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Thursday, November 18, 2010

THURSDAY's THOUGHTS...#23 Late edition

1.A couple of weeks ago I read a post about blog snobs. I thought it was funny. But then it made me think. I comment on a few blogs quite a bit and some of those people have NEVER commented here nor do they respond to my comments. Then I realized oh so this is what that person meant. I cracked up when I realized I’m being blog snobbed. Well guess what??? Just like in real life I keep it moving. On to the next one. If you stop by here and realize I haven’t commented on YOUR blog in awhile this is why. P.S. I LOVE my blog fam. We would be friends in real life! I just know it cuz ya’ll are GREAT!!!!!!

2.Has anyone noticed that Double.mint gum has changed?? I like true peppermint taste but the new flavor and consistency of Double.mint gum is GROSS. And why is Juicy.fruit yellow now?? I loved that gum. They should have did the color thing when I was a kid. A family member worked at Wrig.ley’s! Ahhh good times! Imagine big bags of BR, JF and DM at Christmas and B-day’s. Guess who was hella popular in junior high?? Me! Do you think it was the gum?? LOL!

3.This has been a week of inappropriate comments. People are getting bold and saying whatever they want to folks FACE. I had to check somebody on something they said to me yesterday. Ever have somebody say something to you that leaves you stuck? I just frowned when she said. But I have to honestly say my spirit was vexed afterward. It was a kick you when you’re down moment to me. I HAD to say something. TODAY!

4.I love New Adventure’s of Old Christine funny, funny, funny!

5.Have you noticed the Turkey wars going on at the grocery stores?? I have never bought a big turkey before mostly just whole breasts but I expected to pay a lot. What’s up with the 16 pound and up Mutant turkey’s for 6 and 8 bucks. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEM??? WERE THEY SICK??? TELL ME!! why?? because I want to buy one LOL!

6. Who decided that arched brows were better than furry caterpillar brows???

7.  In 2 years I've saved enough C.ok.e caps to order 3 magazines subscriptions as my C.o.ke rewards. SMH! at myself that's a LOT of caps!

8.Thanksgiving is 1 week away!!!! Are you ready??? I'm NOT! LOL! I love the holiday season. Can you say Eggnog!!! YUM!

9. Do you know what  is BEAUTIFUL TO ME?? Cartoon movie water! I love it. It's breath taking. When Moses parted the red sea in The Prince of Egypt OMG!!! water at 1:54 I LOVE cartoon movie water! Yes I know I'm weird. **shrug**

10. This week's Seen and Heard. Seen. Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha!


Jameil said...

1. Bye. You ain't gotta like me OR my blog!
2. I don't chew gum like that...
3. Pop off! LOL
4. Never seen it...
5. LOL! You're the first person to make me think something was wrong with low prices! YOU ARE SUCH A HATER!! Eat that turkey, girl!
6. IDK but you need something between the two, ma'am. Get those animals off ya face!
7. And one of this is for me? Thanks!
8. I AM!!!! I added shrimp bisque to the menu.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.Bwhahahahaha! Clearly NOT at you! LOL! But I knew YOU would say something! LOL!
2. Me either. Anymore. I love Altoids!! KILLS bad Breathe. MURDERS it! LOL!
3. Did, Done, Over! LOL!
4. It comes on before How I met you mother on Lifetime and CW I think.
5. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks something is WRONG! I just can't help it. LOL!
6. True dat! I'm just saying. If we all had furries...LOL!
7. LOL!
8. OMG I LOVE shrimp bisque!!! You must post the recipe ASAP after T day!
9. I sure did and it was!!! Did you watch the clip?? Breathe taking! Clearly it doesn't take much to amaze me LOL!
10 I know right??? LOL! How could they?

P.S. I love this... said...

1. Ahh yes, the blog snob. I have experienced this.. asking this so called "expert" about whatever and they never answer or comment on my blog. I guess because I don't advertise on my blog or have enough "followers". Whatevs. They can kick boulders with open toe shoes.

2. I only chew Big Red..which has gotten hotter. Makes my eyes water but I still eat it.

3. I wonder how stuck she would have been had you chin checked her. LOLOL

5. Haven't noticed any turkey wars but I got my Turducken from the FedEx guy today. *falls out laughin*

6. I like somewhere in between.. too thin, too arched brows look very "Mommy Dearest" and the latter is just lazy..

7. That's alot of soda. No more for you.. just water.

8. I'm ready!! I've never had eggnog. Why? Cuz it sounds nasty.. egg... nog... I shan't!

9. You're too funny. But I did comment to the hubby today about how good they did the water in the cartoon Madagascar 2. teehee

10. Poor Big bird. h

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.Bwhahahahhahaha!@They can kick boulders with open toe shoes. Thanks for chiming in. I was hoping I wasn't just trippin cuz it's been THAT kinda week LOL!
2. Ahh Big Red and the HOT kiss! LOL! the memories!
5. *falls out with you* LOL! I just can't!
6. Ooooo Mommy Dearest was just wrong LOL! Out here some people( the ghetto boo boo's) shave theirs off and draw them on all clownish #FAIL
7. I know I was like dang! But I am SIKED about my mags!LOL!
8.I'm still shopping hence the turkey comment! Whaaat!! Egg Nog is dope. You should try it or taste a bit of egg nog ice cream. It's like adding eggs to make cheesecake you CAN't taste the eggs.
9. The cartoon water in Madgascar 2was...wait for it...BREATHE TAKING!! Bwhahahaha!
10. He wasn't even knowing! LOL!

Anonymous said...

1. Blog snobs? LOL!!! Never heard the term. See, ya learn something new every day. Whatevs! As you said, I love my blog fam. I comment around the web and if another blogger never chooses to comment on my blog, that wouldn't make me stop commenting on theirs. Just as there are some folks that comment on my site and I don't frequent theirs.

4. Love that show!! The whole ensemble is nutty, but she and Wanda Sykes are especially hilarious together.

8. High Five @ Egg Nog!! Yummy!! Ever since college, I've been drinking it with a splash of Goldschlager. Scrumptious!!!!

K. Rock said...

1. I am familar with them. I definitely get frustrated when I am constantly commenting on someone's blog, (because I like their blog, not only because I want the favor returned)and they NEVER come by. I mean come on. Who do you think you are?? You could at least say hello or something. This is usually ony a problem with big time bloggers.

2. I haven't chewed a stick of gum in years.

3. Folks are getting crazy bold nowadays.

4.Never watched that one.

7. Ha! You and that Coke. Well at least you getting omething out of the deal.

9. That scene was really pretty. Must have been breathtaking to see it in real life.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. I like to share what I learn in blogland LOL! You respond to commenters in your posts, an that makes a difference!

If you've noticed how I comment I also like to ask questions. It's just what I do. I understand that some people don't like questions, but if I comment on your different posts and ask a question and you respond to the commenter before me and after me?? Umm what am I to think?
That you don't want to talk to me! This has happened more than once.

But I'm going to take your advice and keep commenting through the holidays! LOL!
4. Yass! It's the bee's knees! Her "Adventures" are just craazzy! LOLOL!
8. Egg nog is deelish! I can't drink it mixed though?!?

@K Rock
1. See my long explanation above. But I GET what your saying.
2. Wow! I still chew if no breath mints are available. I have a thing about having fresh breath at ALL times. I should TT about it! LOL!
3. Yes they are! Especially when they bring up something PAINFUL and side swipe you with it! Who does that?? It's crazy!
4. Check it out!! It's mad funny!
7. I know! LOL! It's time to seek help! LOL!
9. Girl!!! At the movies OMG!!!! Amazing!

dearly beloved. said...
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dearly beloved. said...

I'm feel like someone is throwing 50 pounds of acid filled shade my way for that blog snob stuff... I apologize... dannnnng! IT AINT MY FAULT! *cues Mystikals song* I'm go do better... i is!

Monique said...

I thought I was the only weirdo who felt gum has changed. I never liked juicy fruit now I keep a pack in my purse. LOL

AR Gal said...

1. Blog snobbing? I don't pay enough attention to notice. LOL I treat blogging like FB. It's just not that serious to me. It's just the innernetz people!

2. I only chew Orbitz. I used to stan for Trident until they put something weird in their gum that affected my teefs.

5. Yep sure have and we take full advantage. It ain't killed us yet! LOL

9. Cartoon movie water? You crazy. LOL

Nexgrl said...

1. I've stopped commenting on the blogs whose owners have snobbed me.
2. I stopped chewing gum @18. Braces, then I was diagnosed with TMJ.
3. Welcome to my world. The craziest people walk up to you and say the wierdiest things.
4. I haven't watched it this season. I think the day/time change had a lot to do with it.
5. I think the stores purchase way too many and have to get rid of them.
8. Not ready at all. My Mom asked me if I wanted to go to a restaurant(I think she knows that I haven't shopped.)
9. I haven't watched a cartoon or anything animated in years.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@dearly beloved
1.NOOOOOOO! :) It's not at you!!! LOL!
You talk to your commenters in your post. Me and you are COOL! I'm talking about being thrown real shade nothing never! ever! ever!

Yes gum has changed! I think I heard they were changing the recipes at Wrigleys. I have too google it. JF was the best! Thanks for stopping by!

@AR Gal
I know but still... I can have a moment LOL!
2. See slipping in stuff! changing thangs! They need to just leave gum alone! LOL!
5. I have 2 seals of approval! *smile*
9. I know!!

1. I knew I was not the only one that has felt this. Thanks for chiming in.
2. :(
3. No your world is a little different. At least the folks that say stuff to you have some mental illness. They get a slight pass.
4. Well a t least you know about it! FUNNY!
5. Now that's a GREAT theory. I'll go with that. *leaves to go buy turkey*
8. I'm finishing this weekend! Sounds like you better get out there too!
9. Then you should definitely check the clip. Animation is amazing now!

Don said...

Cannot wait until I am able to check the video of Moses parting the Red Sea, sounds like something I'd be interested in seeing.

Egg Nog is pretty good with homemade banana pudding.

Blog Snobs - don't even give them the energy. I honestly don't see the point of anyone snobbing blogs. lol.

keyalus said...

1. Never heard of blog snobs before. I assume some people don't respond to comments or they do it via email. Wonder what the proper netiquette is?

2. I am an Eclipse Polar Ice girl. Folks still chew stick gum?

7. When I see the number of reward points I get per year from buying cases of Vault Zero I get ashamed. I really should quit soda, but I can't.

10. So funny!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Yes watch it! It's so beautiful! Seeing it on the big screen was AWESOME!

Hmmm I have to try that. The mix of flavors should be interesting.

I'm not. It was just a vent!

1.I wonder too? I've never asked anything personal enough to warrant an email so I don't know!

2.Yeah people still chew stick gum. The different gums that come out sometimes taste bad to me. I depend on the tried and true! LOL!

7. Man! So you understand! What does Fault taste like?

10. Very! LOL!

~Mommy+Me~ said...

6. I'm not sure, but I wish I could go back to the thicker brows but after years of waxing them they just grow in that same way. (the arched way) Speaking of brows, my daughter was watching her dad shave and messing around and she put some of his shaving cream on and then she was "pretending" to shave with the back of the razor. Little did they know there was also a blade on the back! She shaved part of her brows off!! SMH I was so mad at her dad, even though it wasn't his fault. Poor thing, we have to fill them in with brow pencil everyday before school.

7. I think you may need a Coke intervention!! Whoa

8. I'm ready! It's not going to be helpful to my diet, but I'M READY!

9. Not sure what to say about this.....had to reread it a few times to even get what you were talking about....hmmm.....

10. The picture is hysterical!

keyalus said...

Vault is awesome! When I was in college Coke debuted a new soda called Surge. They came out to our campus and hyped it up. It was their answer to Mountain Dew. For some reason they dropped Surge (after getting me addicted to it). Vault tastes like Surge to me. I hate the taste of Mountain Dew but I love Surge. It has a Citrus-y flavor but it is electric green yellow like MD.

GorgeousPuddin said...

6.OMGeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Whaat! I didn't know there was a razor on the back!!!! Poor baby! Thank GOD for brow pencil. How you gon be mad at her dad???? I was just thinking about all the maintenance we put into brows, but who's idea was it in the first place to start arching?!?
7. I do I so do! LOL!
8. Thanksgiving is the one day where it is ALL out the window. It is going DOWN on this Thursday! LOL!
9. Just watch the video you'll see what I mean. Maybe.
10. All unsuspecting he thought he was a guest! LOLOLOL!

Oh I get it. I hate MD too but like the idea of it so I'm gonna try Vault. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm late on this one, but that's ok. Been real busy lately.

I agree about the blog snobbing. Like you said, at least stop by and say hey after seeing this person a number of times in your comments.
And that's what keeps me from commenting on posts that have a billion comments already. I feel like my little 2 cents will get lost in translation.

I noticed that about juicy fruit gum changing color and thought the same thing! That's hilarious that you even mentioned that.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I coment late all the time! LOL! It's good!

Yeah the blog snobbing is odd. I don't comment on blogs with hundreds of comments unless I'm well wishing.

See, people sometimes have the same thoughts! LOL! Juicy fruit adding color NOW??? is weird to me.

Daij said...

I love my blog fam as well! You all inspire and inform me. I learn alot about myself from reading your blogs. I learn about expanding my boundaries, why things are the way they are, and I get to relate to WTF issues, etc. I also see blog entries and wish I had written them.

GorgeousPuddin said...
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GorgeousPuddin said...

Same here!! I always see blog posts that I wish I had written. I also see things that make me laugh so MUCH when I need a good laugh. I definitely have a WTF issue right now LOL!