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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #45

1. I gotta say I think the Darkskin documentary is going to piss me off. I can just FEEL it. I hope the actual doc shows the positive side of having a dark complexion. But I have a feeling it doesn’t based on the preview and surrounding commentary. Truthfully colorism is bad and I’m sure everybody has a story light or dark but Dang!! Really?? Enough already! Sidebar: But it will be added to my list of things to discuss when I start teaching my AA Soc courses on race. *tingles*

2.We may have been over this before BUT…Umm conversate is NOT a word! It’s converse. I speak ebonics, slang and just plain ole gobble dee gook. But this particular error is like nails on a chalkboard. That is all!

3. I love when a movie I’ve been waiting for finally comes on HBO. It brings me such joy! I’m liking HBO’s new format between movies. It’s about time they changed it up.

4. I keep hinting about Church dude and I’ve yet to do the post. But he got me smiling ya’ll big ole Chester Cheetah grin. He’s #WINNING

5. It’s June and in one day it was a cold 50 degrees, sunny 69 degrees then it stated torrential raining for hours and hailed. That stopped and the sun came out warm again. SMH #bayarea They have also decided to open up the ski resorts for 4th of July weekend because 800 feet of snow has dropped. I canNOT even imagine skiing on the 4th but I swear I just may go to Lake Tahoe just cuz and get my snow bunny on. Oh yea I can ski ya'll Yep! Yep!

6. I am in lurve with H&M this summer. They are doing it big with the swimsuits and summer wear. YASSS!

7. I am officially over this new job. Chaos, indecisiveness, boredom, 15 meetings a week and playing with my money I. JUST. CAN’T. but I can until I find another gig. Believe that!

8.So I know by now ya’ll have seen the advertisement for Magnum ice cream bars. I have 3 questions 1. Why would they name an ice cream bar after a condom brand 2. Why is one bar the calories of a whole meal?? and 3. Why do I still want to try the white chocolate caramel bar?? It’s calling me like crack! LOL! White chocolate crack! http://www.magnumicecream.com/


South Loop Social Light said...

Yay for skiing. I love skiing... let's plan a ski trip lol.

P.S. I love this... said...

4. Details, please.

5. Lawd, skiing on the 4th of July.. different but I like it.

6. H&M always has some really cute stuff.

7. "On to the next one.." -JayZ

8. Yeah, that Magnum thing is weird. It doesn't even seem appealing for an edible. But it does LOOK good. However with enough calories for a full meal, I'll pass... for now. They should make mini's like Dove.

Not so Anonymous said...

1. no words
2. And, some people use it so proudly...it annoys the mess out of me.
4. Alright Church Dude!
5. I miss the Bay Area (tear). If I were there, I'd so go skiing on July 4th...yay for snow!
8. 10 of my FB friends are addicted to those things. They talk about them like it's...ahem...something else. Calories of an entire meal? No thanks...i'm not even going to open my flood gates like that...knowing me I'll end up addicted with an additional 5 pounds.

Anonymous said...

Hearing the NON word "conversate" makes my blood boil almost as much as "irregardless". Together those two make me want to commit murder!

Patiently waiting on more Church dude info. ***stomping feet, pounding walls, and wailing like a banshee***

Like Nerd Girl, I have a few FB friends who seem to think that Magnum ice cream is heaven right here on earth! **shrugs** Ya'll know how I feel about ice cream. The double caramel does sound pretty good in commercials, but I can pass.

Jameil said...

1) That doc has already irritated me b/c of the straight negativity of the trailer as well. #cmonson
3) What were you waiting for?
4) Wack.
5) Never been skiing but it's on the life list.
6) I love a cute swimsuit!
7) That was short-lived. Learn everything you can. There's no telling what you're supposed to get from this experience but there's something!
8) Ew. White chocolate??? It's not even really chocolate!! I can't.

Monique said...

I think I forgot how to ski. It's been decades since i've been.

Atlanta weather is bipolar. It was freezing one day then the next day it was hell on Earth. Today's high is 103. 0_0 This time a month ago I was wearing a coat. *sigh*

H&M is the bomb! I am totally going to get that fly swimsuit I saw advertised.

Trish said...

4. Yay!

6. There's no H&M down here. I make sure to go to H&M whenever I go home!

8. I am also *side-eying* the name of that ice cream but I'm not interested.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I've never been skiing but I would love to go. I may not ski but I would make sure I look cure in my ski clothes. Oh and I want to ride the swingy things (don't know what they are called) in the air.

Did you see H&M swimsuits for $4.95? Well exactly the tops are $4.95 and also the matching bottoms. I'm so glad they are allowing US to order online starting next year because there is no H&M near me.

alana said...

I have wondered about #8 as well. I bought some...dissapointing.They're 3 in a box for like $3.50 and they're just ok.Blah.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Woo blog fam I forgot to respond!! Sorry SMH!!!

@South Loop Social Light
I love skiing too! If you make it to CA we can definitley plan a ski trip!! LOL! I use to go every president's holiday week. So come in Feb.

@P.S. I love this
4. I swear details are coming. I'm so lazy now.
5. It will be different! Sounds exciting but I don't how I can swing it with the date and new job. Boo!
6. I really am loving H&M!!
7. Exactly!!! I gotta get my resume out there. I'm sad though! Why can't this just work out??
8. That's a good idea mini's. I tried the chocolate caramel and it was good. Bad name choice tho.

@Not so Anonymous
Hey girl thanks for stopping by!
1. I understand!
2. Me too!!
4. Girl YAS!
5. Oh yeah you did live here for awhile! I really want to do it. It would be such a history making event.
8. Well after trying one I can see how the addiction happened. I vowed not to have another except for my white chocolate one but not until next month. YUM!

I see it aggravates you even more than me! LOL!

I know I'm so behind with that post...

It is ALL that! I can't believe I succumbed but it was at a good price LOL and my meal!

1. I'm just tired of EVERYTHING being negative. Where is the happy stuff?? Huh? interview some happy people!
3.Everything that was recently at the movies LOL!
4. Whatev! It's coming.
5. It's THEE most fun! lol
6. Me too!
7. It was...I expected something else and it's not it. I am taking your advise and learning all I can. It is leading me more on my career path. I'm ready to run some stuff too. Be elected to school boards and such. Yep! Yep!
8. What?????? YUM! Boo to you!

Naw I think its like the bike you never forget. If you really did forget one refresher will get you back! :)

103!!!!!!! Oh Lawd I can't! Now that's hot! DEAD@bipolar weather

Agreed! H&M IS!

4. Thanks! :)
6. You're the 2nd person that said that...Wow! I would stock up everytime I near.
8. Yeah somebody did not do their research!


Girl with your daredevil self skiing would be a breeze. :) And trust! if you are on a ski lift riding up a mountain the only way down is to ski! LOL!

Yeah online will be great! Some stuff sells out so fast it will be good to have the online option!

What kind did you try? They have a few options. The one I had was GOOD! lol