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Thursday, December 9, 2010


1.In past months I lamented about my HATE of FB. But in recent months a “friend” has me back on. On Friday 12/3 - 12/6 there was a campaign against child abuse on FB. Of course I am totally against any type of abuse against children so I wanted to participate. Enter the search for a cartoon character to replace my pic with for those days. (Yeah I know I have the nerve to have pics on FB but not my blog) *shrug* Anywhoo. I couldn’t figure out what to use. I wanted a black female character, but couldn’t think of any. I then get the bright IDEA to take it waaaaaaaaaaay back. Josie and Pussycats had a black rocker chick in a cat suit. Me: yeah that’s what I’ll use!!! You can see where this is going right ?? Some stank person attached 18 viruses to her pic why???? probably because the word p***y was in the title. Ole nasty HATERS! Get a life!

2.Speaking of FB what’s with the new format? Now when I click on someone’s page they have upgraded. I don’t want to upgrade. I like the old view. I think I resist change. I need a support group!

3.This happened after last weeks TT but I still want to talk about it. What in the HELL is going on in this society when a man can rape a 2 year old girl in a store. Full story here. My spirit is SO grieved by this! I'm sad and tears flowed. What kind of world are we living in?? Why are women and children so expendable. This man had already been convicted of a sex crime towards a 7 year old  a few years before! WHY WAS HE OUT OF JAIL?? WHY DID HE ONLY GET A FEW YEARS FOR THAT CRIME?? WHY???? He should be ...

4.The year is ending and I don’t feel like I accomplished all that I should have this year. I hope 2011 is more productive, more prosperous, with more purpose for me and YOU!

5.I really like all the holiday flavors. Starbucks has all these yummy seasonal flavors. Jack in the B has delicious shakes. It’s no wonder the people me pick up pounds during the holidays!

6.I really like Keri Hilson’s new song Pretty Girl Rock and video. It's so cute. Bruno Mars cd is the business, and I’ve anxiously awaited Miguel’s cd with baited breath as P.S. would say. I love when good music comes out. It makes me happy!

7.Has anyone bought their Christmas tree and/or fully decorated their home for the holidays? I am so bad with this. I always wait until the last minute. I went to the grocery store and passed by the trees. Oh they smelled so good. What type of foods are you serving for Christmas dinner?? Help me I need ideas. Thanks!

8.Another show is ending on HBO. What am I going to watch???? Boardwalk Empire was surprisingly good.

9.Why am I OBSESSED with burn out T’s. I have white and gray. I want black and tanks in all the colors mentioned.

10.I’ve been doing TT for almost 25 weeks. I really have this many different thoughts every week?  I used to be obsessed with publishing right at 12:00 am. I was trippin. This is not a newspaper. I'm laughing right now at that!

11.This weeks Seen and Heard. People are so mean. But it's funny!


K. Rock said...

1. So that's how you got the virus? Man, I bet you really hate FB now. And yess I am raising an eyebrow at you not posting even 1 pic on here. And mac and cheese doesn't count!!
4. Agreed. 2010 was supposed to be my big year and while it was bigger than 2009, it wasn't big enough. Here's to 2011.
6. I like PGR too. It's my new theme song.
11. Drake reminds me more of a caveman.

keyalus said...

3. This hurts my heart. I feel even worse (if that's possible) about crimes against children now that I've had my little guy.

5. I like all the fall/winter flavors. Pumpkin muffins - yummy!

6. Not really a fan of Ms. Hilson. I listened to the samples of Bruno Mars of Amazon 'cuz it was on sale cheap and I read good reviews. I didn't buy it - most of the songs didn't interest me.

7. I have a fake pre-lit tree up in the living room. It is undecorated. I am a Christmas failure. We are going to VA for the holidays and my Mom has 8 trees up already.

9. What is a Burnout T? It is still warm enough for T-Shirts in Cali. It is 20 degrees here today!

Freaky Deaky said...

18 viruses on that one pic? Wow! That's kind of funny and sad.

I like the new format but I believe you still have the option of viewing your page, at least, in the old format.

That child predator was bold. He would've gotten more than tackled here. I hope they do him just like he did that two year girl in prison.

I don't feel like I've accomplished anything either.

I've had too much going on Sunday nights to invest in another show but I've heard nothing but good things about Boardwalk Empire. I'm definitely going to catch up on it before the next season.

Drake and Burt do look like twins. I wonder if they share a love of abusing Ernie too. I'm just saying.

Bajan Beauty said...

1. I chose a pic of Gem and the Holograms because there was a black rocker chick in the back with purple hair! lol.

2. I hate when FB changes too, seems to me like its getting smaller and smaller.

3. This is just disgusting and it hurts my heart to know that people do this to children. I really can't even stomach stuff like this. Kids are so precious and innocent, smh.

6. I loved Pretty Girls Rock, I hated the video for The Way you Love Me.

7. I am such a Scrooge I haven't had a Christmas tree in about 3 years.

8. I couldn't get into Boardwalk Empire. I want them to bring back #1 Ladies Detective Agency!!! I love that show. Dumela Ra.

10. Maybe I am the only one that waits for the TT, lol.

Anonymous said...

Interesting computer situation, glad you got that taken care of. I didn't participate in the cartoon picture (didn't get a chance) But I would have gone with Animaniacs. They were the funniest. (i forgot how old i was when they were on) But funny, I just deleted facebook...

I would love even a sneak peak at how you look. :) Even a blurry side profile or somethin!! LOL

GorgeousPuddin said...

@K Rock
1. Yeah and it's crazy. You know I was pissed. Here I am trying to be a part and some fool with nothing to do Really?
3.You are hardcore! I want that and killed slowly.
4. *klinks glass* Here's to it!
6. Alright now! LOL! It's my ringtone.
11. A caveman?? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

3. My heart goes out to the kids! This makes me so angry! I just want crimes against women and children to have a more fitting punishment. Crimnals get more time for robbery, tax evasion, drugs and hurting animals!
5.Mmmm sounds yummy! The pumpkin spice shake at JITB is YUM!
6. Bruno's voice is beautiful to me!
7. Eight trees WOW! I know that has to be very beautiful but please tell me where she has all these trees???? Also what's the color theme?
9. No but I wear tees and jeans and just layer with cardis and coats. I'm attaching a link to 9 so you can see. I got my first one at H&M.

1. Yeah my computer made this noise and just started trippin then shut down! People are crazy! That genius should use their powers for good!
2. Mine is still the old format. My visuals get thrown off when things change. LOL!
3. Exactly! He should have gotten stomped out severely! I wish he pulled that mess in the O! The U city fella's although heroic for stopping him went too soft!
4.Well Thank God for time!
8. It's a must see! I was surprised!!
11. Bwhahahahahhaha! maybe!

1. Awww cute!
2. Me too!
3. The punishment better fit the crime this time! LIFE in prison, Death row...etc!
6. The video is so creative! I love that she paid respect to those before her.
7. Wow 3 years???? LOL! What do you decorate with?
8. Oddly I didn't get into Jill's show until the reruns. It's good!
10. Thank you for saying that! I did better this week with getting it posted after midnite.

It was shocking! I need stronger security!! I really think it was a conspiracy because my protection is due to expire soon and I haven't renewed. I'm going with another...

LOLOLOLOL! okay. I'll see what I can do.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

1. I don't fool with FB too much. And I hate the new format. I don't know how long it's been up but I went logged in this past weekend and was confused.

3. I couldn't click on that link

4. The only time I go to Starbucks is during the holiday season. I haven't been yet this season but I will. I have to try at least 3 different flavors.

6. Love love love Bruno Mars cd.

7. I put our tree up Monday.

Nexgrl said...

1. I agree, the 18 virsuses were unwarranted. I don't have a pic on my blog either(I don't want people at work to make the connection.) I don't have a FB page either. Since it was originally for college students, I never was interested. I get invites constantly.

3. Santa Rita is no joke, karma will probably be visiting him real soon.

4. I can't believe 12/31 is just weeks away. I'm where I wanted to be at all.

5. You are the reason that I purchase Egg Nog and vanilla ice cream. I did make some shakes. I now have some Egg Nog that needs to be tossed.

6. My Mom(who's 72) is not throwing hints that she wants his CD and Travis McCoy. She didn't even know their names until I told her.

7. I usually make Gumbo for Christmas Dinner. I don't decorate, because I have the clean-up and I don't want to think about how I would get a tree home.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.I felt the same way when I first saw the new format. I heard on the news about people complaining so the change is recent.
3. I understand!
4. I'm the same way. I want to try everything! YUM!!!!
6. BRUNO!!! LOL!
7. Real or fake? Decoration colors?

1. Wasn't it tho?? I hate computer geeks! My friend list is so low on FB and I'm still trying to be anonymous. LOL!
3. Really?? I think Quentin is more befitting!
4. This year went by so fast!
5. Mmmmmm! Was it deelish????? Details???
6. Go mama! LOL! She know what's up LOL!
7. You're the 3rd gumbo. I haven't made it before. Hmmmm maybe or some type of seafood concoction like jambalaya. pronounced JaaaambAliiiA. LOL!

~Mommy+Me~ said...

1. O-O That's no good! Is that where the computer troubles came in?

3. Wish I didn't read this or click the link. Can't stop thinking about it. Makes me sick to my stomach. I can tell you my daughter won't be going out of my site at the store. Sometimes I let her be a little ways from me....NO LONGER. She's a big girl, but still there are way too many sickos out there!

4. I feel a little bit like that, but there were a few good things that came out of this year for me. I hope to do much more next year though too. Starting my Masters God Willing in January. :)

5. For real! I've managed to resist, even though the Caramel Brule one is really calling my name. I've been pretty good, compared to usual.

6. I like the Keri song too. I like Bruno's cd too. I got it for my daughter, she loves it! I want to check out Chrisette Michelle's new one & Jazmin Sullivan. I have to admit I like Kanye's new cd too.

7. We have been fully decorated. I had my classroom decorated before Christmas and we always put our tree up the weekend following Thanksgiving. Otherwise you don't get to enjoy it long enough. We have all Italian food- it's 4 course meal if you count dessert. We start with antipasto, then tortellini soup, then chicken parmesean and pasta & then dessert. :)

11. LOL! I heard Drake on an interview with Gayle King, he sounds way different when he speaks. I do like him in Rhianna's new video, What's my Name.


Jameil said...

1) Such a mess!
2) YOU NEED HELP!! It's just fb. If you were on more it would bother you less. I'm almost certain.
3) I'm just glad he didn't get away!!
4) So what are you going to do in 2010 to prepare for excellence in 2011? And what specifically do you want to accomplish?
5) I'm going to hold on to my wallet and try to create some of these in my own home!
7) I have wreaths up! No tree yet. :( They smell delicious!! I want to serve a goose! And goose fat mashed potatoes! And green beans! And IDK what else but I'm excited!!
9) That looks like a really expensive way to get a worn shirt that will tear and fray in a few months. Send me a $5 tee and I'll hook you up!
10) It's probably good that you think that much! I'm still going at nearly 80! But it's so fun! I try to get up before lunch!

Nexgrl said...

The Egg Nog shakes were great. I thought mine might have less calories that the fast food joints.

My Mom surprises me sometimes.

I also thought you might want to make paella. That's a good alternative to jambalaya

Anonymous said...

Boardwalk Empire is THE BUSINESS!! Love me some Nucky Thompson!!! And my baby boy Chalky! I'm about 3 episodes back, but I'm totally loving this show. I didn't realize that Mark Wahlberg was behind it as well until I saw the profile they did on 60 Minutes about 2/3 weeks ago. I heart him!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. Yes! Shut down the whole system my computer shut down and would not let me in. It was a mess.
3.I'm sorry, but I really do want people to be more aware and diligent when it comes to the kids. We're at WAR as you can see. Fools have gone CRAZY!!!!
4. OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Yay! You're starting the MA program!!!!! Get IT girl! LOL!
5. The caramel creme brulee looks SO good!! It's a must have on my list! Today!! LOL!
6. I like Jasmine S and I need to listen to Ye.
7. Wow fully decorated? Go you! What's your color theme. Mmmm Italian. I think I will add a lasanga to the menu. Yeah good idea! Thanks!
11. I watched him on Degrassi. Yep he does talk different. I don't dislike him that tumblr was just funny!

1.For real tho!
2.LOLOLOLOLOL! I know I do. Maybe so.
3. I'm glad too! So very glad!
4.Good question! Too much to list here. I'll email you.
5. That's an excellent idea!
7. Wreaths are pretty! Wow a goose! interesting ideas! I've never had a goose so I can't say eww! LOL!
9. Can you really make one? They do come cheaper than that. I think these people are capitalizing on the trend. I still love it tho!
10. WOW! Get it role model! I thought by now it would have worn off instead it's a thing. Go figure!
11. LOL! I know!

I might serve those at Christmas dinner. The rootbeer floats were a hit!
Moms, gotta love em!
I've never made paella I had it 2x out! It's good.

Girl Nucky and Chalky. I love Chalky's character. It's refreshing to know everybody wasn't shuckin and jivin! Dude! Chalky and Nucky are hardcore in these last 3 episodes! Email me your thoughts! Really Mark's behind this too?? I LOVE Entourage!

Ladynay said...

The I'm not Drake pic! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now I gotta rescan your post cuz I forgot what I was gonna "say"!

My FB cartoon was the Snorks.

People who rape kids deserve to die.

Egg Nog Latte and the Creme Brulee latte with the crunchies on top at Starbucks is the BUSINESS!!!

Pooka was singing Pretty Girl Rock and it made me smile. Gotta love confidence.

I don't put up a tree but I do love the way they smell. MMMMMMMMM

GorgeousPuddin said...

It was funny huh? LOLOLOLOLOL!

The Snorks? Cute!!!

I agree about that! I said he should be killed then I put the ...

Oooo you making want to go to Starbucks right now and get them both! Yummy!

Aww Pooka! That's right! sings
*do the prety girl rock rock rock*

I love the way pine trees smell. But I can wait to get it. LOL! I think on the 20th.

AR Gal said...

1. I didn't participate in the "post your fav cartoon character to fight against child abuse" thingy on FB. Did it really help? From the looks of TT #3, obviously not. Speaking of....

3. both FB and this disgusting piece of garbage, I'll just paste what I put as my status when I put this link up, "I hope he gets eff'd up in the most gruesome way possible. I've got some ideas. California Department of Corrections, holla at me."

The death penalty is an easy out. He can die but not after some cruel and extremely unusual punishment. My dark side runs deep.

7. We put all our stuff up Thanksgiving weekend.

8. I tried but never really got into the show.

11. LMAO!!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@AR Gal

1. For that matter I didn't either! And I guess not.
3. I like how you think! I want him to suffer some ole crazy heinous pain!
7. Okay! Tree real or fake and what is your color theme. I'm going between red and gold or something different like purple or orange not sure yet.
8. It got a little hard core near the end, and I think I like historical type stuff.
11. I know!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I applaud you for your consistent TT entries. I tried the Finish It Friday offering. I was good for 4 Fridays. Couldn't finish it. I just can't stay focused on anything long enough to make it really happen. There has to be a 12-step program for that. :-)

GorgeousPuddin said...

LOLOLOLOL! I liked FIF sorry to see its demise. But your other entries are very entertaining anyway, my life is soooooo boring compared to yours!

AR Gal said...

Oh, I always do fake. I don't think I would know what to do with a real one. LOL That's just what I grew up with so that's what I use. Color theme? I've used the same colors for the past few years. Gold, burnt orange and dark raspberry. It's really pretty. I don't even know if I want to put up a tree next year as this year it really wore me out. If I do, I will probably change color themes to something really funky like blue.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@AR gal
I've always done real and it's the same thing I wouldn't know how to do it different. That color theme sounds really pretty! Blue will be nice too. I just saw a pink theme on another blog that was pretty also. Oh the possibilities! Thanks for responding! Now I'm leaning toward all white with gold accents