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Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's Thursday these are my thoughts...

1.My Bieber fever had me defending him on Twitter on Gra.mmy night. I was really enjoying reading the commentary about the show. Shout out to K. Rock and Jameil’s boo. Very funny stuff! Then someone(not them) called him a bish!?! I was like...Whaat? but he’s just a kid.... how can you say that? Then I remembered it was Twitter. Girl stop! to myself. But, it does trip me out about all the hate he gets. His story really is heart warming. However, the Real Bieber STANS need to calm down! He didn't win! Get over it! He's 16 and has plenty of other opportunities to win!

2.Why did an elderly woman who fed bears outside her home get killed when she tried to break up a conflict between the two bears? WHO DOES THAT????? This was on Fa.tal Attra.ctions on Ani.mal Pla.net. This made me cry…. laughin when I read the show caption. Why did this little old woman think she could stop two bears from fighting??TWO BEARS!! WHY????????? Did she really think because she fed them they would listen to her?? We will never know. Why because she’s DEAD! Why are people SO crazy?? I did catch the show when it replayed.. It was VERY sad! I am still alarmed that bears eat people! Why bears why?? Oh yeah, don’t feed the bears is REAL!! Don’t feed them! Unless you need to distract them while you get the heck outta there! *pours out for the old lady*

3.Okay this phenom of showcasing talented homeless people REALLY??? Them being homeless does not make them less human. They can be smart, sing and have good voices. They just need a place to live, possible mental health care, and rehab. Geez!

4.In addition to my spelling, grammar and syntax issues, dyslexia is trying to set in with my writing. I need some type of writing workshop intervention STAT! LOL!

5.Both of these commercials, sings *four times the steaaaaaaaak*     and       * a new dawn, a new daaaaaaaaaaay*      Please get out of my head!

6.If I don’t get something Le Creuset soon I might pass out!!  LOL! Question: would it be wrong to buy a replacement Le Creuset knob and put it on a different pot?? Answer: wrong and ghetto. I want all the small stuff like the pitcher, utensil crock, spoon rest etc. I also like the weird stuff like the wok dish, or 2 ramekins, or 2 petite oval au gratin dishes. I could go on, but I won’t. Anyhoo, My kitchen theme is red and I have a birthday coming in March! Jus sayin!

7.I really love “How I Met Your Mother” I mean really I do! But could Ted meet the mother already??? Or has he met her?? I’m a little behind. Another favorite show of  mine Me.dium ended forever : (

8.This cleanse is bringing clarity to my life! From here on out I reject negativity in my life. I like this Zen place. When practically starving you don’t want/need to hear mess! I learned that I really do use food for comfort. Some crazy things happened and I wanted to eat, but because I couldn’t, I had to deal with them. It was strange… More on that later. remind me

9.When I use really pigmented shadows on my eyes I think I look like I’ve been in a fight! I'm still determined to make teal work on my eye lids. Any suggestions?

10.I saw the Gwen Stefani commercial again. I did not hear her singing over the Isley Bro. beat the first time. o_O! I like her as a style icon, as a singer meh, and she’s not wearing her signature red lipstick. It’s a nice change. On the same note Jennifer Lopez is killing the style game on AI!!

11. Justin Timberlake will play a booger on the Cleve.land Show, but turned down GL.ee?!? I hope I'm wrong.

12.Seen and Heard: Cee.Lo Gre.en at the Gram.my's!!! I almost died laughing. Bwhahahahahahahahaha! He said he was influenced by Elt.on Jo.hn. Umm ok....
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Anonymous said...

2. She tried to break up a fight between two bear? What the what? In my best Tarzan voice, "Lady, you human, they bear." **smh** Just nonsense!

4. Yeah, I find myself having to re-read and edit what I write very carefully. I'm gonna just blame ot on a "busy" mind.

7. I watched it the first season, but then I fell off. Might catch up on Netflix one day.

12. That picture of CeeLo brings me soooooooooo much joy every single time I see it. Every time! BWAHAHAHAHA!!

P.S. I love this... said...

8. Yes, cleansing is very Zen to me too.. And you ain't never lied, when you're practically starving, FOLKS GET DEALT WIT!! LOL

K. Rock said...

1. It was my first live tweet event and it was fun! The only thing missing...was you. *bats eyelashes*
2.Aww man. I feel wrong laughing at this but she was the one that was wrong. Your commentary pretty much mirrors how I feel about that.
3.Yeah I am not fond of this either. People are treating them like they are animals and they are shocked they can do the most menial things. It's really lame.
5.OMG that WW commercial works my nerves! Added on to the fact that I am not a fan of J.Hud's voice, it just grinds my eardrums.
12.It was the Grammy's so it's ok to go over the top a bit. I love his performance though.

keyalus said...

2. I thought everyone learned from the "Grizzly Man" that bears are not our friends and you are crazy to think so!

7. Love that show! I initially started watching it because I was a huge Buffy fan and it starred Alyson Hannigan. It is just plain funny though.

Random note: I was watching the last episode about Marshall's Dad and realized that he was the actor that played "Tom Cullen" in The Stand mini-series (a fave of mine).

Pouring out liquor for Medium which I've watched since the beginning. I haven't watched the last 3 episodes yet because I'm too sad that it ended. Great show. Shame that the real life Allison is mean and a nutso! Did you see her on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?!?

GorgeousPuddin said...

2. LOLOLOLOL!!! Too funny@you human, they bear. She forgot!

4. Busy mind. Good one. I'll use that.

7. It's funny! You should catch up or watch the many syndication channels.

12. Me too! I loved the performance too!! Ooooo! He so.........different! LOL!

@P.S. I meant I had to deal with my own feelings and emotions! LOL! But that's true too. I can't really interact with my fam until this is OVER! There would be a murderation! LOL!

@K Rock
1.&12. Aww Thanks! I couldn't really contribute. You guys really just gave me a heads up for what to look out for due to the time difference. I love CeeLo and that song is too funny to me! Sometimes you just need to say that!

2. I did feel a little bad once I saw the actual show, but when I read the promo I DIED! They were wrong for writing it like that!

3. Exactly!

5. I like her voice. But the commercial OH GAWD!

2. I sure did! They should have never made bears friendly in cartoon's NEVER!!!!!!!!

7.The last epi was when Marshall's dad died right? If so then I am caught up. I don't know the STAND but the dad looked really familiar?

SHUT UP!!! That was her????? I saw a flash back of that episode and I was like who is that?! I'm SOOOOO disappointed!!! For Real! :(

Nexgrl said...

Because of you, as I was fast forwarding through the comercials last night, I paused a little on Gwens. I thought I heard the Isleys and I wasn't sure, so I listened/watched for 1/2 sec.

Ceelo is just SPECIAL!

Jameil said...

1) LOLOL Get your life together!
2) You are such a mess from this! From crying laughing to crying! So.... why did you not think watching would be uncomfortable.
3) LOLOLOL. Truth!
5) *blank stare*
6) DO IT!!! Not the knob. Get some Le Creuset! YESTERDAY! I want some ridiculous things to but I can't get with the butter dish & cover.
7) LOL. Rah said the same thing a few weeks: it's time.
8) Whatever it takes.
9) Mix it with gold. Wear it only on the lower fold. Wear it on the outer edge of the lower fold with gold on the inner edge.
11) That must be false. Don't send me proof. I don't really care.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Yay! for watching commercials!! LOL! It was nice huh? It's shorter now you know how they do with commercials but the original version...NICE!

Special good or special bad????

1. LOLOLOLOLOL! I'm trying!

2. Boredom makes me do crazy things! I actually wasn't watching my guests wanted to.

3. yep! Yep!

5. You know those commercials are catchy! LOL!

6. I hate butter dishes. I keep the butter in the fridge. But yes Le Creuset... Get In My Kitchen!!!

7. True DAT!!

8. LOL! I'm gonna be a better person! LOLOLOL!

9. GET OUTTA HERE!! Do you know that sounds AMAZE!!!!!!!! I'm so doing that! Teal and gold Yas!

11.He did turn down GLee, and he is on Cleveland this week but I'm not sure if he is the singing mucus or not. LOL!

Daij said...

#1- Justin Bieber was gracious. I am so glad that Esperanza Spalding won. I prayed that she'd win.
#2- You funny as hell!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Heeey!!! *waves*
1. He was! His fans on the other hand are nuts!! Esperanza Spalding was a surprise! I see you can get a prayer through LOL!

2. Thank you!

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

Hold up! She tried breaking up two bears?!

Glee is my show and I can't believe Justin turned it down!

GorgeousPuddin said...


Yes girl, TWO BEARS!!!!!!!!

That's what I read...