would be that Fergie song in the Sex and the City movie!
11. Take it. Just give credit.

Ummm sir!!!!! LOLOLOL! Nobody likes that kind! But I do Lurve them sea creatures doe!

I love cheese, but sharp is just too sharp. I like medium and mild cheddar with crackers.

You no likey da milk?? Whaa? All the best desserts are made with it. YUMMY!


O.o <<<umm why that face? LOL!


Dang like that! Watch the episode when he meets the principal. I died!

I will, it’s just... *sigh*

I agree, it would be hard to do.

Outside the covers?? I could never! Something might get me! LOL! *dead serious*

Awww...you get my thug tears too! Him a great one too!!

That is THEE best birfday meal EVER!!!!!

Tarsha R said...

1. I'm with MrsTDJ on this one...sharp cheddar is every signle thing!!! Sharp white cheddar? Passes. Clean. Out!

5. I can't wait to see pictures! I love decadence in decor!!

8. No...I would be balling out of control. Then I would be homeless and hOngry! LOL

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


2.Girl, we were giving praise to condensed milk :) however, I need to try this sharp white cheddar. That may make a difference. I like white cheeses.

5. Yes to decadence!!

8. LOLOLOL! DEAD@balling out of control. I so feel you!! Me too! :)

~Mommy+Me~ said...

Glad your Thanksgiving was a success. Did you end up incorporating some sort of seafood?

I love Allen Gregory, we watch it every Sunday. I had been letting my daughter (11 almost 12) but it gets a little inappropriate. I really want to see that new movie the Babysitter that he's in.

8. No WAY, that would be bad for me!! I already have a hard enough time as a teacher getting paid once a month!