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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thoughtfully…Thought-Out…Thursday…Thoughts #37

1.OMG! I was watching Maury, why before Maury read the results the chick stood up and said "You’s the Pappy Boss!!!!!!" I DIED!! AND HE WAS!

2.When eating fast food are you puzzled when the chain claims to be made with 100% real beef! NOW? Ummm, what was it made from before? #tacobell  That's why I eat at home now! Better than TB nachos on my food blog.

3.After further pondering I believe Charlie Sheen was tired of doing Two and a Half Men. I wonder how long his contract was for? According to MSN he is credited for “bringing phrases like "winning," and "tiger blood" into the lexicon.” I have to thank Charlie Sheen because from here on out I’m winning!! #WINNING

4.When you eat  potato chips do you eat the ones with spots? I will give my opinion in the comments!

5.If you could have theme music play as you walk what would it sound like?? Think Shaft What song would it be?? I've decided mine would be this----here. Sometimes in real life I wish my music could start before I arrive so people can anticipate my coming. I bet you thought it was going to be something cutesy. Nope I'm feeling gangsta!

6.I’ve been taking pictures of my feet to see what they look like on film. My sister said her feet are not cute to her anymore. I hollered!

7. I like words so I'm making TT less common and more my own. Thoughtfully…Thought-Out…Thursday…Thoughts #37.

8.So it's relaxer time again and I'm doing it myself. It's the difference between $7 and $70 on my healthy hair journey HHJ. I have determined I definitely should relax at 9 weeks exactly. Why do I continue to try and stretch to 10 - 12 weeks?? It's so counter productive! I did a post about it on my hair blog.

9.Hey natural ladies here’s a chance to showcase your hair and win some money doing it! Check out this photo contest.  http://www.blackhairmedia.com/PhotoContest

10.You know how shoes and clothes have names?? I get a thrill out of seeing my friends names on items. I always send them a picture of the item. Sometimes if they say they like it guess what they get for Christmas, their B-day or a just because gift?? LOL! Don't you just love just because gifts???

11.P.S. show cased some amazing couture trench coats by Burberry on her blog. I can’t stop looking at them or thinking about them. I'm a clothes stalker lol. This will definitely be a line I frequent for clothing. AMAZE! I swear if I had an extra $4,000 right now! Man!

12.Seen and Heard. I saw this album cover yeah album not CD on another blog and could not stop laughing! I wonder what they sound like?? Jesus be a fence!


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

1. Maury has become so predictable now but I actually love when the dudes claim there is NO possible way they could be the father and it turns out that they are! Bubble burst QUICK!

4. I don't like chips with spots. I throw them away.

5. My song would be "Square Biz" by Teena Marie

10. "Just Because" gifts are GREAT!

12. Am I going to hell for laughing at this?? WHAT IS THAT and WHY?!!!

Reggie said...

Maury is a reprehensible show!!! They should take that shit off the air!!! The only thing more trifling than that show are the people that go on it.

It's funny that you say that about theme music. I wear a lot of black and when I walk down the street I hear the theme from Shaft in my head. Not even the Samuel Jackson Shaft, but the Richard Roundtree Shaft.......yeah definitely that.

You absolutely should have posted a picture of your feet. Some feet are nice, but some look like damned hooves!!!

Nexgrl said...

1. I haven't watched Maury of even flipped past his show in years. Sounds like the chic just wanted some airtime.
2. Fast Food and I don't work well
3. Charlie Sheen wouldn't be such a
pain if the media would leave
him alone. Do they have to
broadcast his ustream on the
4. I rarely eat potato chips and
any with spots are suspect.

5. I don't desire theme music. I
see you prefer them to fear you.
6. I don't think my feet are cute,
but people give me compliments.
I think they confuse cute and
corn/bunion free.
8. A hair blog also. You really
like words and typing.
9. Natural hair pics, I'm not
creative enough. I have 3
styles, curly, pony tail, or
10. I used to give just because
gifts, but I stopped. People
started expecting something
all the time.
11. I have to automatically delete
those emails from Burberry.
12. Now you know they were doing it
up big time in their day and

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I'm mad there are people out there willing to go on Maury and look like fools!

Charlie Sheen took "winning" mainstream. Folks on twitter have been saying that for the past year. I was done when he said "bi-winning". I've used it everyday since. lol

K. Rock said...

5.I have theme music too! It changes depending on my mood. If only everybody could be inside my head to hear it...

9. Cool! Thanks for the info.

theLENNOXX said...

3. CS.. I just don't get the appeal of this man at all..

4. I'm happy to say I don't like potato chips (or any fried food for that matter).

5. LOL @ theme music to life! That would be awesome!! Need to think about that one for a while ;)

Happy Friday!

xo Linda

~Mommy+Me~ said...

First- LOL @ some of Nexgrl's comments!

1. that show is a MESS!

2. For real! I don't eat fast food often, but sometimes I worry about stuff like that. You never really know what you're getting!

3. SO OVER hearing about him! That was a good show, but he needs some help!

4. Nope, I like the ones that are kind of curled up the most. The kettle chip kind.

5. LOL @ your theme music! Never really thought of what mine would be.

6. Takin pics of your feet huh? I used to talk to this guy that had a feet fetish, he said I had "pretty feet" and always wanted to see them. O-o I personally don't like feet!

10. LOVE just because gifts! But I'm usually the one to give them not to receive!

12. WOW!

Jameil said...

1) ROTFL @ "You’s the Pappy Boss!!!!!!" I can't!
2) That's disgusting.
4) Yes, crazy.
5) Questions like these are too theoretical. I got nothing.
6) I think mine are not awesome anymore, too.
7) That is too much!
8) Hairdressers recommend you leave chemicals to the pros. With perms it's like you hear about people w/these astronomical times b/t. I had to go at 5 weeks or my hair was evil. Tis what it tis.
9) Sounds fun!
11) If I had an extra $500 I wouldn't spend it on one item of clothing. Side. eye.
12) Lolol Those poor Christian white women. Mocked on blogs for eternity!

Ladynay said...

1) Haven't been able to see Maury in a min. Kinda miss him.

2) I mess with Chik fil a and Subway. The end!

3) WINNING!!!!! My classmates and I say "I'm on that Charlie Sheen" when we are cutting up or acting silly.

4)I eat them. Greedy? Yes. LOL!

5) Work That, Mary J.

12) They probably got some chops! Don't hate! ROFL!

Trish said...

1. I love when the men break out into a dance.

2. I ordered chicken from Taco Bell and was scared to eat when I got home and realized they gave me "beef."

3. I to am "WINNING!" Lol!

4. I eat spot chips, just not burnt ones.

5. If I could have music, it'd be Ludacris, "Move, get out the way!"

6. Let's not get on feet, I had a not-so-enjoyable visit at the nail shop today.

8. Relaxer prices are out of control! I stretch mine as long as I can but at 6 weeks, my stylist is hounding me to get another.

10. I do love just-because gifts!!

12. That album cover scares me, I hope that I don't dream about it.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. I was just flipping through the channels and paused. The who’s the daddy shows are still hilarious, staged but hilarious.
4. I throw them away too. I always think it was a bug that got cooked in. LOL!
5. All right now Teena LOL! Good choice.
10. Aren’t they? I totally wish I could get and give more.
12. Well if you’re going I’d be going too! LOLOLOLOL!

1. I completely agree but sometimes you need a little ghetto /trailer park comedy in yo life! LOL!
5.Somehow I am not surprised by this! I could see you having Shaft as your theme! LOL!
6. Now what if my feet look like hooves will you tell me? Then my feelings would be hurt. I swear feet look huge on film Huge I tell ya!

1. She got it and it was hilarious!!
2. Well since it’s fake and at times nasty we are breaking up too!
3. It’s more sad then anything, but he is so crazy to mess up his money like that.
4. I can agree they are suspect…
5. Just this week! Next weeks theme is I’m bossy… LOL!
6. You are hilarious! But that does make a cute foot. Corns and bunions uglify a foot real quick!
8.Not really. It’s just my online diary. I need to keep track of what I do.
9. LOL!
10. Awww. Sorry.
11. I’m not that strong. I must look. I must!!
12. LOLOLOL! Right! They got their harr did for this cover. Can you imagine the hairspray??

@southern girl
1. I think they pay them now. But it is still funny! Sometimes.
3.Winning!! Well it takes a star to get into the dictionary.

@K. Rock
5. Oh Gawd! Is it a special melody?? I need to know this song! LOL!
9. I hope you enter and win!

3. The show was funny to me. Maybe the best thing he ever did…
4. OMG! I am sure you have the best skin EVER!!
5. Please let me know what you come up with!
Thanks same!

She’s a nut!
1. True!
2. I use to not care. But yes it is a concern now!
3. Agreed!
4. Those have spots sometimes too. I LOVE kettle chips!
5. Think about it *smile*
6. Yeah I was curious as to what they look like.
10. Just Because day should be a holiday so the givers can be receivers !
12. I know LOLOLOL!

1. Slayed me!
2. Agreed!
4. But what if it was a dead cooked worm or bug?? Oops I forgot grasshopper girl. LOL!
5. So you’re telling me not one song comes to mind. I had one but all the words aren’t cool! Only the opening was it.
6. Figure out how to bring em back Spring is here! LOL!
7. You said Cali folks are nuts! LOL!
8. That’s real talk, but I think I’m a pro now! I do know I can’t go past 9 probably 8 weeks. All hair stylists aren’t cool pro or not.
9) Are you entering??
10. Sorry chica your name is too unique like mine!
11.I soooo would!!!
12. Yep!

@Lady nay
1. That mess is pure comedy!
2. Good choices!
4. I’m just laughing...funny
5. Alright Now! LOL!
12.Bwhahaha! You know you right!

1 Pure comedy.
2. Exactly! Food should not cause fear! LOL!
3. “WINNING!" Yass!
4. Okay risky lol!
5. LOL! Radio or explicit version?
6. Oh noo! What happened?? I can only go to one salon where we have an understanding. No pain!
8. As long as your hair is healthy and growing it’s good.
10. Man they are the best!!
12. You made me choke stop it! Scary?? LOLOLOLOLOL!

Jameil said...

4) Then I guess I got some unexpected protein today. Who has time to look at every single chip?
5) Not the first time I read this. I guess 'Brickhouse.'
10) I'm not gonna wait around for someone to do this. I'm befriending a fashion designer before I die. It will happen.

GorgeousPuddin said...

4. You crack me up!!! Ewww!
5. Brickhouse? Okay. Get it!
10. I believe you!

Nina said...

I need to find a way to tell someone "yous the pappy boss." just because i think it will enrich my life.

My theme song would change frequently.
Right now...hmmmmmm....
It would be "Take it Like a Man" by Dragonette or "Love Hangover" by Diana Ross.