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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A True Blood Tuesday? Yes Yes Ya'll

Hey Trubies,
Season 4 Episode 2
Okay let's get into it!

Poor Jason that V is something else. Those panther’s have gone crazy over it. It’s more Methish than Crackish with them. This is such a plot twist…Jason a panther????? Okay so when Timbo? was licking Jason’s wound? Ewww!!!! He looked like a real cat doing that. I laughed when Jason said he was use to bandaids.

Why do the hill folk have to be so decidedly dirty and “The Hill’s Have Eyes” Freakish?

Andy, Andy, Andy SMH!

Last week Bajan Beauty pointed out that Jessica is 17 years old and I agree she is acting her spoiled, selfish, childish age.

Wow more shifters???? Sam did need some new friends, but I know something crazy is gonna happen with that story line too! Just wait…especially with the horse telling that story about her mother dying giving birth to her. Did you hear the ominous TB music??

Hmmm… so Bill is the new Kang! I was disappointed in his fight with the queen. I guess since she was older he wouldn’t have been able to win the fight but still….
And he thinks he’s slick letting Sookie “catch him” with that woman. I see you Bill. lol

Ewww! they die so messy!

Arlene’s baby????? Lawd what’s going on with him????  See she messed up trying to kill him now he all evil with special powers! I can’t with that baby! Where did they find a baby with that face??? He looks so blank.

So when Tara snuck up on Sookie when she came home was that a foreshadowing that the evil fairies are coming?? I’m sure we have not seen the last of them!

Laffy is a seemingly a powerful witch! I’m glad he stepped up to save Tara, but I’m not sure about his boyfriend. He really seems to want Laffy to get really involved with the witchcraft. I have not forgotten that scary flash of dude in that mask last season.

Ahhh shoot! I knew that witch Marnie was gonna be trouble….  What the heck did she do to Eric?? Who was that flashing  on her face when she was cursing him?? His mother maybe? He looked like a lost little boy. Help him somebody. lol

I completely love the way Laffy and Tara interact. He is a fool.

And who is this one true vampire authority???

Oh yeah Pam is a dang fool a fool I tell you!!! LOLOLOLOLOL! “Are we girls now?” I DIED!!!

I can NOT wait until next week!! Chime in Trubies tell me what you thought!


Monique said...

I completely forgot that Jessica was young when she was turned. that would explain her mindset. Poor Hoyt. He really does love her.

Eric my poor Eric! That creepy witch made him lose his memory and now he's going to try and eat Sookie. Lawd!

Arlene's baby is satan in a bib. That kid is not right. LOL

Tara has been the biggest surprise to me. Well, her new life but something tells me she won't be getting away from Bon Temp anytime soon.

Lafayette is something else. I'm telling you, we are going to learn some new things about him. Mark my words.

P.S. I love this... said...

I co-sign erthing GP!!

That baby.. yes, where did they get him??

What did that witch do to my Eric!!

Bill, the new Kang has a fly a$$ house. That new decor is the BUSINESS!! I had to keep stopping the show so I could take pictures with my camera phone..

I wonder if Sookie is gonna become Eric's.. "He pulls good string..." lol I believe you Pam!!!

Yeah, Lafayette got something serious going on.. can't wait to see how that storyline teases out.

Dead @ Jason asking why is Crystal's boyfriend was taking off his clothes. Too funny.

Can't wait for next Sunday!!

Reggie said...

Do you Trubies ever wake up screaming dreaming about this stuff?!?

GorgeousPuddin said...

Thanks for commenting! :)

Yeah poor Hoyt! He's in for IT!

Lawd don't let Eric eat Sookie LOLOL! He looks ALL jacked up!

Girl Arlene's BABY!!!! I can't!


Hey girl!

Girl That baby!!! I'm still trying to put my finger on what he looks like.

Eric???? I need him to be OK!!!

Pam is a FOOL! lol

Girl Jason! I'm mad! I wanted him to stay normal. He cracks me up!

I can't wait either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truthfully...in small doses it's cool. The marathon's can be a bit much.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, have you read the books that the series is based on?

GorgeousPuddin said...

I Googled the author, found some excerpts of the books online and read those awhile ago, but no I have not read the series...I want to though! Thanks for commenting

Anonymous said...

Soooo this is my first time on your blog AND you have TRUE BLOOD discussions?! I. Am. SOLD. *Clicks follow*

Bajan Beauty said...

That damn Crystal, he should have never agreed to take care of those ungrateful hillbillies! lol.

Sam's crush is hot! But she seems weird, she has some ish going on that she isn't telling them about.

You thought he let her catch him, her nosey ass just walked all up and through his house. Who does that?

Lmao @ evil special powers. Yea he is gonna get revenge on her for that!

Hadn't that about that scene being foreshadowing good catch!

Laffy is killing me with the wardrobe this season! Jesus is hot, but seems a lil pushy with that wicken stuff =/ Why are they the only men in that witches circle?

Love Pam's wardrobe, stylish lady by day, sexy temptress by night!

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