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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thoughtfully…Thought-Out…Thursday…Thoughts #38

1.Have you ever clicked the next blog button to see what blog comes up after yours? I clicked it and found a new blog to read. Score!

2.I was walking through Target one time and this crazy looking scraggily man walked up and pressed a dollar in my hand. He said God told him to give it to me. I wasn’t sure how to take this. It freaked me out. You know I thought the money was contaminated, but at the same time pleased that God wanted me to have a dollar.

3.It’s St. Patrick’s Day!!! Green, Green, Green! I really like green my favorite green is grass green. I have green pants. Do I wear them no. Will I this spring? Yes!

4.Speaking of green have I discussed my complete obsession with green apple flavored candy and gum!! Can you say YUM!

5.March 17th is my 2 day marker for my B-day. What type of ratchetness will I get into this weekend Hmm……LOL!

6.I don’t really have a b-day wish list this year. I just have 1 big wish…okay 2. But what if I don’t get any gifts?? I better get some gifts. The horror!

7.I’m having a breakfast HERE on Sunday to celebrate my B-day with my fam. Now my breakfast is competing with a 9 year olds b-day party that‘s starting at noon. I’m a little pissed! His b-day is on the 3rd why they wait until my B-day weekend?? Haters!! #familydivision UPDATE: Too hungover to eat/go.

8.I have to say something about Nate Dogg. R.I.P, Since when did men start having strokes in their late 30’s and dying at 41???? That is some scary ish right there. Men please go to the Dr. for wellcare check ups! Please! In true AR Gal fashion my fav ND collabo Lay Low(clean) Westsiiiiiiiiiiiide *still crip walkin in his honor*

9. I am freakin in love with all things tie dye. I ordered a dress 3 weeks ago on E.bay to wear to my birthday breakfast. It hasn’t arrived yet. What izz gon do?? UPDATE: It came, it came, it came today!!!

10.I was really shaken (no pun intended) on Friday with Japan’s earthquake and tsunami then the tsunami watch for California. I was up all night watching the news after the emergency broadcast system flashed across the screen. I am not prepared for a natural disaster. Are you? I have one little earthquake backpack filled with things for 2 days. Clearly NOT enough! Why do people keep saying California is going to fall into the water?? Stop it!! You’re scaring me.

11.Seen and Heard. I love her but I hollered when I saw this because everytime I watch her show...


~Mommy+Me~ said...

1. Yes, unfortunately I didn't luck out like you.

2. Too funny. That would've creeped me out.

3. ROcking the green today. My daughter's new favorite color is lime green. We just went shopping recently to get some new spring/summer clothes for her for out trip. Most EveRything she got was bright green. :)

4.I like green apple stuff too. I just got some new green apple gum recently.

5. Do share with us what you end up doing.

6. What is your 1 big wish??

7. Mmmmmm that looks good! I haven't had breakfast yet.

8. I just heard about Nate Dogg today on XM. So sad. A lot of men are stubborn when it comes to this. My fiance doesn't even want to pay for health insurance because he says "he doesn't get sick and doesn't go to the Dr." O-O Not cool!

9. Tie dye huh? Hmmmm....post some pics, not picturing likeable tie dye. Maybe I'm behind. ;)

10. So sad & so scary!

11. LOL

alana said...

Oh I looove Ina Garten she is my favorite.

Jameil said...

1) I always get foreign language blogs.
2) LOL. Stop being such a phobe!
3) Do you known how good I look in grass green???? Like every time I wear it, strangers stop me and tell me how great I look! No lie!
4) You haven't. Candy I can get with but gum? No indeed.
5) Woot woot! Have a great one!
6) No bday list??? SMH.
7) LOL. You little brat.
8) EVERYBODY go to the dr.!! My fave ND collab is Regulate!!!
9) That is some garbage. I would be HOT! Did you contact the seller?
10) Totally unprepared for disaster of any kind.
11) Clearly that's the reason I watch her show! Do you even understand how much it amuses me to feel like a rich white woman when cooking her food??? LOLOL

AR Gal said...

1. Ummmm, I didn't even know that was up there.

2. Yay God!

7. I've never had chicken and waffles....together that is. I feel like I missing out on something monumental.

8. Smoke weed every day. Not really but that cracks me up every time I hear it at the end of Next Episode.

10. I could go on and on about this but to make a really long story short, I watch a lot of stuff on about natural disasters (past, present and future) thanks to Mistah's extremely high interest in the subject matter. Some of the 'experts' have said that CA will in fact experience another quake that will have a huge impact on the state....and that yes some parts may end up under water.

Don't feel bad though. You should see what they say will happen to AR (and the surrounding states) if and when an earthquake comes a rumblin' around here. Pure-D-struction honey.

11. Who is that?

Nexgrl said...

1. No
2. A simple wash and dry of that money will do next time. It will
spend the same. Be glad he didn't
ask you for a dollar.
3. You must be my sister's long lost daughter.
8. Recreational drugs tend to age the body/organs faster.
9. Have you tracked that package yet.
10. I don't have any emergency supplies and I'm a native.
11. I like her and watch her show. I've even tried some of her

Nina said...

ooooooooohhhhhhh....i need me some green pants!!

who is that in the picture?

really sad about nate dogg..is that true what nexgirl said about aging organs?? they never tell you that about weed. if that's true...what's up with snoop?

K. Rock said...

1. Not in a long time. But I am going to do it now that you have reminded me about it.
2. Weird. I would think the thing had anthrax on it.
5.& 6. Happy pre-birthday!
7. I know the feeling of wanting to have your own special day. I don't want to share mine with anybody either.
8.Nate Dogg was awesome!
9. Tie dye huh? Imma have to look into that. That dress is cute though.
10. People have beeen saying that for years. Hasn't happened yet so I think you'll be alright.
11. She has convinced me that I am sub-par. Damn that Contessa!!

keyalus said...

3. I am so plain! I can't think of the last time I wore any other color pants but denim, khaki, black, grey or brown.

5. Happy Birthday!

8. A girl from my year in high school had a stroke and died recently. It freaks me out - dead at 34 years old. She wasn't sick or unhealthy or anything. She had three young sons including a newborn. I'm so scared that something crazy like will happen to me.

10. They told us that mess about CA in elementary school. Blame the state of VA educational system. They also told us the killer bees were coming though. :|

Reggie said...

One of these days, California IS gonna fall into the ocean.

I sincerely hope that the next time that I go to Target that someone walks up to me and hands me a bag full of money. Honestly they can tell me that the devil wants me to have the money if they like, I'm taking it anyway.

The Japan thing was definitely scary. Those people were running like Godzilla was coming out of the water and it still didn't matter. It's a tragedy!!!

Oh and do have a very happy birthday.

P.S. I love this... said...

1. I never did until today.. didn't even notice that before. Nope, won't be following that blog. WACK!

2. That was umm, nice. And God told him to, triple score!

3. I like dark green to wear on my person. Olive green looks good on me. =)

4. GIRL, I LOVE me some green apple Laffy Taffy. YUM!!

5. Happy Birfday!

6. No list?!?! I have a gift list for random Thursdays.

7. *drool* LOVE me some Chicken & Waffles!!!! The sweet and salty...yum.

Everything looks delish at this place!

8. Sad.. *cues "Can't Deny It" -Fabolous ft Nate Dogg*

10. Not prepared for a natural disaster. =(

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. Aww...
2. It was creepy, but something else at the same time
3. Love that!! Green is AWESOME!!!!!
4.Man when I take road trips I love to load up on green apple candy for the road.
5. Most certainly!
6. You already know!
7. I just hope it tastes as good as it looks!
8. Too many men are like this but they need preventative care. You have to get on him about that…
9. Picture posted..
10. Very!!
11. Agreed!

I agree she is AWESOME!

1. Hmmm.
2. I can’t help it my eyes have seen horrible things! LOL!
3) I believe you! LOL!
4) No? Well I'm completely obsessed with all things candy green apple!! It’s my favorite flavor. Oh the gum is yum too!
5) Thank you!
6) Yeah it was futile this year.
7) I completely am!!! Guilty!
8) Everyone should most women do so more than men. Aww Nate Dogg
9) Luckily it came! Yaaaaaaaaay!
10) Uh oh. At least get a safety pack with a flash light, water and a blanket.
11) LOLOLOL! Agreed!

@AR Gal
1. That made me laugh!
2. LOL!
7. All I know is the chicken and waffles at Roscoes in L.A. is the biz and a MUST have on every trip. I’ll see about this place.
8. He shoulda, hadda, notta smoked it!
10. Well I just hope and pray it’s NOT my part and hopefully I will be the most prepared!! *goes out to get more stuff* You go get some stuff too!
11. Food Network’s illustrious chef Ina Garten

1. Do it.
2. LOL!
3. Now if you said brother’s daughter I would say do tell! LOL!
8. Really?? I have not heard this SMH at a few people I know Oh no!
9. It came Yay!
10. I am truly surprised! I figured you would be the most prepared.
11. Good times!

They are pretty awesome and I think you should get some right away!

Food Network’s illustrious chef Ina Garten The Barefoot Contessa

I’ve never heard that about weed before. Nexgrl help us out with more info!!

@K Rock
1. Interested to know what you find.
2. Man I was concerned believe that!
5.& 6. Thanks!!!
7. Thank you!! That’s all I’m saying! we’ve been doing this dance for years just stay in your lane!! Kid!
9. Yes. Thanks!
10. I hope so!
11. Ha! She has a way of doing that! LOLOLOLOL!

3. Well you can get wild this spring. You will be seeing color everywhere!
5. Thank you!
8. That’s so sad for her family!! Definitely too young to die! You are on the right track with getting and staying healthy you’ll be fine. :)
10. Well if it does happen I just want to be prepared or away.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Reggie! LOL!

That’s hilarious! I would not take the money if he said the devil wanted me to have it. I would be too scared!

It is/was scary!! I’m not going to laugh at what you said about Godzilla I’m not!

Thank you sir!

1. LOL!

2. Know if it could just happen again with a larger sum!

3. Both are great shades of green I’m sure you wear well!

4. Hello! The best candy ever!

5. LOL! Thank you!

6. Nope No list!

7. Agreed! I just hope this place lives up!

8. Another good one! Poor Nate Dogg.

10. What does your state get?? Tornados, Hurricanes, quakes etc?? If not then you’re probably cool. But prepare something just in case.