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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thoughtfully…Thought-Out…Thursday…Thoughts #42

A deep thought....
1. My favorite aunt’s birthday is today! That use to make me so happy to say. I’m not sure how to proceed. My former favorite uncle’s birthday (her husband) was earlier this month. We weren’t invited to his dinner because his son’s mother in law planned the event. I hate that bitch…and this is why. My cousin's wife and family came in and divided a family that once celebrated everything together! Now we have all this division. Separate Thanksgivings, Christmases and now birthdays??? The only time we are all together is the big family picnic and super bowl Sunday.

I feel like my family was infiltrated and a hostile takeover occurred. It makes me sad in my heart that I have to be confused about how to honor my aunt on her day. I want to take her a strawberry cream cake and some flowers…and I will... it just won't feel the same. The saddest part is that she is at an advancing age and not in the best health. So I feel that time is precious and I should be seeing her all the time...but I don't feel comfortable anymore. It's awkard to feel left out of your own family. I use to visit her all the time. And now I haven’t seen her in two months. I think it’s ridiculous that this is happening. The state of my family has me more than ever wanting to leave and start over in another state.

2.If I hear this scripture justifying what's going on one more time I'm literally going to scream!!!

Genesis 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Umm...you didn't leave your father and mother you took them from us! and let that slut and her mother ruin our family.

3..:sidebar: I totally think my uncle is screwing the mother in law and I think the mother in law is waiting for my aunt to die. I HATE them!

So I have a better scripture...Leviticus 20:14 And if a man take a wife and her mother, it [is] wickedness : they shall be burnt with fire, both he and they; that there be no wickedness among you. doesn't really fit...but take out the it

Yeah so these are my thoughts...

UPDATE: I'm on my way to my aunt's house with gifts and food. She seemed really Happy to hear from me!


P.S. I love this... said...

3. LAWD!!

Nexgrl said...

I understand what you're feeling and I've been there. I had a favorite Aunt. As an adult, I began to hate her children/grandchildren. They always took from her. They never gave her anything, or did anything for her unless there was a huge payday for them. I stopped visiting, because they were always there, waiting to take whatever I gave her for themselves.
Visit your Aunt and Uncle whenever you know that the in-laws won't be around.

Jameil said...

Umm... Ma'am? How you gon talk about their scripture misuse and do it too??? Definitely visit fave auntie. Don't let these people take that from you. You will kick yourself for not taking whatever time you could when she's no longer around (may that be a long time from now).

Ladynay said...

So how you really feel? LOL! But really though...that's messed up!

Reggie said...

I certainly hope that you had a great time with your aunt.

Nina said...

that's just sad...why cause division in a family? what do you gain? smh...i'm sorry you have to go through this.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@P.S. Girl I can't believe I said it out loud/put it in writing.

@Nexgrl Then you understand! It's so frustrating! But I am going to take her some gifts. I went today and she was alone. We actually had a good visit

Right?!? I went THERE with it! LOL! It is...but what can I do??

Thank you I did!! Nobody was around and we had a great visit! She totally loved the flowers, balloons and food.

@Nina Thanks! I'm sorry too.I've asked that question for years...You would think folks coming into a family would try to make it better NOT!