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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thoughtfully…Thought-Out…Thursday…Thoughts #41

1.Have you ever watched a movie that was absolutely horrible from start to finish due to a low budget, not acting or plot and thought it should be re-made?

2.I live in the city so I don’t normally see wild life but during the storms 2 weeks back I saw a dang salamander on my gate and this week somebody hit a POSSUM and it’s still dead in the street. EWWW!

3.This weeks episode really this whole season of The Good Wife was deep! I hate when I get so caught up in a show. That investigator got on my nervesI didn’t want Alicia to find out. The fall out from this is going to be crazy.

4.Every time I start an onDemand movie I get up and leave the room?? Then, when I see previews of the next episode I still wonder why I don’t remember seeing those scenes. SMH!

5.I’m not sure if I have a headband head. I have a hat head and hats look good on me but some headbands… I’m not so sure.

6.I dislike when people say don’t take it personal. Them: I did something foul but don’t take it…. Really?!? People do foul things all the time that I take personal. If it affects me isn’t that personal?

7.I always think maybe it’s just me… am I wrong to get annoyed if someone says in 48 hrs they are going to contact you and 3 days pass and you hear nothing. I feel like I gave you an extra day. I’m not sure if this is just a patience issue.

8.Bring on the vampires and werewolves #Trueblood

9.I missed the memo about Tax day being moved from the 15th to the 18th. Why is this?

10.What is all the hoopla about the royal wedding? Okay I get that…but what I don’t get is the replica ring commercials Boooooo! I know it's his mama's ring. Who cares? And who’s buying that fake and simulated ring ??

11.I heard humans have 3000 thoughts a day. This could go on FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12.I’m not sure of the office dress code for my new gig. When I interviewed, dude had on a three piece suit  and the other person was business extremely casual. Help me out fashionistas. What should I wear for BITRR (back in the rat race) day 1???

13. Seen and heard: what do ya'll think about men/boys in colored fingernail polish? The debate on twitter was about pink and little boys.


P.S. I love this... said...

2. I see wildlife on an almost daily basis in my area.. deers, rabbits, groundhogs, possums, raccoons and little lizards. As much as I see them, I'm always still in awe.

5. I don't have a headband head either. Hats I can rock all day..

7. You and patience are having a strained relationship. =)

8. TRUEBLOOD!!!! I can't wait. To hold me over, I've been watching Being Human on Syfy channel. It's been good.


12. A chic sheath dress with statement necklace and pumps. It's office appropriate, business yet fashionable.

13. Ummmm NO!

Nina said...

I live in NYC. The only wildlife I see are rats.

First day on a new job, I say go in with an outfit similar to the interview outfit. Its always better to be overdressed.

I don't know about the whole nail polish thing. The pink looks nice on his skin....but to sit and put nail polish on...that's a little dainty.

Jameil said...

1. No. Let bad sleeping dogs lie.
2. GROSS!!!
3. Can you PLEASE call my mom every week and talk to her about it!?! I can't do it! I don't watch the show and I don't want the details!!!!!
4. Hint: Press pause when you leave the room. *mind blown*
5. Sounds like a no you don't to me!
6. But really sometimes it affects you and it's not personal. People take EVERYTHING personally. I can't tell you how many people have asked me why I deleted them on twitter. Because I can like you as a person and not want to know your every thought. Translation: you tweet too much/curse too much/talk about things I don't care about/are the queen of twitter after dark.
7. No. That's you shouldn't set a deadline you can't/won't keep.
9. Emancipation Day in DC is being celebrated in DC this April 15th. Tax Day can't be on a weekend or holiday.
10. You want the ring. I'm not getting up early to watch but I wanna see! Partly b/c my mom watched Princess Diana's the same year she got married, Wills & I were born the same year. It's cute!
11. What could go on forever? What constitutes a thought? At this point I'm def. over the 3k mark per day. This summer? MIGHT hit 1.5k. LOL
12) Where business (regular 2 piece, that dude is probably looked at as extra by everyone) attire. People will tell you if you're overdressed. You'd rather be over than under. Don't wear flip flops. I know how you Californians do. LOLOL
13) As long as it's not my man, I really don't care.

Jameil said...

Nina said DAINTY!!! ROTFDL!!!!! I'm gonna use that word all day!! Thanks Nina!!!

Anonymous said...

3. I'm 5 episodes behind with The Good Wife. *sigh* I'll holla when I catch up.

7. People don't value other people's time. Period.

10. Hush it! I love the royal wedding hoopla. Now, the replica ring commercial is doing too much, yet oh so HILARIOUS. A limited quantity will be made, so folks better go ahead and jump on that!!

12. Play it safe and dress up. Better to be over dressed than under dressed and make a lasting first impression.

13. No comments other than LMAO @ Nina using "dainty". Love it!

South Loop Social Light said...

I usually say "don't take it personal..." when I'm about to give some blunt piece of advice that is out of love...

In terms of the new job (congrats again) I'd say go for a dressier business casual on your first day. Maybe a nice top and skirt with a blazer you can throw on or take off. After your first few days you should be able to feel out the office environment and dress code.

Ladynay said...

1) No
2) The zoo is in my backyard.
7) HECK NAH! Be a person of your word dangit!
9) Me too. I already filed but still. What't up with that?
10) I SAID THE EXACT SAME THING! Gas to high to be buying some fake tail ring just cuz it looks like Diana's. Simple folks *sigh*
13) Clear is metro, black is goth anything in between I will look at funny!

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I too was wondering why you don't push pause when you get up to leave the room. lol

I have a headband head but not a hat head. I always see cute hats that I would wear but hats just don't look right on me.

I saw that replica ring commerical and laughed! I thought this can't be real and who is really buying this mess.

I see nothing wrong with men wearing pink shirts but I draw the line at fingernail polish.

Monique said...

This was so totally random. LOL As far as what to wear first day back, you can never go wrong with a pair of black dress slacks and blouse or a cardigan. Add in your accessories and a cute hairstyle. You can spend the rest of the first day assessing how people dress. Or, you can ask your manager what the dress code policy is.

Nexgrl said...

As far as the men in nail polish goes, I've seen the colored polish, acrylic nails(just everything, toes and all) It doen't even phase me anymore.

Bajan Beauty said...

6. I never say "don't take it personal"...everything I say is for a reason, I am more of a "try not to get offended but..." type of person, lol.

8. I am watching season 1 ondemand now! #waitingsucks!

12. I say go with something that is in between...business casual. Sheath dress, belt and killer shoes or trousers, belt and a nice blouse/top, killer shoes...as you can see it's really all about the shoes, lol.

13. I saw that J.Crew ad...I'm lost...first the "princess boy" and now this, smh.

K. Rock said...

2. I live practically in the city too and I recently saw a deer on my street. Poor thing had nowhere to go.
5. I am actually trying to get into headbands. I think I can pull them off.
7. Let the annoyance commence!
9. Some bogus DC holiday.
10. I don't get it either. Rich white people get married all the time and I dont give a hoot about any of it!
11. I think alot so I could see this.
12. I am not the one. But I will suggest that you overdress until you feel the place out.
13. Not. cool.

Daij said...

#12- suits and dress clothes aren't necessary in my department but on the rare occasion where someone important is coming to the office and we're told wear dress casual. I wear a shirt, tie and dress slacks 5 days a week, though everyone else wears t shirts and jeans. Even the boss. I just like dress clothes. I figure I might see my future wife in a crowd and I want to stand out!
#10- I might be the only person in the world who could care less about the royal wedding. The only time it even gets my attention is when I hear that Sarah Burton might be making the wedding gown. I loved Alexander Mcqueen's clothes and Sarah Burton took over after he died.
#9 I heard about it being the 18th months ago. I'm doing my taxes tomorrow, the 16th !
#7 I agree!
#13 I might contradict even myself when I answer this question- my girlfriend makes me wear clear polish. She insists that I get a pedicure and manicure, and she does this. It turns her on, and that's important to me so I oblige...for little boys I would not encourage it, however if they want to do it I would let them. I couldn't imagine my nephew wanting fingernail polish. Or even my son at that age, and he's gay! He's 26, but if he were a little boy and he asked me, I would be taken aback, but I would rather my son be himself and be happy rather than to hide- I'm blabbing on-- if that makes sense!

GorgeousPuddin said...

P.S. I love this...
2. Sounds like an episode of Animal Planet up round there LOL! Your own personal zoo. I would be scared to death.
5. Yaay!! Hats!!!
7. Completely strained to point of wanting to slap! To bad patients isn't a person.
8. I watched the first epi and maybe 2 others...but I forgot that show...maybe I’ll look into it again.
9. SO MUCH!!
12.Sounds great!
13. Agreed!

Nina said...
2. Oh no! I heard that about NYC but I still can’t wait to visit!!!

12.Thanks! Good idea.

13.DEAD DEAD DEAD@...that's a little dainty. LOLOLOL!

1. Aww c’mon
2. It absolutely so is...the street sweeper finally came by but still EWWWW!
3. This show is GREAT!
4. Every time I get up I don’t think I'll be gone long enough to warrant a pause. I know that’s weird.*shrugs*
5. LOL! You might be right...and they hurt.
6. Yeah I’m working on not being so sensitive...but still
7. Exactly. Don‘t say it if you don‘t mean it.
9. Emancipation Day??...what in the world?? Googled it...oh okay.
10. LOL! I do not! Awww that is cute!
11. My random thought posts...yeah you think a lot LOL!
12. I would not wear flip flops to this job...but yes...I have in the past when I had my own office. #Cali! Dude did crack me up! I hope he doesn’t dress that way daily I can’t take it!
13. Okay so that’s a no on Rashan wearing it. Check! LOL!

Yes...thanks Nina! I said it and tweeted it.

3. Yes please do...and let me know...I need to talk about it!
7. Agreed!
10. And you know people are all over the deal. But that would drive me nuts! Kate's walking around with her ring and err’body and they're mama walking around with theirs...because you know err’body ain’t keeping theirs in the case! LOL!
12. Oh yes! definitely dressed up just choosing what?...I’m leaning towards a suit.
13. Love it too!

@South Loop Social Light
Yeah it’s hard not to take a blunt statement personal even when you say it like that.

Thank you! I'm considering just that.

7.Agreed! Dang it!
9. I googled it and I still don’t get it but okay...maybe because Obama’s in office!
10.DEAD@Simple folks but yeah gas it TOO high they can send me the 19.95 towards my fill-ups!
13. I’m use to the rockers wearing black. I can’t get with pink no kinda way. It’s...wait for it...too dainty! LOL!

I swear I don’t think I’ll be gone long enough to warrant it! I think this every time.*shrugs*

I’ve heard this before. I guess you get one or the other. LOL!

Somebody is...and they are bragging that they got their’s already LOLOL!

I’m not with the polish either.

@Monique said...
It’s always random...my random thoughts lol! I have my cute cardies ready to go. I’m saving the dress slacks tho...I’m doing dresses to start.

Girl stop! You work in SF... clearly not directed at you LOLOLOLOL! I can just imagine the sights you’ve seen!

@Bajan Beauty
6. I can get with "try not to get offended but..." that’s preparing me.
8. It most definitely does! Hmm...I may watch season one again.
12. Thanks! Of course it’s always about the shoes!!! Always! lol
13. It’s too much!

@K. Rock
2. Poor deer...I bet it was so scared...but if someone tried to help it they’d be in a episode of When animals attack. LOLOL!
5. Go for it!
7. Thank you! agreed
9. LOL!
10. Uhh not a hoot?? LOL!
11. Ditto.
12. Okay
13. Agreed

12. All right now!! I like that! You dress for success everyday. I like to also. But wait...even the boss wears shorts?? Sounds tacky
10. Trust me there are others. LOL! I like Sara Burton’s work. I loved the fashion show pieces! It’s edgy and feminine at the same time.
9. Taxes Booooooooo!
7. Okay so it’s not just me. Good!
13. It makes sense...and to each his own. LOL!