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Thursday, February 3, 2011


It's Thursday these are my thoughts...

1.It's really time to take a break from watching TV when the characters do things that make you want to fight them! I mean its TV!!!

2.Last week I commented that I only wanted to watch He.avy because of Ri.cky Wa.yne. I was tickled that he was a trending topic (#rickywayne) on Tw.itter

3.I've decided to really dress up for the BA.Y TO BR.EAKERS 12K run/walk this year. It's exactly 100 days from today and it's the 100th race!! I want a really cute costume. I was thinking of dressing up as a pink butterfly. Any other suggestions?

4.Superbowl Sunday is upon us! I’m attending a family party with people I H.A.T.E. My cousins wife and in-laws suck and if I could roundhouse kick them all in the face and not go to jail I so would! #takethat

5.I don’t know if anyone but me has noticed but candy has gone up .99  for 1 chocolate bar?? Candy was .50  tops then .75. It only costed .99 at 7/11 and the gas station... but the grocery store??? Target??? Wal-Mart is the last hold out at .75

6.Currently a theme on C.SI Mia.mi is Hor.atio C.ane whupping folks at the end of the show. On last weeks episode it was implied that he beat a domestic abuser. Hmm... new theme me likey! *shrugs*

7.Vanilla Ice has a show on HDTV Really?????? *yells* Nobody told me! Did you know????? Again, another I can’t be mad at your hustle! But Really??

8.I watched The Game again this week and I hung my head in shame. It's really crazy that Malik and Tasha are repping Richmond, CA cuz... uhhhh...yeah my Mississippi fam originally settled there after the great migration from the SIP and we all don’t act like that but….. umm... yeah LOLOLOLOLOL!

9.From time to time I find myself in Rich.mond. Why are the products at the beauty supplies in Rich.mond $2 more than at the beauty supplies in Oakland?? I thought Oakland was too high. #hairjourneyhorror LOL!

10.I am super excited that salmon pink and coral or haute, hot colors for Spring 2011!!! I look good in those colors. I want a dress, earrings and sandals. #cantwait

11.I’m doing a cleanse right after the Su.per B.owl. Right now I feel sluggish and blah. I hope to be alert and aha afterwards. Yes I said Aha! is that a feeling? To me yes!

12.Valentine's day is coming. I went in a store and it was like something exploded in there. It was disgusting!! Not really. Is this about to be hard for me?? #ihopenot. Anywhoo, I’m making plans to be extra cute starting with a red pedicure and do something fun. Not sure what yet.

13.I’m thinking about chronicling my dating life with “Dates in the City” I'm calling it that because most dudes think they are impressing you by taking you to San Francisco. o_O! Dude we live here.  Anywhoo, I went on two dares dates both were HI.LARRY. OUS. #notreadyyet
Update: S.F. is wonderful place to date with numerous wonderful restaurants I haven't been to #iwastrippin 


Reggie said...

I am very excited about the upcoming Super Bowl. Of course, I've been a lifelong Steelers fan so I'm supposed to be excited.

I hate Valentine's Day. Every year I go out and spend an inordinate amount of money on flowers, candy and trinkets and beads........it's so unnecessary.

South Loop Social Light said...

I could care less about the Super Bowl... The Bears aren't in it so I won't be watching :)

Usually my TV is ALWAYS tuned to HGTV. I loathe that Vanilla Ice has a show on it now. He was actually on the DIY network first, but I'm assuming he gained some popularity because they made the switch :/ womp womp

keyalus said...

2. Will Ricky Wayne be back on Heavy? I saw his first episode and was intrigued (and tickled) by him.

5. Yes I have (not that I buy it regularly or anything)! When I was a youngin, you could get 3 Snickers for $1. Now they are $1 cents.

8. I get so confused when people say Richmond and they mean CA since I'm originally from Richmond VA.

Bajan Beauty said...

1. I know exactly what you mean! Do you know how many fights I have gotten into with Derwin and Drew Sidora, from the Game, lol.

8. I always thought they meant Richmond, VA. I guess I didn't get the memo *Kayne shrug* lol.

11. I am thinking about doing a 5 week cleanse. I have been reading "The Remedy" great book you should check it out, lots of good info.

12. Boooooo @ Valentines day...can you tell I am single, lol. I am gonna have to watch my co-workers getting all their crap delivered at work yet again.

13. Do it! I would love to hear some stories, God knows I have a few of my own. I know I can't be the only person that disillusioned by the idea of dating.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

1. I understand this totally but you can't just turn away. The shows are like train wrecks lol.

4. I'm not interested in the Super Bowl but rather the commercials. Set me up with some wings and I am good.

5. I can't tell you the last time that I bought some candy. Everytime I get the urge, I look at my thighs and put it back lol.

12. They really overload you with all things Cupid in the stores. Sometimes I want to throw up...nonetheless I may get festive and find a nice dress for work that day. I want to treat myself to spa as well.

13. I think you should chronicle the funnies of your dating life! Get to it!

K. Rock said...

4. Laughing at the idea of a roundhouse kick to the dome. I say do it!! And make sure you blog about it from jail.
5. Back away from the chocolate bars!
10. I am trying to get some pink in my wardrobe so maybe I can do it this spring.
13. PLEASE share. I am definitely interested in hearing the stories.

GorgeousPuddin said...

*sings* Uh huh you know what it is Black and Yellow,Black and Yellow... LOL!

I really have No interest outside the food at the party and the commercials, but I was supposedly rooting for the Packers because of the quarterback...but then I found out a coach for the Steelers is black and looks like Omar Epps umm yeah there's been a switch!

I actually LURVE Valentine's day!! Getting things at work, looking cute, wearing red, dinner! Boy stop! LOL! that's my day!
Well as a reluctant participant, you are alright in my book! "inordinate amount of money??" YAS! *smile* You have a Lucky wife!

Girl really me either again it's all about the food and yeah the commercials. The Rai.ders or 49er's haven't done anything in years and when they did I wasn't even watching football like that.

I just happened to be perusing through the channel log and thought my eyes deceived me. I turned to the channel, heard the music and fell out laughing... Vanilla Ice???? LOLOLOL!

2.He should come back. He really had a ways to go and more to lose. I was stuck at the fact that the show only chronicles the first 150 - 350 pounds of weight. o_O! Those people need help all the way to healthy!
3. See then you get it! Snickers are the bestest!! I have to buy in bulk when it's buy 2 or 3 and get 2or 3 free then freeze them. I would really like to just get a fresh snicker every month as needed! LOL!
8. When they say Richmond on TV I assume it's always VA. When I learned they meant CA. I was shocked then appalled! LOL! So you're from Richmond VA? Cool!

1. LOLOLOLOLOL! I can imagine!
8. My first thought too!
11. I will google The Remedy thanks! Good luck with your cleanse! Five weeks sounds amazing!!! I hope to get through 10days and go from there. 30 days would be stellar for me!
12. Yeah that has to suck!! :( Well look extra, super, cute that day! It will help! I want to see a fab V-day fit on your blog ummkay? LOL!
13. I'm doing it LOL!

Hey girlie!
1. So True!
4. Exactly! Wings and the commercials, great plan!!
5. Girl there is something urgent about Snicker time. It's a MUST have!
12. Looking cute always helps!! Going to the spa sounds Dee-vine!!!
You have a great plan! LOL!
13. That's two votes! Okay! LOL!

@K Rock
4. LOLOLOL! That's what I can't do...JAIL! Did you see Bey.ond Sca.red Str.aight??? Dia.bla?? and those other man like creatures???that's a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
5. Talk about dishing out round house kicks? If I don't get my monthly Snicker it's dangerous for Errbody!
10. Spring is the perfect time! Please share whatever you get. The color are going to be in every store!
13. 3 votes! Okay! LOL!

~Mommy+Me~ said...

1. Agreed!

4. LOL- litterally @ roundhouse kick to the face.

6. Haven't watched it lately, but Horatio is a badass. :) I started watching Southland & I really like it.

7. I saw that.

8. Me too! I used to like that show. Fiance & I watched all the new episodes and I kept saying, when did this show get so corny???

10. That's a good color for me too. My daughter looks really good in that color too.

12. I'm not big on Valentine's day. It seems like a waste to me.

13. I like the sound of that. :)

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. LOL!
4. I need to tell THAT story!
6. I just started watching Southland. I like the gritty realism! I catch CSI Miami in On demand.
7. LOL! Well, thoughts??
8. It has changed so much!
10. I lurve coral!
12. Aww feel the love! LOL!!!
13. It will be funny I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

4. Well damn! I hope the game and commercials are good and you won't have to interact with those fools too much.

6. Um, what? Horatio is a bad azz??? Thanks goodness I stopped watching sometime last season and I let hubby watch alone. #ijustcant

13. Bring on the dating hilarity!!

Trish said...

#4- I LOVE this plan! If you figure out how, please share!

#5-I did notice about the candy cost. At my job, the candy in the vending machine is .80, that is all but my FAVE, peanut m&m's that are $1! How is that fair?!

#11-I've thought about a cleanse but I always think that it will be like taking a bucket filled of laxatives!

GorgeousPuddin said...

4. I hope so too!
6. Yes he IS!! I love it! He actually got with a child molester a few weeks back and the implication was thrilling!! LOLOLOL!
13. I sure will!

4. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You are clearly talking about avoiding jail. I got the roundhouse kick DOWN! LOL! I let you know!
5. They are really trippin with the candy! I mentioned above about Snicker necessity at a certain interval in time. LOL!
11. I can't do nothing but laugh because you might be right! LOLOLOLOL! I'll see and let you know what happens. Matter fact I'll post about my experience. I hear you go through moments of clarity that are profound!

P.S. I love this... said...

4. You are hilarious... roundhouse kick. That's straight comedy.

8. I haven't watch any of the new episodes of the Game. How is it?

11. Which cleanse are you doing?

12. Yea for Valentine's Day!! I just got my sexy lil number from Frederick's... *cues "On Top" by Trey Songz* lol

13. DO IT!!! Can't wait to hear about them. All I can imagine is that scene from "Daddy's Little Girl's" when Gabrielle Union on on the blind date with the "rapper". DEAD!

Nexgrl said...

3. You may as well. I don't think
there's a costume that hasn't
been worn already.
4. I've been working Sundays for
the past 4 years and I miss the
Superbowl. It does make for a
rather quiet library.
5. I did notice the candy prices. I
suggest you stick with the buy
in bulk when on sale plan.
7. I've seen a few episodes. He
had to do something to make

9. Have you tried purchasing your
hair products at Durrant?

Eyes On The Prize (eyesOTP) said...

Well like SouthLoop said (when I saw that name I figured she had to be a Chicagoan)...the Bears ain't in it so I don't care. My cuz lives in Wisconsin and I told her that I hope all those cheeseheads up in Milwaukee melt on Sunday. I could tell from her text message "You funny" that she got a lil touched, so I left her alone after that. LOL.

As for Val's Day, it can be tough on a single chick. All that stuff in the stores and what not. But hey, I will be on the beach (or sumthin) in the Bahamas on that day. Alone. I said I was gonna be my OWN VALENTINE and TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICE and have a good time.

Let's see if it works!

GorgeousPuddin said...

4. You know there are people in this world that could use a good kick!
8. Very dramatic
11. O_O Quit playin! LOL!
12. Now you know I want the deets. What did you get??? Hubby is in for a treat! LOL!
13. Sadly that's EXACTLY the visual!! LOL!

3. O_O Well I'd imagine so after 100 years, but for ME to dress up is the treat! LOL!
4. Dang! Every Sunday...?? I don't know what to say.
5. Yeah I was thinking I would.
7. It's still funny!
9.Hmmm okay don't take this the wrong way... I really don't like to go to Durrant. I have been before and I use to go to a church out that way and I'd stop in with friends but... um no Now it's not practical to drive that far...

Wow! Some people take sports way to serious. LOL! I'm glad you let it go. She might have lost it! LOL! But that was a good jab!

GET. IT. GIRL.!!! You are really lucky to be going to a sunny fun place for V-day!!! Yay!!!! I hope you have an absolutely fabulous time!!!!

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I can't wait to read your dating chronicles.

I remember when candy bars were .35 in the grocery stores.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I believe some crazy times are on the horizon, but my hope is I meet HIM soon and won't have to go through to much craziness!

5. #thegoodoledays

Jameil said...

1. LOLOL. Yeah get that together!
2. Silly. LOL
3. Did you register??? I see they're limiting the no. of people. I would say black swan but everyone is probably doing that. gaga?? lol if you're a pink butterfly, please wear a tutu! i didn't even know you ran!
4. why are you going?
5. where have you been?
7. See no. 5. & You know I wouldn't be the one to hip you to that particular game.
8. You act like that all the time.
10. pass on salmon pink but coral? mmm
11. never done a cleanse. the word sounds scary.
12. :(

GorgeousPuddin said...

Hey Welcome back!
1. I really need to!!
2. It is.
3. They just added that line I swear. I didn't know they were limiting registration! I better get on that! I do not run. I run/walk! LOL! I just walked last year. I do want to beat my time from last year tho. What butterfly wears a tutu???? I'm thinking wings, face makeup and antennas. I saw some really cute leggings too. Black swan sounds interesting.
4. I decided not to go today. It's too much hassle, and unecessary stress.
5.?? IDK.
8. I DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. pink is beautiful. You have salmon pink/carnation pink same thing in that flower skirt.
11. That is the truth. It does sound scary. I hope I'm successful.
12. I know :(

kisz4tj said...

I had my hat in the ring for the Steelers because it's black history month.

Vanilla Ice and a HGTV show??? STOP!

Too many V-Day's I sat and pouted. It all started way back in HS, when chicks were coming to school with life sized teddy bears and balloons that read "I Love You." I became a hater really early...lol Today, I'm good and agree with Reggie. Unnecessary.

Dating tales? Do tell. That tomfoolery never tires!

Anonymous said...

A dates in the city segment sounds like it would be good! I encourage it. :)

Jameil said...

3. YOU!! NOW PUT ON A TUTU!! Real question: who WALKS a 12k??? Follow up: Who does so with a fully made-up face? NO intention of sweating? #fail
4. GOOD!
10. Not my sorority! I can't be saying i like salmon pink! LOL Also, STALKER!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Hmmm...interesting reason! LOL!

Girl yes Vanilla Ice!

No! No! No! don't be a hater! LOL! I still love it just probably not so much this year.

Yeah it's truly going to be some straight foolywang! LOL!

Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement! *smile*

3. Me and about 30,000 other people. Follow-up: 40,000 other people including me this year. I sweat. It's still good fun!
4. I changed my mind and went. I couldn't let some other folks run me off from my own fam, Besides my sister wasn't having it. It turned out to be cool good fun and I left early.
10. Oh yeah I forgot you can't love certain colors! LOL!. Not a stalker! I have a good memory and I LOVED that pattern when it was at the store! So there!