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Thursday, October 14, 2010


1.Remember those thought provoking T.R.U.T.H. commercials about how smoking kills. I haven’t seen one in a while. Do you think Big tobacco killed those commercials because they were losing money???? We need them back! There is a resurgence in smoking and I am pissed about! Second hand smoke kills too! You idiots!

2.I like commercials, TV shows, movies and real life events were people get slapped. It’s HILARIOUS to me! However, me actually getting slapped Ummm that’ll be a NOOOOO!

3.Why do black people like the TV show Cops so much?

4.MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya’ll why?? I know by now you have heard about the miners FINALLY being rescued and the wives and mistresses waiting patiently for their men to come up from the hole. O_O to the mistresses for showing up. Oh and the one with four mistresses???? Really dude? REALLY????

5.I’ve been angry and frustrated all week. My life is not going as planned and I am being a BRAT about it! Pray for me! : (

6.Why do people hate? The energy it takes to hate on a person has to be exhausting! I’m not perfect. I have envied others for one reason or another, but for the most part I try to apply biblical principles to how I govern my life. But I’ve been around some really negative, mean spirited people, and I’m like Are you for real Hater?!?

7.I think highly of myself. Why is this wrong/bad? I’m eliminating people and things from my life that drain me. But, I ask, why does feeling good about yourself, being positive and attempting to be happy in spite of means I am… Conceited ??????? The definition says thinks highly of ones self, self-important, proud, vain, smug, arrogant, high and mighty, superior, stuck-up, snobbish, self-satisfied, bigheaded, narcissistic. To that I say Thank you! I'm none of those things. I just like me! ! Shout out to AR Gal and now a musical selection.

8.Two weeks back I watched the Dr Oz show. The show was about what vitamins you need to take regularly to be healthy.(calcium, multi, fish oil, vita D) That Saturday in honor of the show Nature’s Made was giving away a 1 month supply of said vitamins at 12:00 noon. So I logged on to be one of the first to receive the vitamins. I’m all about the freeeeeee! LOL! Well of course the site crashed and I missed out. Picture me real mad! Well I sent them 11 complaint emails yes 11!! I got an email today with them apologizing stating they heard me loud and clear Bwhaha! and they are sending me coupons to get the vitamins YAAAAY!!!

9. K Rock has a food blog( that's really cool!!!) and was recently talking about kitchen essentials. Picture me up late watching HSN. Now I want these! Why? Glad you asked! Because they came in red and Wolfgang Puck makes them. That's the ONLY reasons!! SMH at self. Shakes fist at K Rock. *smile*

10. Morgan Freeman 73 and his wife Myrna 67 divorced after 26 years of marriage because he’s a cheater. O_O The wife supposedly received a very large settlement and is writing a tell all book.
Seen and Heard on Rhymes with Snitch: “Talking about a scorned woman. The settlement should be enough, no need to write a tell all book, for what? ridicule and more money? They both are old as the mountains anyways.” Bwhahahahahahahahaha! Why can't anyone stay married and faithful???


P.S. I love this... said...

1. Yeah, wonder what happened to T.R.U.T.H?

2. Yes, it can be kinda funny.

3. Cops is STILL on??

4. Mistresses.. wow! How humiliating for the wives of cheating ass miners.

5. Woooo Saaaaaah! Are these things that haven't been going as planned, something you can change?

6. People hate on others because it's the popular thing to do. One would never want to apply whatever is necessary to change their situation, so it's easier to hate on someone else who has.

7. I'm an advocate for getting rid of toxic people and things from my life. Conceited, no.. I'd liken it to self-preservation. Stress kills, ya know?

8. Were they liquid vitamins?

10. Maybe writing a book is therapeutic for Myrna.. She could have been blindsided by the whole thing.. thinking her and hubby were good and happy.. Never knowing he was cheating and plotting to marry his young tenderoni.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. We need it back asap!
2. My sense of humor can be a little slapstick! LOL!
3. I'm not sure of new episodes but YES!
4. Right! One wife didn't show up! The man was greeted by his mistress! and that made the news! They down played it as the men got closer to all being rescued. I didn't forget!
5. Unfortunately No!
6. I need to start a stop the Hate campaign! A real movement, not just Hi hater T's!
7. Exactly!
8. No. All pills. I can't do liquid at all. I'm not even sure if I can do these depeding on size??? It was freeeeee! LOL!
10. Oh I'm sure she has a book in her! But why can't anybody stay married???? I mean even old people???? Fo real!? Morgan Freeman is OLD as the mountains! He deserves one of the above mentioned slaps along with a few of those miners! LOL!

K. Rock said...

1. I used to love those commercials.
2. Ha! Slapping is usually always funny. But ummm..yeah. Getting slapped in real life is not so funny.
3. I don't. But I could watch a highlight reel from it though. Greatest hits only.
4.Yeah miners get down too. They may have all been with him because of his money. Now I ain't saying she's a "coal" digger...LOL!!
5. I know the feeling. It will get better.
6. I know!! Why hate as a profession? If you want to turn your nose up once or twice fine. But to make a living out of it. Boooo you!
7. I think self confidence will get people far. We all need it.
8. Yippee!! They system works. Love when the customer wins! Now get on the vitamins and get off the coke!
9. GP! Thanks for the shoutout!! Those knives are too cute. I like them in green.
10. Hate to see any marriage end but I also hate to see the dirty laundry start to be aired. Maybe they will clear things up.

keyalus said...

1. Smoking is a filthy habit. It stinks. I honestly don't know what makes anyone ever start smoking.

4. I was listening to the radio and they had someone who works in Chile and someone who has a Chilean father call in. Both explained that in Chile, divorce was illegal up until 6 years ago. You also have to be seperated for 3 years before getting a divorce. So having a mistress was fairly common.

The one with a Chilean father said it was quite common for Chilean men to have mistresses and whole other families. As long as they didn't ever divorce the first one (illegal for a long time and frowned upon in general).

It still doesn't seem right, but putting it in the cultural context, it is more understandable.

8. I (try to) take liquid fish oil and a multivitamin daily. Liquid fish oil in can actually facilitate fat loss. A bonus!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@K Rock
1. Me too! The one where all the people laid in the streets was scary!
2. Right!
3. The fans are too much for me!
4. That made me laugh out LOUD!!! Good one!
5. Thanks!
6. Exactly! Get a new hobby hater!
7. I agree!
8. I'm so stressed I still need my Coke!
9. You're Welcome! The green is cute!
10. It's disheartening! I'm looking at him so different now!

1.I completely agree! and once you KNOW it will kill you why?????
4. Thank you for the explanation! I can deal better with a reason. Definitely more understandable!
5. All right now! a bonus on the fish oil! Yaaay!

Jameil said...

1) Maaaaaaaaaaaan!!! Let's excise ciggies from the world!!
2) LOLOLOLOL You are such a mess.
3) Not this one.
4) I love the miner story and have worked hard to ignore the mistress angle.
5) Hey man. It will be over and you'll be sitting here next week like wow... that was rough... BUT IT'S OVER!!
6) Because they're bored.
8) Mess! I'm about to out Loft online b/c they have pissed me off to high heaven for the LAST time!
9) Girl a good knife will have you loving cooking all over again!!! LIFE CHANGING!!
10) no comment

AR Gal said...

1. Tobacco is BIG business. I'm sure someone's had got padded well to decrease the number of aired commercials.

2. I love seeing people get mollywhopped upside the head. It brings me joy. LMAO

3. I've never really been a fan.

4. I watched the clip on one of guys being greeted by his mistress. I know he was tired but he still didn't look excited to see ole' girl. LOL

7. Musical selections are the greatest!

8. I wish they made Flintstone vitamins for adults. Those things are tasty!

10. That is a long time to be married but hell if you're not happy I say do what's best for you.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. I agree 1000%
2. I know! *tee hee*
3. Me either.
4. They keep talking about it tho.
5. I hope so! I'm so stressed! I can't sleep!
6. They need to play a video game and back up off me!
7. OH BUT I AM!!!!!!!! LOL!
8. Get em girl! I'm tired of bad service!

@AR Gal
1. Yeah because people were cutting back on smoking!
2. I'm glad it's not just me! LOL! It brings me joy TOO!
3. ditto.
4. I saw that too. He was the one with the prettier wife who did not know about the mistress. She declined to attend the rescue.
7. It gives such emphasis!
8. I'm sure they do. Or try the adult gummies YUM!!
10.I just figured after that long and at that age try to work it out! Dang!

Ladynay said...

I loved the TRUTH commercials!

Cops is a funny show. My grandma watches stuff like that waiting to see someone that see knows!

I don't think celebrities should get married. Period.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. I did too!!! They were DEEP! LOL!

Girl Cops!!! Now that's a good reason to watch! LOL! Can you just imagine seeing somebody you know?? Bwhahahaha!

I agree with you on that one! Everyday cheating, breaking up and divorce BOOOOO!

Don said...

Hilarious @ Number 10. I too saw that on RWS. I had no idea you read that site. Its comment section should be illegal. Lol.

I enjoy K. Rock's food blog. I love to eat and get cooking ideas.

If you don't think highly of yourself who will? If you don't check yourself and improve upon your reflections, who can that you will honestly listen to?

People definitely hate. Some, for the strangest and most insignificant of reasons. Just the way it is, I honestly believe.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Yes! that site is crazy funny! I agree about the comments section! LOL!

Yeah K Rock's blogs ROCK!!! LOL!

Exactly! But people be trippin!

I agree! I'm so tired of the haters! Isn't it crazy the things people hate on you about??????