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Thursday, November 11, 2010


1. Conan is back! I like him! He’s hecka funny! Nuff said! But why is the McRib back? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY? Who buys that?? I can just imagine what grade of pork that is BLECH! While we're on McD's The Egg nog shake is back! YUMMY!

2. People are crazy Did ya’ll hear about this??? Story here. Asian man boards flight in old white man disguise. Check out that mask. Question: why didn’t anybody KNOW that was fake?? I mean really? He went through airport security???? SMH!

3. People! *screams* I love Hors d'oeuvre, Crudités, tapas, appetizers and brunch! Not run of the mill it must be fancy! LOL!

4.I hate it when an item I had to have at the beginning of a season is marked down to players prices! This blouse that I had to have was $40. Not expensive right? So I bought it at full price. But getting marked down to 5.00 during a clearance??? Oh c’mon!

5.Does anyone else have 15 links open at once on your computer? I will look at a few blogs, my real email, my blog, my blog email, FB, a shoe site, a shopping site and a Word doc. Oh yeah and work LOL!

6. I can’t get into RHOBH. The plastic surgery faces irk me so much!!!!!!!!! More than normal. I think it’s their lips! I hate them!

7. While watching old movies and period pieces from the 60’s ,70’s and 80’s I started crackin up at the stuff I saw that people still have in their houses now in 2010 ! Why Gawd? Bwhahahaha! Can we say remodel!

8. Do you think John is hating that he left Kate, and she and the eight are still getting paid to go on vacation?

9. During the weeks leading up to the election I received TOO MANY calls about propositions and candidates. One interesting call was from Martin Sheen the actor. Umm okay?? I didn’t listen I just hung up.  Did anyone know his real name is Ramón Estevez and that’s why Charlie Sheen’s brother’s name is Emilio Estevez. They're Hispanic??? Who knew?

10. I’m finding myself cursing cussin less and less. Yeah praying and cursing cussin NOT a good idea! Anywho I found this on Strawberry Soda Love tumblr which I saw on Don’s blog! It’s this weeks first seen in Seen and Heard. Please excuse the profanity but this right here made me laugh out loud! I have looked at this picture a few times this week and I can't stop laughing! That cat? Oh Gawd!  Bwhahahahaha!


P.S. I love this... said...

6. Yes, they are too annoying and they all look like clones with those ugly plumped lips and tight faces. YUCK!

Wait let me take that back..all of them are annoying except the older brunette, I think her name is Lisa.

8. Jon got on my nerves even when they were "good". I found him to be the 9th child and not helpful with that brood of children.

10. That cat is HILARIOUS!!!! His face is priceless.

GorgeousPuddin said...

6.Glad it's not just me! I'm so mad that face caught on. It's everywhere on TV. Not a good look!

8. I only watched the show a few times but she was pretty bossy and treated him like a kid in my opinion. He'd try to comment and she would shut him down and was mean. I was like dang! I know he misses that money tho!

10.I hollered when I saw it! I was worried about posting it because I do the sunday post. But girrrl! TOO FUNNY

~Mommy+Me~ said...

1. McRib, sounds & looks nasty, but apparently people love it. I'm with you though! I went to get a coffee from there one day & people were buying those up like crazy!

2. I didn't hear about this, but will have to check it out.

3. Yum! How bout Tapas?

4. I feel you on this, but I never pay full price for anything. I would have to maybe a buy another one though or in a different color for that price!

5. I have tons open often! That's probably why sometimes my computer just kind of freezes up, it's on overload.

6. I could never get into that either. I just like the Atlanta one. I watched another one for a while, but I can't think of what city it was.....Orange County maybe.

8. Yes, I do. But I really think Kate really thinks she is all that now. She struts around in heals even when she is doing things with her kids that clearly you shouldn't wear heals for.

9. Those calls are SOOO annoying! One day my daughter answered the phone & she was like, "It's OBAMA!" LOL I new that about the Estevez/Sheen family. I was just curious why some chose to keep the Estevez name & others didn't.

10. This cat is too funny! :)

GorgeousPuddin said...


1.I don't get it?? Real BBQ vs McRib no comparison!
2.That right there was TOO crazy!
3.Mmmmmm I forgot tapas! I'm adding that! LOL!
4. I try to adhere to that rule but sometimes it's soooo cute I have to have it because I don't think it will make it to markdowns Umm I was wrong this time. It only came in one color.
5. I hadn't thought of that! That's why I'm always freezing and losing comments BOOOO!
6. I like ATL, Jersey and OC. oh yeah DC was alright too!
8. Girl she trying to catch another one! LOL! them is hook em heels!
9.It's Obama?? Now that's cute! I just thought Emilio was being different. They didn't present as hispanic to me at all!
10. I'm laughin right now@ that cat!

K. Rock said...

1.I haven't seen COnan's new show yet but he was always my fave so I am sure I will like it.
2. I did. I thought the mask was actually pretty good. You couple that wil convincing mannerisms and you could probably fool a few people.
3. I haven't been able to get into fancy stuff. I like regular stuff!
4. Ha! That would suck. But hopefully it is me who is scooping it up for $5.
5. I keep mt reader open all day so that I can see when someone posts. What can I say? I get bored at work.
6. I saw the first episode but I never remembered to go back. None of them hold a candle to RHOA so I ain't really checking for any of them.
8. John is probably glad to be away from her.
9. I guess I never put that together.
10. I actually LOL'd at that pic.

Jameil said...

1) his first show = not funny. i don't get the big deal for or against the mcrib. it's like every other food product.
2) You've never seen a creepy looking old man? You try not to stare...
3) Brunch? YES!! The rest of that stuff in moderation only. Expensive teases.
4) Girl Nine West GOT ME two or three times. My $70 shoes showing up for $30. NE.VER. A.GAIN!!
5) Always!
6) I don't get any of them. I watched the original OC season 1 and they lost me ever after.
8) I would hate!!! ALL DAY!! I also thought during that commercial, how sad that he's not there. :(
9) Barack, Michelle & Stevie called my mom before the 08 election... she still has them! LOL

GorgeousPuddin said...

@K Rock
1. Yeah he has to get his groove back tho! A LOT of jokes about NBC so he is clearly still bitter.
2. I know but the airport! The extra security screenings??? c'mon man I feel so vunerable!
3. I love fancy stuff! regular is good sometimes too! I love Chili's LOL!
4. See only YOU!! LOL! I'm starin O_O at you!
5. I hear you!
6. umkay.
8. I think he's mad about the money tho!
9. me neither!
10. cause it's funny!

1. I agree about his first show. He's still bitter! But I think he'll get better as he goes cause he is LOL funny to me. Well for me I just can't get past the idea of fast food pork! Beef, chicken but pork that's not a hotdog I just don't get it.
2.Yes! But I stare and stare and stare shiver ewww! and stare some more!
3. I know but I LOVE it! I went to this fancy shmancy party and they had the best EVER! Girl a good brunch is a come to Jesus moment for me.
4. I can't lie NW has got me too! lol!
6. :(
8. Me too!
9. She still has them???? LOL! But that IS special! I get it!
10. I KNOW me too but I could NOT resist! LOLOLOLOLOLOL! that dang cat!!

Nexgrl said...

1. I haven't had the egg nog shake
since elementary school.
4. I usually purchase full price.
By the time an item goes on
sale, the color I like is gone
or they don't have my size. I
also love closeouts.
5. No. I usually just devote the
first hour of my day to blogs.
6. I had to let the whole Real
Housewives franchise go at the
end of 2008.
9. I was aware of the Sheen/Estevez connection. Emilio wanted to stand on his own. The dad changed his stage name to be considered for more roles.
10. The captions make them so much better.

Anonymous said...

1. Awww, I like Conan too. I'm happy he returned although I didn't get a chance to catch his premiere this week.
2. I'm gonna have to check that story out. Hadn't heard about it, but it sounds entertainingly silly LOL

5. Multiple open links? Yes!

I don't care for profanity, but I have to admit sometimes it does make things funnier. The cat picture is hilarious.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. I try to get one every year,but I don't think I got one last year
4. Yeah that happens a lot but I try to bargain shop so I don't see full price. Okay I'm lying I'm a shopaholic in rehab!
5. Are you at a computer all day?
6. :0
9. It all makes sense but they don't present as hispanic at all to me.
10. I agree!

1. Yeah he's funny. I'm watching him right now! LOL!
2. Yeah but the reality of it is scary! People gettin on planes all willy nilly!
5. YES!
10. I'm working on not using profanity but this pic just had me rollin!

Adei von K said...

1. I don't what the deal is with the mcrib. it's like cult classic or something cause twitter lost its mind that day. I missed that memo

2. people are crazy AND stupid. that mask is so horrible.

3. STAMP!!! I want my reception to be nothing but awesome finger food! but, my African side will not allow that to be all, lol. WHERE'S THE RICE!?

4. for that very reason, I cannot buy things at regular price. I wait and I justify by saying, "If i was meant to have it, i'll get it on sale later." I win some, I lose some!

5. yeah... the macbook is gangsta with hella windows open!!! i'm always looking for plane tickets, checking the school district's website for days off, emailing my chickies, twitter, FB, iToons, etc!!!!!

6. i can't dig any of the RH. I did watch the very 1st one cause Mini Me got me on a marathon. after that, too fake for me.

7. you're a mess for laughing at people for still having those bead curtains hanging between rooms!!! HAHAHAHA! There's a lady in my neighborhood with that!!!!! LMMFAO!!!!!

8. I can't stand that kate and her clown posse get paid to travel. yeah, i'm hating. if i was john, I wouldn't hate. I wouldn't want to deal with kate shrew behind.

9. ummm, yeah. emilio estevez set it off for me years ago. i was like, "how he got a name like that??"

10. whyyyyyyyyyy are cat pictures soooooo funny?!!??!?!?!?!?! LMMFAO!!!!!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.Me either! I swear I am hollerin that twitter went off about! Girl stop! LOLOLOLOLOL!
2. Thank you! I would have kept staring so much I would've known at some point that ish was FAKE!
3. I get that about the rice especially some GOOD rice! Girl yes good appetizers are the business! Great idea for the recep.
4. I've tried to do that actually cried when it was no longer available! LOL! I just can't take the chance now. I have to stop looking at sites.
5.Yass! You get me!!!!
6. K
7. See you get ME again! It's hilarious!!
8. Bwhahahahahaha!
9. I just thought Oooo he so different!
10.EXACTLY!! I'm still laughing at this mess!

Nexgrl said...

Yes, I'm at a computer ALL day.