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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thoughtfully…Thought-Out…Thursday…Thoughts #40

1.In my late nite insomnia shenanigans I’ve watched many episodes of Numbers and I want to know why did actor Ali.mi Ba.llard who plays the black guy lol David Sinclair have a missing tooth in the front in yesterdays episode? WTH??

2.Vera Wang is a top designer known for many things, most noted are wedding dresses. Did you know she collaborated with Serta and designed some mattresses?? Get yo money Vera!

3.When I watch movies I wait for them to incorporate the title of the movie into the scene. Does anyone else notice when they do that? Sometimes it fits, sometimes its dumb. I wonder when they started doing that and why?

4.Last week I ridiculed Extreme Couponing. This week I’m like how can I be down?? $600 for $6 Shoo me too!

5.I joined K Rock in her 5k a day quest for this month. I have too say it’s hard to workout everyday but I’m determined to make it to 4/30...Why? because this is my training for B2B.

6.I am super excited about my new job. I’m freaked out and siked that just when I thought all hope was lost and I was quitting my life something came through!! My goals are to pay my tithes, recoup my savings and buy something special every other month. Added bonus! Me and my sister will be able to go to lunch sometimes because she works in the area! Score!

7.I had no idea Gary Busey suffered a brain injury. How sad is that? I now have an explanation for his brand of crazy and it's no longer funny. It’s just sad. #CelebrityApprentice

8.You know how you're sitting in church and a really good choir starts singing then you hear someone shout out SAAAANG CHOIR!!! That’s me I can’t wait to go to church and do this. I’m planning on going on Easter like the rest of the 2x a year heathens.

9.Rutgers paid Snooki $32,000 to speak. They’re paying Toni Morrison $30,000 to speak at commencement in May o_O! Snooki????

10.Have you noticed that villains die really horrible violent deaths in Disney movies??

11.Seen and heard  I know ya'll have probably seen this, but this picture was too funny.


Jazzy said...

Gary Busey - I'm a bad person...I still laugh. He is just all kinds of "special".

Snooky/Morrison - The only reason Toni is being paid less is because she lowers her fee for the school.

I keep hearing about this extreme couponing. I need to dvr an episode...see how I can be down too!

~Mommy+Me~ said...

4. I need to DVR this, I consider myself the coupon queen, but I'm pretty sure I've never saved THAT much $$!

5. I need to do this! Dieting is such a struggle for me. I know you need to do some combination of both, but I think it would help if I just worked out on a regular basis!

6. I'm excited for you too! And that is a score! It's nice to have someone to go out to lunch with every once in a while. I miss that about this job.

7. My thoughts exactly! I started watching that show, and I saw that and was like...."oh...ok," makes a little more sense I guess. I'm pretty sure he was probably a little out there to begin with though.

9. WOW!

Bajan Beauty said...

4. I missed it!, I have to make sure I catch it ondemand this weekend.

5. I download couch to 5k to my ipod and still haven't listened to it yet...sigh. I did at least start running again.

6. Congrats!

Jameil said...

2) I feel like I did.
3) On "Family Guy" Peter shouts out "He said it!!" so I hate watching serious/suspenseful movies w/him b/c he does that! Totally breaks my concentration. Comedy? I try to beat him saying it. Otherwise? STOP THAT!!
4) I always wanted to be down!!
5) DING! Ma'am. No. You can't say you joined her if you only plan on doing 4/30. That is nowhere near joining. #foul #flagontheplay
6) Yay!
8) ROTFL! I love that person!!
9) Late. You should really use twitter more often.
10) Head tilt. No.

alana said...

Congrats on the new job!

K. Rock said...

2. Who needs a designer mattress. That's a little uppity. I love her wedding dresses though.
3.I actually like when they never mention the name of the movie. It can come off pretty lame when they do.
4. I watched last night too. I think it is cool. I would be excited to save that much money too. But there does seem to be a hoarding aspect there too.
5. It has been really hard.
6. Fun to have a lunch buddy! Congrats on all that.
10. I guess now that you mention it.
11. That's cute.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

Designer mattress?! How much can you change the look of a mattress. Well everybody ain't able. Go head Vera!

I watched Extreme Couponing. They were just doing too much. Why do you need 30 packages of hot dogs and you aren't have a big BBQ?!

Reggie said...

I can't imagine why dogs would ever look smug. They drink out of the toilet and they're prone to lay down and lick their business like nobody's business.

Anonymous said...

I'm a coupon person, but like K Rock said - the folks on that show have a touch of OCD and hoarding. I'm not a psychologist, but I did minor in it in college.

I never could get into "Numbers". I wanted to, but there's something about it that doesn't excite me.

P.S. I love this... said...

4. I was just telling my husband that the idea is cool but they seemed to buy alot of junk.

5. Ugh, I should be running but can't.. I have type of mental block right now. I tried Couch to 5k awhile ago.. it's good but I need instant results. I'm an extremist so I just run for 45mins no matter how much my lungs and legs scream. lol

6. So glad that job came through. =)

11. Smug dog is too cute.

Bajan Beauty said...

4. Okay, I watched extreme couponing. I have to say that I am disgusted. Why does she have to get 77 bottles of mustard! I can understand that she is trying to save money...but I think her talents could be better used help others that are in the same situation as her. We might see these ladies on an episode of Hoarders soon, lol.

Nexgrl said...

The success of the extreme couponing seems to be stores that double and or triple coupons. That doesn't happen much at grocery stores out here.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Sorry for the delay folks...I forgot! LOL!

He is all kinds of special, and I agree it is funny. I just was shocked to learn about the injury

Really wow! That’s generous of TM but if Rutgers has the money to pay Snookie TM should get more. Noble jester but clearly the extra money is not going to the students which she probably thought she was helping.

Yeah I want to learn how to do it on my level. They’re a little too extreme with it. LOL!

4. I thought I was doing a little something too. LOL! But they have me beat!
5. Well join us! True dat! Regular exercise is the key!
6. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to start so we can go...
7. HBO played this old flick and he was in it. He was an okay actor. It’s sad that he had people just thinking he was off.
9. Agreed! I want this fixed immediately!

@Bajan Beauty
4. The idea of it is cool but I found it to be a little extra, a bit too extreme. lol
5. Running is good at least it’s something! You can listen while you run right?
6. Thank you! I’m siked!!!

2. I’m going to try one out. LOL!
3. That’s Hilarious!! I watched Just Wright again last nite just cuz and when Common said I’m just right for you I died!
4. After watching I don’t want to be THAT down. Just a little! LOL!
5.I can too! Who makes the rules US! I said everyday until 4/30 B2B is 5/15 so I gotta keep doing something lol just not everyday... maybe
8. Me too!!! When nobody does it I do it! Have you noticed people get more into the song when someone does that? I really love a good church song.
9. I’m sure I should...
10. You will from now on. But I meant the cartoons...I should of mentioned that.

Thank you so much!

@K. Rock
2. DEAD@uppity. I found a store that sells them I’m going to try it out. I may need one. lol
3.I find myself waiting for it the whole movie now. It can be corny.
4. The hoarding aspect is the deterrent. I just want to save on my level. 2 mustards would last a loooong time LOL!
5. Girl who you telling!!! LOLOLOL! But thanks for the idea!! Me likey I might try this every other other month.
6. It so is...something to look forward too during the day!
10. See I knew somebody else had to notice...
11. I love when they capture pics like this. That dog truly looks smug!

I hope it would be the feel as well. It better feel like clouds and cotton balls! LOL!

I wouldn't even have the storage for all that!

Ha! Okay...I know...but it’s a cute pic. Maybe it knows something we don’t. LOL!

I agree with both of ya’ll

Late nite TV.... it puts me to sleep most times but sometimes I watch to the end. I clearly watch anything late nite lol

@P.S. I love this...
4. Agreed!

5. You crack me up! No matter how much?? Stop it! I have to check out this couch to 5k...sounds interesting.

6. Girl you already KNOW!! Lol Thank you!

11. Agreed.

@Bajan Beauty
4.After watching I thought the same thing. That’s a good idea!!! The food banks could hire these chicks and be able to feed LOTS of people!!!

I want to find the stores that do the double/triple coupons! I was thinking that’s why my savings is never that great. They have to exist somewhere in CA...