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Thursday, February 10, 2011


It's Thursday and these are my thoughts!

1.Is it just me are is anybody else catching Bieber fever??? I am so catching it like for real this time!! I want to see his movie. I love rags to riches, success type movies

2. Gwen Stefani is a new spoke person for L'or.eal. Does anyone else think Gwen Stepfani's hair color commercial with the ISLY BROTHERS BEAT IS THE ISH?? I DO!!!!!!!!!! Her style is FIYAH!!

3.I just realized I'm rude. I cut people off when they are speaking. How rude is that?? I’m totally working on it now that I’m aware of it. I've missed a lot of interesting conversations interrupting people. I’m so rude, and I'm so sorry!

4. Dear winter please be over so summer can come faster and HBO can get to June programming! #true blood and entourage Open letter to HBO coming soon!

5. People that have porn avatars for blogger make me want to reach in and slap em. Just because someone talks about sex on their blog doesn't mean they want to see that! One in particular, Why are you showing yourself or someone else sucking a penis. Yes I called YOU out and yes I’m talking to you. Ole nasty self!

6.I’m completely offended that I continue to get penis enlargement spam in my junk folder. I DON’T HAVE A PENIS!! And hopefully I won’t be dealing with a dude who will need one LOL!

7.I’m thinking of adding walking polls to me walking routine. Will I look foolish?? I always stare and laugh at the people with them,  but I read it helps your workout. On another note, I don’t like running at all. But I want to be a runner?? o_O!

8.This cleanse is kicking my butt! I'm not stomache hungry, but I have had almost the worst headache of my life. I cheated and took meds. But I’m staying strong. If Beyonce can do it so can I!! LOL! But get this, why am I torturing myself watching Ma.n vs. Foo.d?????

9.Good News!!! My toenail has completely healed. I can get a pedicure for Valentines day. Red toe nails here I come!  Yaay! I haven’t had a nail salon pedi since maybe October. I did home maintenance but there is NOTHING like a salon pedi to me! I want this pedicure to last!! I'm taking the best topcoat in the world Seche Vite to the salon. I've told everybody about this stuff. I need to be a spokesperson! This stuff is amazing, and dries super fast!! It's like a gel topcoat in a bottle, but still thin like a topcoat. Go. Get. You. Some!

10. Greek yogurt is the thing now. You know something has caught on when mainstream products make some. I see you Dan.non  By the way, greek yogurt is healthy, creamy yumminess!!

11.Seen and Heard De.ray Da.vis on twitter "Hello success yeah I know we've been off and on for years sorry I cheated on you with doubt, but I wanna make it official .. Marry me"?


Reggie said...

I've known that I am for awhile now.......I'm good with it.

I get penis enlargement spam and I don't need a larger penis. When I sit down on the toilet now I feel like I'm going fishing. So hell no, I don't want a larger penis. I don't have breasts and yet I get spam about breast enlargement......though I do like breasts, I'd rather not look at this shit.

A couple of months ago when it was really cold outside a woman approached me in a Walmart at 3 or 4am wearing flip flops who had only 6 or 7 toenails (I noticed) who was trying to holla at me. I don't ask for too much, but 10 toenails and a full set of teeth (which she didn't have either) are pretty basic shit to me. She actually had "summa teeth", some are here, some are there.

Oh yeah, nice post.

Nexgrl said...

1.It's you. I did see a woman at
the salon last Thursday with his
2.I didn't pay any attention to the
3. Yea, um, that doesn't go over
well in my profession. All I
do is listen.
4. There you go, trying to end the
year already.
5. It seems as if they're using
that as a method to attract more
6. I don't know anyone who enjoys
spam, let alone some that's
directed toward organs.
7. My co-worker(Mouth-All-Mighty)
walks with them and not as an
exercise aid.
8. I can't
9 Thanks for the information.
10.It's growing on me.
11. I have not regretted following
him yet.

Jameil said...

1) It's just you and about 17 million 12 & 13 yos.
2) I love her lipstick!!!!!
3) I forgive you.
4) I want winter to be over for completely different reasons in selfish Californian!!!!
7) Rashan says yes! I think I'm scared to like running.
8) I'm no B... thank God. You've convinced me more than I already was convinced... not for me!
9) Ew. I don't remember what was wrong w/your nail but ew. I LOVE RED NAILS!!!
10) Now?????

GorgeousPuddin said...

You are hilarious!
I can't say anything back at both comments SMH! SMH! SMH! "When I sit down on the toilet now I feel like I'm going fishing" 6 or 7 toenails???BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I CAN'T!

1. No not his haircut!! LOL! That's a STAN!!!
2. It's really good!
3. Mine either! LOL!
4. Just half of it!
5. They suck literally AND figuratively.
6. I agree!
7. Wait, she has two walking sticks she's walking around with at work??? No, stop it.
8. I barely can. LOL!
9. You're welcome! Seriously get it!
10. Healthy and tastes decent?? WIN WIN!!
11. I agree!

1. So whatchoo trying to say?? LOL!
2. I agree!
3. Thank you. I think?
4. LOLOLOLOL! I know this is extremely selfish. I almost added and so the snow could be over in the south and east. Then I CHANGED MY MIND *smile*
7.I think Rashan wants people to laugh at me huh?? I know the benefits of running will be awesome! I just don't know yet.
8. LOL! I heard good things from others also. It's more so about just taking a break from eating and getting cleaned out. TMI I know!
9. My toenail broke after an injury. Funny you said Ew then too! LOL!
10. I mean now because Dannon started selling it. You know the Greek yogurts were other weird Greek brand names. At least to me.

Nexgrl said...

Everytime I see her, I think she's skiing or hiking. I think she realized how silly she looks because she stopped bringing them to the reference desk. She also thinks she'll get sympathy but everyone is BEYOND caring. Half the time she's faking just because she doesn't want to do something.

Monique said...

Oh No JB has caught you too? LOL

Gwen is beautiful! I love her spirit and energy.

What type of cleanse are you doing?

Everything is Greek yogurt now. What happened and what makes it different from regular yogurt?

~Mommy+Me~ said...

1. Hasn't caught on for me or my daughter. I can't knock him, he's talented and making lots of $$$.

2. Haven't seen that one yet, only saw the one with her own song.

4. I'm right there with you!! I am over it and we haven't had much of a winter here, but what we've had has been extremely cold! Cold enough to call off school for 2 days for temp. not snow! Plus I'm excited for my new sandals that I just bought! ;)

7. I feel the same way. I really want to get into running b/c everyone I know that does it, loves it, plus the benefits are obvious, but I'm terrible at running. I can't last more than about 2 min. running on the treadmill. :(

9. I will have to check that topcoat out! Have you heard of Shellac?? I'm in love with the stuff. They do it at salons and it's a gel polish that stays on for at least 2 weeks, it doesn't chip and stays on natural nails! My nails have grown a lot with. You will catch me admiring my own nails now. ;)

Anonymous said...

First I want to start by saying I'm bad about responding to emails in a timely fashion. I keep saying I'm gonna reply the last one you sent even though it doesn't require a reply, but I keep getting sidetracked. Just know that I had good intentions. :)

Second and final thing, I'm totally into Justin Beiber. I still haven't listened to a full song by him, but something about him I like and I have been wanting to see the movie too! (so weird) People were a little surprised when I told them. My son told me what Beiber Fever was. But I'm a little hip, so I already knew. :)

Hope all is well with you!

Gorgeous Puddin said...

That's why I laugh at the people I see walking. They look like they're skiing and there's no snow. She needs to cut.it. out.!

1. Yeah, It got me!! I want to see the movie.

2. She so is! I really like her style! Oh and I love L.A.M.B.!!

8. The Master Cleanse. It's kicking my butt I but I feel cleaner and lighter at the same time.http://themastercleanse.org/

10.Greek yogurt is higher in protein, lower in sugars and fat and healthier than regular.

I can't get on your blog. No words show up when I click the link.
1.I can't believe your daughter doesn't have Bieber Fever!! LOL! Yeah, his hustle is impressive!
2. It's really nice! I was doing something else and paused to watch! I'm impressed! But I like her style and label so I may be biased. LOL!
4. OMG! new sandals!!! Post a pic! I am super excited for spring/summer to get here!
7. Same thing for me I can't do it for very long. I got the run/walk down tho LOL! 2 min is not bad! You can definitely build up from there.
9. I heard about Shellac. I also heard they charge extra for it. This stuff right here is the same thing for cheaper and you can touch up if needed. I'm sure my mani would last two weeks but it would look like I need a fill. I have natural nails. Check out my post on my hair blog.

Girl No problem! #Life

Yaay!!! Another Bieber fan!!
I hope all is well with you too! I'm okay :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

1. I don't have the fever, but I think his little movie looks cute.

6. LOL @ Reggie!

7. Yes ma'am, you will most definitely look foolish and if you post such foolishness on this here blog, we reserve the right to clown you!

10. I love Greek yogurt so very much. Chobani is my favorite and they always have coupons on their website. Followed closely by Fagos and Athenos. Yum, yum, yum!! The Yoplait and Dannon just aren't as good to me.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. I think his movie looks like it will be good too!
6. Reggie is a nut!
7.*whines* But I hear the sticks are so beneficial!!
10. They just started advertising and stocking the Dannon here. No Yoplait at all. I like Chobani too! YUM!!EEEEEEEEEEEE! LOL!

psilovethis said...

1. No JB fever but my nieces have it something awful. I may take them to see the movie.

2. Love Gwen. L'oreal did well choosing her.

3. teehee

4. Ugh Winter.. *rolls eyes*

I'm SOOOOO ready for True Blood.

5. Porn avatars? I've never seen one.. I guess cause I never look at people's avatars.

7. I love the results you get from running. When you have the right sneakers, it makes it alot more easier. I always imagine I'm Flo Jo, smoking fools on the sidewalk!

8. Yeah, watching food shows = the worst.

10. LOVE the creaminess of Greek yogurt. It totally seems like you're eating a dessert. YUM!

11. Make it official!

K. Rock said...

3. Lol. I am always the person getting cut off so as their representative, I accept your apology.
5. Yeah I have seen some that are a bit much.
7. I am trying to be a runner too. I haven't quite developed a love for it yet because I have been doing it on the treadmill but running outside is really great. That may make you love it.
8. Man vs. Food is not torture. I dont want to eat none of the mess he eats!!
10. I hear Greek yogurt is all the rage. I haven't gotten around to trying it yet but I will.
11. I will make success mine too!!

keyalus said...

1. No Bieber fever here. I just don't think he sounds all that good or his songs are catchy.

4. Nooo! I love Big Love so I'm riding out this Spring season.

7. I saw someone walking with the poles and wondering what the heck that was about. You just might look foolish but you will look foolish and be fitter so whatever!

I don't always love running but I like the challenge of it. Don't do things that you don't like though.

10. Chobani rocks my world. That is the only brand I like.

Bajan Beauty said...

2. Her red lip and her blond hair are her signature. Both are always perfect.

8. What cleanse are you doing?

9. I tried that tea bag method for my thumb nail, fail. It still split, maybe I did something wrong. I was gonna try something thicker like coffee filter paper next time.

I swear by Seche Vite, but it gets thick quick, only downfall.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.Take them to see the movie!! I'm sure they will love it. I hear it's more of a documentary so they will learn a lot about him.
2. Her sense of style is so FAB!! I really love her line too!
3. Gotta work on it!
4. "I'm SOOOOO ready for True Blood." I so feel you!
5. Guess what you will see now that I mentioned it?? LOL!
7."I'm Flo Jo, smoking fools on the sidewalk!" BWHAHAHAHAHA! Get em!
8. Do you know it has actually kept me from eating??? I've been planning some fabulous meals though! LOL!
10. I agree!
11. FO SHO!!

3. That's hilarious! Well I sincerely apologize! LOL!
5. Thank YOU! that's all I'm saying.
7. Well I do walk outside so...
8. Really??? I can't wait to visit some of those places. Some!
10. It's good stuff. I think you'll like it!
11. YAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. He can sing to me. Especially acapella! And to be 16 and only out 3 years?? He is all that to me!
4. Oh I HATE Big Love! #HATE
7. Fitter is better! The run walk works for me. I may keep at that.
10. Chobani is really good!!

2. Yeah she sticks with what works, but it's more than that she has real style.
8. The Master cleanse. I talk about it in detail on my food blog. Check it out.
9. Thumbs are tricky. You have to make sure you put the fiber all the way at the end close to the skin and use two pieces of the bag on top. I first paint my nail with the SV then I place the first nail fiber on. Do another coat of SV let dry. If it doesn't feel secure yet do again. Mine hasn't gotten thick yet but thanks for the heads up I'll keep my cab extra tight put it in a cool dry place.