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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A True Blood Tuesday? Yes Yes Ya'll

Hey Trubbies!

Welcome Back to True Blood Tuesday!

First episode of Season 4 let's get to it!

As I said last season I'm a True Blood fan and I want to talk about the show with other fans. I decided to wait until Tuesday in case you didn't catch it on Sunday the day it comes on, or the replay on Monday, or in OnDemand. I will be all over the place at times as thoughts come to my mind. So please bear with me!

Last season was crazy! This season looks like it's going to be just as crazy!

I actually watched the 8 minute preview twice so when TB started I was bored. I have my nerve LOL! But the scary good fairies?? That was too much and Sookie being gone for a whole year?? WOW!

Andy on that stuff! Lawd twitchin and feenin like a crackhead...Hemming people up for they stash. Saddown! Oh and Jason being a cop and the voice of reason??? Cracked up when he said "lease I didn't tho it away" about Sookie's belongings.

Lafayette's hair cracked me UP! Yeah boo keep wearing the scarves! I like to died when Z said "I love me some Lafayette but that curly fro is killing me softly as well as the smeduim vest." DEAD! and DEAD! What was NOT funny was when he was making those biscuits and rubbed his nose EWWWWWWWWW!

Oh my damn! The witches!! They are going to be a MESS! bringing thangs back from the dead and stuff! That head witch is scary!!!!!!!!!!!

So I guess Bill was successful in "whoopin that azz" of the Queen! He the KANG now !Ya'll see that? What! and a baller too!  LOLOLOLOL!

Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really Eric?? You bought the house??? He really wants him some Sookie!

It's a darn shame people can't stay together, not even a vampire and a human! Poor Jessica and Hoyt.

Umm so Hoyt's mama got her a new son?? How/why dey do dat?? I like to died when her and Sam's brother blessed the food at the bar GTHOH with that mess! I am interested to see how this plays out, cause ya'll know Hoyt's mama is CRAZY!

Speaking of Sam's brother Tommy...so Sam got in that azz literally! LOLOLOL! I can't believe Sam shot him!

Umm...Arlenes evil baby?? LOLOLOLOL! True Blood had too much funny going on for me. Why the baby rip the heads off the dolls like that? But when Arlene told him killing is wrong? DEAD!

Okay Tara??? I mean "Toni" whatev. No words.

All the men looked so groomed!

*sings* I saw Episode 2 na na na na na na! LOL! But I'm gonna watch on Sunday just like I haven't!
Okay it's your turn! Chime in Fans! What were your favorite parts? What made you laugh? What are you excited to see next?


Bajan Beauty said...

Yaay! Been waiting for True Blood Tuesdays!

I watched the preview as well, that part was kinda crazy, I can't wait to see how they fit the good/evil fairies into the storyline.

Jason was looking scrumptious in that uniform at least, lol.

Marnee was scary....I love it! Can't wait to see more of those heifers.

Bill is feeling him self seriously but he did what he set out to do, he looks damn good doing it too...but smashing random chicks #fail.

Jessica is really acting like a 17 year old, don't think Hoyt realized that she is gonna be that age foreeeeeeever, lol.

Loves Pam's clothes, she is always on point, and I love the sarcasm.

Tara, ummmm....okay. At least she got away from Bon Temps, where is her mama!?

And yes the men looked great even Andy looked like that belly went down a little bit.

Over I wasn't really wowed by the first episode, I had to watch the second one to see if they were building up to something.

Monique said...

This season is going to be off the chain like all the other seasons. I'm curious to see what ends up happening between Sookie and Alcide. I'm sorry but I could eat off that man's stomach. He has the FIONEST werewolf I've ever seen, but we won't see him until later episodes. So Bill is the man in charge. Hmmm...I wonder what's really going on with that.

I'm proud of Jason. Too bad they are going to turn him into a were.

These witches are off the chain. Funny thing is, I think Lafayette is a strong one and will take that head witch out. Chick is crazy!

Reggie said...

I used to watch True Blood all the time, but sadly I've fallen off.

Still, Lafayette's homo thug character is hysterical.

GorgeousPuddin said...


Thank you so much for the shout out on twitter! I'm glad TBT is back too!! lol

The fairy sequence was strange to me. A little wizard of oz with the bad fairies.

Girl....Marnie!! She is about to be a mess.

Pam is KILLIN the game. She is on point this season!! LOVE it!

Bill the new Kang! LOL! His house is fly! I'm a little worried though... the Kangs don't do well on this show!

Yeah...where is Tara's mama? Maybe she and the preacher ran off.

I was thinking the same about Bill. Something is up with that and it can't be good!

It was good to see Jason looking all together. Umm... Ma'am was that a spoiler alert lol But yeah it's about to be crazy with him as a panther. maybe Sookie's powers can turn him back.

Lafayette is looking like he has some strong powers. It will be interesting to see if he does take out Marnie.

Good points!!

Well get back on board sir! I'm sure your comments will be hysterical!