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Thursday, October 28, 2010


1. Please! Please! Please! Get out and vote people!! We do not need a repeat of THIS.

2.This story right HERE has me so messed up right now! 11 People jumped out a window and one with a baby in his arms who later died because they thought a naked African man was the devil, not a devil The devil  Really people? Really?????????? See I told ya’ll. Now all these devil movies got people going for real CRAZY!

3.The Hiccup girl is an accessary to murder. She lured a suspect to be robbed and killed. There was outrage (by white america) at the fact that her picture was plastered all over the news but the other suspects weren’t. By the sound of their names the other suspects may be black men. (surprised me too that their pictures weren't shown. Hence the outrage) Anywhoo this chick was famous for hiccuping non-stop for over a month! I think if you’ve ever been on the news DO NOT commit a crime dummy! The reason this story stood out to me is because I sent a remedy for hiccups to the news and I swear they announced  her hiccups stopped after that. I didn't get recognized at all  from those Haters! LOL!

4.Lawdy Be!!!! they done added bread to the KFC heart attack sandwich. Jesus take the wheel!

5.Walking through Berkeley I came up on a homeless man laying on the grass sunning himself no shoes, no shirt. He says, “hey what’s up home girl?” Home girl???????? What??? Bwhahahahahahaha is it cause I’m black????

6.Raise your hand if you’ve ever owned a So.ny Wa.lkman. *raises hand* Now wave goodbye they’ve been discontinued. Ummm I thought they were over when the first iPo.d came out. *shrugs*

7.I said it! in the comments on other sites T.I. was pulled over for a D.W.B. (driving while black) in L.A. California! The cop claimed he smelled marijuana during the traffic stop, but there was no weed found in the car! Umm hmmm! So the California drug charges have been dropped. T.I was pulled over for being a ni**a in a Maybach driving in L.A.*SMDH*

8.I don’t care what NeNe Leakes RHOATL says about her plastic surgery. I still hate everything about her new nose! People named Lenithia Bonita Smith need to keep the face they were born with! They have NOT perfected rhinoplasty on black people #FAIL!!!!!

9. Seen and heard apparently the actor Bri.an Wh.ite married a Hispanic woman. I have Nothing against Hispanics. So please no offense! I read this in the comment section on Rhymes with Snitch. I liked to died laughing! Because I see this ALL the time in Oakland!

anonymous said: Lets hope he don't give his Latina wife too many babies her ass gone be looking like her ancestors. Short n fat in a prom dress with her Easter shoes on.

 lily said: You 'bout choked me! Ahhhhha. But you ain't never lied. That's just how they look after the first baby.


Bajan Beauty said...

Your back! *Homer Simpson voice* wooo-hooo! lol.

I'm going to vote this Saturday, this election is crucial. I hope people don't think our work is done.

The double-down, I call it double death, smh.

I proudly owned a Sony Walkman. I thought I was the ish because mines had a radio and I could reverse the tape with having to take it out, lmao.

I agree with the T.I. situation charges dropped but he is still getting 11 months. Maybe he will be sent home early due to over crowding...Paris Hilton/Lindsey Lohan style!

Daij said...

Preach! I've been volunteering in the evenings on the way home from work, going to the campaign office to assist in making calls and asking questions

Nina said...

wow...interesting thursday thoughts as usual...

ummm,how can you live your life hiccuping 50x a minute for 5 weeks..i might've ended it for good....and why do something wicked as to lure someone to an empty house to get them robbed. you know its not going to end well!!!

maybe the bread will ease the...y'know nevermind..someone i was with bought a double down one day and i just looked at him. it was amazing.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Hey girl! Thanks *smile*
1. That's right girl vote! We have to do our part!
4. They are really doing big things with this sandwich. I guess we have to read about the heart attacks before something happens to it! LOL!
6. Girl me too! LOL! Sounds like we had the same one! I thought I was doing it BIG!
7. I'm still so mad at his stupidity! Do what you do at the house! Don't ride the streets! He was charged in ATL so I don't know about his charges being reduced. Maybe if he was charged in Cali...

That's right get the word out there!!!! I applaud your extra efforts! *smile*

LOLOLOLOLOL! I know right?
3.People are just crazy! I know they are going to say she was influenced by the dudes! Whatever! You right that mess was just EVIL!
You would've ended it all Nina??? LOLOLOL! I am cracking up right now! I hope you NEVER get hiccups!

4.Are you saying the bread will soak up the grease??? LOL! Were you amazed he bought it or did you taste it?? Do tell!

Adei von K said...

5. NOT HOMEGIRL!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh he's a mess for that one!! LMMFAO!!

6. Wait, they were really still making walkmans? that was soooooo 7th grade!

7. i thought he (t.i.) made an illegal u-turn...

9. i.can't.STAND. yall for short and fat in a prom dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y'all made me cuss out loud! HAHAHAHA!

GorgeousPuddin said...

5. RIGHT!!! I was stuck! I just shook my head~
6. Exactly I thought those had BEEN over! But apparently not! *shrug*
7. The initial story I read was the cop said he smelled weed as they passed by. O_O Then they said T.I. U-turned illegally probably trying to dip off onto a side street LOL! You know how we do! and was pulled over. Moral of story don't ride dirty in L.A.!

Jameil said...

1) I seriously don't understand people who don't vote.
2) Ugh.
4) Lolol. Why does that make it worse??
5) Did you say, "Heeeey boo!"?
6) Hands in the air because I had two!
8) Not the gov't!!! LOL! Hate!

Daij said...

I'm raising my hand... i had a sony walkman!! loved it. My Japanese students ( I was an ESL teacher in college) brought this exciting little cassette player to our school in tennessee, and we were all intrigued. I was one of the first to have one. Yes, I'm old!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.Gosh me either!
2. Right!!!! crazy all day on that one!
4. Because now it's a real sandwich and I can see women who are not health conscious eating it too! LOL!
5. Too funny! Um that'll be a no! I just shook my head!
6. You braggart! LOL!
8. I agree Hate it! LOL!

I am resisting the urge to laugh. It's okay LOL! So you were a pioneer??? *smile* Naw but seriously old's good!

GorgeousPuddin said...

I forgot
9. I liked to died when I read that! Bwhahahahahahaha!

K. Rock said...

2. That story was a little confusing to me. Sad though.
3. SMDH at that. Cart her off to jail!
5. They all think that is how we prefer to be refered to.
6. I had one. But I dscontinued it back in middle school.
8. Once you hit the limelight, that plastic surgery fever hits you.
9. Ha!

GorgeousPuddin said...

2. I agree it doesn't make sense! Because if it truly boils down to them seeing a naked man an thinking he was the devil. Drugs had to be involved because that's utter ridiculousness.
3. Exactly! She need to not pass go or collect...
5. Really? So he was trying to be down?? Bwhahahahaha!!
8. It's very sad!
9. I know!

Don said...

2. Scary! I once laughed at these types of stories, thinking that they were random acts. Nowadays, it appears to be the norm, so I try my best to stay out of the way.

4. Hilarious.

6. I recently read a post concerning the Death of The Walkman. Rest In Peace. I definitely experienced enjoyable moments with the few that I've owned in my lifetime. Batteries hurt the pockets though. Lol.

7. Agreed.

Also, thanks for the kind words left on the blog. They made me smile and warmed my heart. Always appreciated.

GorgeousPuddin said...

2.Right! It's really sad and scary. I don't mess around with that stuff fools need to quit playing!
4. LOL!
6. That sounds like the same article that news was talking about. I was like I thought it already had died! LOL! When I got my yellow so.ny wal.kman you could NOT tell me nothing! I was THEE ish LOL!

You're Welcome! It's all lurve! LOL!

AR Gal said...

1. I got my vote on Friday after work.

2."Now all these devil movies got people going for real CRAZY!"

Juicy had 'em goin' crazy too! Next they'll be trying to blame it on him!

3. Lock her ass up! I'm more concerned with the remedy you suggested anyway. LOL

4. They sent us a coupon in the mail for it. The nerve!!

5. Homeless folks need love too. Sometimes you have to get it in the best way you know how. LOL

6. I don't know if it was a Sony brand but it did play tapes. *chuckles* The news report I heard said that the walkmans' were really popular in Japan which is why there were still in production for so long.

7. Well he's down here in good ole' Arkansas now. Forrest City to be exact or as he called it, 'the armpit of hell'. LMAO

8.NeNe's new nose is awful. I know that's what she wanted but after seeing the end result, I can't help but wonder if she has any regrets.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@AR Gal
1. Hey!! Get it girl
2. Who is Juicy?????
3.You are the first person that asked! You have to drown the hiccups! Hold you breath and drink water for as long as you can. It really works.
4. Crackin up Bwhahahahahahaha!
5. Girl you crazy for that one!LOL!
6.Hmmm Japan?? They get EVERYTHING first! It must was for nostalgia sake!
8. She has to have regrets. It's hideous!! Black people need to stop the nose mutilation.