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Thursday, December 16, 2010


1. I clicked on one blog and ended up finding two new fashion blogs. I love when that happens!

2. REALLY!!! What is going on? I can NOT believe another pervert assaulted a child in a store.Story here. And that fool got yoked up by two Samaritans. This is very serious and I'm sad that this has happened once again in the Bay Area in less then a week. My hat goes off to 18 yr old Mal.colm Ma.son. I wish you could hear the audio of how he took the perv down. I’m so proud of my ghetto boo!

3. sings *The closer I get to yoooooooooou* Christmas! *the more you make me feeeeeeel* Excited!!!!!

4. Sometimes my thoughts come so fast when I’m typing when I read over what I’ve written I have to reverse the sentences so they make more sense.

5. I love a well dressed man! I really really do. And if he smells good too. Chile! *fans self* This dude right here!!!!!!

6. I’ve probably said this before but I LOVE the Bernie Mac Show!! I can watch this show at anytime and laugh and laugh. It still makes me sad that he’s no longer with us, but I’m so glad he had a TV show that lives on.

7. Is it possible to be allergic to a spice?? The problem is I can’t figure out which one. All I know is every time I use taco seasoning I feel things crawling on me. My friend said that’s mental and don’t tell anybody else. But it can’t be. It happens after tacos and nachos.

8.What are your New Years Eve plans???????????? This year I’m planning to go to church. I have not been to church on New Years Eve in 4 years. This should be interesting! I'm starting the year off right~ Praise him!

9. Each week I forget to mention my disdain for Football Wives. The contrast of wealth is so drastic compared to basketball. Or did they just get a show full of broke chicks. I'm feeling sorry for these people with their sob stories.

10. What is it about hair? I have determined that I must relax between 8-10 weeks if I want to maintain length. My hair becomes a big ratchet ball of knots and tangles if I go longer then this. My hair journey has been very eventful. There have been some set backs, but overall it has been a learning experience. I wrote all that to say. I’m getting a relaxer Saturday. Why did my hair start itching on Monday in anticipation! My relaxed divas know that scratching is a NO! NO!

11. I ABSOLUTELY hate musicals HATE THEM. I had to think and think because I like The Five Heartbeats, The Temptations and the sleeper Idlewild. loves. I've determined  thatI like movies with music in them with people singing, BUT movies where people burst out in song after dialogue or the song as dialogue? HATE! HATE! HATE! Click the movie for my fav song.

12.I've finally figured out what all the foreign visitors are looking at. It’s the other thought bubble I had at the top of TT’s post. Go figure?

13. OMG!!!!! Have you not heard???????????


Bajan Beauty said...

1. I love when that happens, my google reader is ridiculous...I could read blogs all day long!

5. Yes! Mr. Debonair has it going on! I found him on Independent Fashion Bloggers. I would love to see more male fashion bloggers like him.

8. I will be with my brother and Bestie for NYE I can't wait. I ended up getting the one-shoulder dress from Victoria Secrets =) from my 5 under $50 post.

9. I gave up on Basketball wives and I never watched Football wives, I'm tired of the foolishness.

10. I miss getting a relaxer sometimes but I wanted a change and I had to let go of it, at least for now. I do miss how my comb would just glided through my hair after a fresh relaxer and it would "swang" all over the place, lol.

K. Rock said...

2. Ughhh. I am just glad he got caught.

5. I could see how you could be into him. He looks clean.

7. I think this is possible. You know your body. Either saty away from taco seasoning or isolate the spices and see if you can figure out wihch one it is.

9. It seems like none of the black reality stars really have money. I know there are blacks rolling in it like some of these white Real Housewives but they just wont go find any.

12. Still confused. Why were they looking at that? And how did you figure that out?

13. Now that's just downright silly....

Monique said...

Who is this guy and why haven't I been following his blog all along?! LOL

NYE will be spent at home in my new house thanking God for blessing me with it. Dick Clark, a thick blanket and a bottle of wine.

Nexgrl said...

2. I missed this story. I think this time of year is too tempting for them and instead of staying at home, they venture into forbidden territory.
3. Christmas lost it's luster with me years ago.

4. It happens to me often.
8. I will be at home. I hate going out on NYE. I dislike the gun fire. I don't want to
practice defensive driving with the DUI folks.
9. It's the dramatics that get me.
10. In my relaxer days, I always had to oil my scalp before my appointment. I would scratch and forget all about my touch-up appt., until the night before.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. Me too! The innernets are great!
5. Girrrl his style is fabulous!! That's what I'm talkin bout!
8.Lucky!!! You are going to have so much fun! And look fab doing! have a Happy New Year!
9.I just can't stop watching the foolishness I usually catch it in a rerun when nothing else is on.
10. Okaaay! That swang is it!!! I can't wait to whip my hair back and forth! LOL!

@K Rock
2. Me too!! I'm glad that people are getting involved and not letting them get away!
5. He looks clean??? LOLLOLOLOLOL! okay
7.I'm going to isolate the spices. I just hate that I love taco seasoning. I'm thinking about trying different brands or seeing if something organic is available.
9. Agree
12. The google search said some kind of code then "thought bubble" and everytime I clicked the link the picture of the thought bubble appeared.
13. I LOVE Family Guy. This whole episode had my crackin up!
Right! Girl just all debonair for real and stuff! LOL!

That sounds like a good plan! Enjoy and Happy New Year!

2. Whatever the reason it's distressing and needs to stop! And the bail was too low! SMH!
3. Awwww! *sad face*
4. Hmmm Interesting glad I'm not the only one!
8. Sounds safe! Have Happy New Year!
10. I do this too! It's just weird how the itching starts before the appt.

keyalus said...

7. I agree. Isolate the spices...or you can make your own. I swear those packs that come in the ready-made taco kits are so salty they are almost inedible!

8. I have no babysitter so I'd imagine I'll be posted up at home. I'm doing a race at noon the next day.

9. I never watched FW even though I liked Basketball Wives. It doesn't sound like I missed much.

10. The itch is such a horrible feeling. No scratching allowed but I will pat the mess out of my head LOL.

11. As much as I love musicals, I'm going to ignore your statement. I'm all excited about the Bring It On musical that will premier here in January.
I liked Idlewild too. Or maybe it is just my lust for Andre 3000!

P.S. I love this... said...

1. Love discovering new blogs.

2. Damn pedophiles. HATE grown ass people that prey on defenseless children. They all need to be castrated then shipped to a damn island with no food. Muhf*ckers!

3. Go on and sang that song girl. I heart Christmas too.

5. He knows how to put together an outfit. You go boy!

6. Yeah Bernie is missed.. He was straight comedy.

7. It's possible.. I'm curious to know your findings.

8. No plans this year.. may slow dance with my husband in the new house, when the New Year rolls in and pop a bottle.. with our sheepskins on. Yup, I went way back with the sheepskins cuz there's no heat yet and it's colder inside than outside. o_0

9. Ugh.. they are wack.. all of them.

11. Hahahahaha.. I thought I was the only one that totally hated musicals.. what is that breaking out in song after every other spoken word?? I'll pass. =)

13. I knew you were gonna go there with Peter. OMG that episode is crazy.. Stewie and Brian try to take matters into their own hands.. so funny. I love Family Guy.. and American Dad.

GorgeousPuddin said...

7.I plan too. I haven't tried the ones in the kit. I can imagine they would be really salty. I'm referring too the Law.ry's and McCor.mick's brands.
8. Well that will be nice too! At home with fam is always nice! Have a Happy safe New Year!
9. You didn't! Some have really sad stories Booooo!
10. The itch is the worse and patting just does not get it for me. I will almost knock myself out patting so hard! LOL!
11. If you could see my face right now!!! O_o OMG Bring It On The Musical?????????????????????
Andre 3000 is very talented!

1. It's so great!
2.It's disgusting me! I definitely agree!
3. LOL!
5.Doesn't he? Man!
6. Bernie!
7. The investigation is pending.
8. Sheep skin what jackets, slippers?? LOL! That sounds seriously romantic. Do it girl! Have a very sexy New Year!
9. Agreed!
11. LOLOLOLOL! My east coast twin!
13. The Family Guy!!!! If I'm having a crazy day I will watch an episode and crack up!!!!

AR Gal said...

2. Ummmm, why is his bail only $110,000????? Bastard!!

4. I do it too and it still doesn't make sense half the time. LOL Oh well.......

6. Yep, me too. It's funny, I hardly ever watched it or My Wife and Kids when they were on the air. Syndication repeats? Love 'em!

7. You can be allergic to anything. Maybe try taking some Benedryl before you eat them. That's the only thing I can think of that could work to help alleviate your symptoms.

8. I don't know. My first mind says that we will probably be at home but we haven't been out to celebrate the new year in a couple of years so who knows. I'm good either way.

9. That one heffa on the show, I can't think of her name but she is ALWAYS loud (and has really awful weave) got on my last nerve. I haven't watched the show in a good month. Most of them do seem to not be as wealthy as one would think they should

10. Chiiiiiiiiiile, mine is currently sitting on my head looking like who did it and what for?! I washed it this evening (just so it would be clean) but will put it up in a ponytail tomorrow.

13. HA!

Anonymous said...

4. I have to reread everything I post at least twice because I'm the same way. Mind working faster than my fingers, so I just get it out, reread it, fix it and read it again.

7. You can definitely be allergic to a spice. My dad is allergic to cumin. You wouldn't believe how many things cumin is in. You could try isolating to figure it out, but if all else fails? Go to an allergist. That's how he figured his out.

11. Strike thee from my circle!! I absolutely LOVE musicals. They give me LIFE! **deep sigh** You do however love The Five Heartbeats, so you can't be ALL bad. *lol*

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Christmas is a wonderful season... a tad depressing though lol

For New Years eve i'm going to a masquerade ball!

Btw, please check out my blog, i am doing my FIRST giveaway ever! Anyone can enter:-)

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Confessions Of A City Girl

Adei von K said...

4. Happens to me all the time! I re-read and I'm like, "what?! That doesn't even make sense!"

7. It is possible to be allergic to anything! I broke out in hives (once) from using...

ALLERGY FREE DETERGENT!! I did mine & Drew's (he's allergic to fragrance and dyes) laundry in it and I broke out!! It was only once but the pharmacist told me it was very possible!! Check out cumin, paprika, cayenne, separately. You should find out before it develops into something worse like throat itching and closing!

Football Wives? #pass
I can't watch none of those shows of rich witches with no class. It makes me upset at America.

8-10 weeks for a relaxer?! Go head girl! I need to find a way to stretch out my 5-6 weeks! Do you flat iron your roots? What products do you use? Wait, what texture is your hair considered?
That's funny how your body knew the hair was getting a retouch so it wanted to make your scalp itch! Lmao!

Adei von K said...

Oh yeah, I can't, CANNOT, REFUSE to watch musicals. I like them in theory, I would LOVE to watch Dreamgirls but all that singing? Nerves, on them.

Jameil said...

1) Sometimes I really hate the clothes or personality on a fashion blog and I have to depart from it! Other times I get bored by what I see and can't even do it!
2) LOL! I love that you called him your ghetto boo!
3) I loooooove Christmas!!!!!!!
4) We thank you for reading over it!!
5) I love a man who smells like SOAP!! LOLOL
7) Girl if you don't quit using that spice packet!!! That is straight salt! All you need is cumin, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder (or those in their natural states) salt & pepper to get the mexican flavor you're looking for! You can also use chili powder for some heat. Start with just one of those (cumin, paprika, chili powder) to see which one you're allergic to. May just be the high sodium level or the additives in the packet.
8) I don't do church on NYE. It always felt like we were just there to say we were there.
10) HAHAHAHA! Scalps are such haters! I remember those days well!!
11) So many share your frustration! I'm not one of them! :)
13) You have to give me more details before I'm gonna go clicking links. That sounds like a spam email. I can enlarge your thorax for just $99.99!!!

GorgeousPuddin said...

2. I said the same thing. The CA judicial system is off!! I just hope he was not able to get the bail and be out! This is just crazy!
4. I'm glad to know others have the same problem and I'm not weird. LOL!
6. Me too and I love the fact that it comes on so much. I especially like when they replay my favs.
7. Benadryl makes me too sleepy. I would just stop with the packets first.
8. Yeah either way would be good in or out as long as you're with people you love! Have a Happy New Year!
9. I think you're talking about Chanita. That right there says something LOL! Yeah this show is a mess! And no the wealth is not there!
10. Oh how I wish it wasn't so tangly I would keep stretching.
13. The creators of this show are just dumb funny!

4. Welcome to the club! I'm glad to not be alone. I was asking myself are you a RA-tard?? LOL!
7. When you said cumin. I thought I bet that's what it is. I may go to the allergist. I was allergic to everything as a child and some of this stuff may be resurfacing. *sad face*
11.Not the circle!! Don’t banish me from the circle lol. I LOVE FHB. This is true. I really can't be all bad.

@City Girl
"It's the most wonderfl time of the year" what makes it depressing for you?

Oooo a masquerade ball? That sounds soo much fun!! I hope you have a ball!! LOLOLOL!

4. Exactly! I'm like wth is this gibberish! LOL!
7.ALLERGY FREE DETERGENT!! that is crazy!! Yeah
you're right something worse would be horrible.
9. This particular version is sad. And I'm dying @rich witches with no class. LOLOLOLOLOL!
10. I'll answer your question on my hair blog From Hairtastrophe to Hairtastic! titled for Adei.
Yeah my hair is crazy. It starts to itch everytime!
I liked Dreamgirls. I would have loved it but everytime they broke out in song as dialouge *eyeroll*

1. Interesting! So far I'm interested there's only been a few I just CAN'T LOL!
2. I heart him! If you could've heard the audio you would know exactly what I mean!
3. ME TOO!
4. Ummm HUSH!!!
5. Soap??? Really? I like soap and a nice fragrance. I swoon!
7. I also considered that it may be the additives. Thank you for the spice breakdown. Off to the store...
8. Oooo chile! Church on New Years use to be SO GOOD!!! I'm hoping to have a good experience this year!
10 HAHAHAHAHA! You are correct!
11. K
13. Geez! Just click the link. I've laughed everyday since posting it! Thorax????? Bwhahahahaha!

Eyes On The Prize (eyesOTP) said...

Well I only get the nasty foreigners on my blog looking for azz and BJ searches. LOL.

Gonna skip to the NYE thing.

Gonna go out somewhere. I just got some new shiny Frankie B pants and I just need the opportunity to slay a few fools with 'em. :)

"The men all pause when I walk into the room"

Yeah that's wassup.

It's New York City so I'm gonna find somewhere to go becuase the last few years I stayed home.

Oh and for the relaxer. I don't miss that process one bit. I just do my wigs and occassionaly let the chick at Walmart flat iron it. And I'm talking like maybe once every two months. LOL. She does a great job. Since I work out a lot I can't be messing with my hair so the wigs work for me. I could use that relaxer money on a new outfit or hit Zappos gurl! Bunk dat.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Bwhahahhahahaha! an Eww!

Well all right girl! Get em!!!!!LOL! You are so lucky to be in NY.
One year soon I plan to bring in the new year there!

At the Walmart???? There are salons at the Walmart??? Oh Girl I love my relaxer too much. It's so worth it too me!

Carl Anthony Osborne said...

..thank you Gorgeous Puddin for the shout out, im here literally blushing.. thank you so much.. im a REAL FAN, and look forward to reading more about you.. BTW, im feeling your playlist..


GorgeousPuddin said...

You're very welcome!! I like to give props when due, and your sense of style is fabulous. Thank you about the playlist *smiles*

Jameil said...

Giiiiirl! ya betta quit sleepin on soap! Mmmmm! Soap. Wait til I see Rashan again. I'm sniffing his arm! LOL

GorgeousPuddin said...

You are hilarious! I thought your were about to say armpit! LOLOLOLOLOL! Of course I love a fresh soapy man, but I love scent too! a good cologne makes me swoon.

I thought you had clicked the link CLICK THE LINK!!!!!!!