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Thursday, October 7, 2010


1.Good Gawd what is this tomfoolery on VH1????????? Real and Chance are back???????? Now they are hunting folk lore creatures!???? I thought their 15 minutes were up! Why aren’t their 15 minutes UP???? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????????

2.So Sunday night I watched 2 episodes of Sister Wives and I have to say it really made me mad. I just can NOT get with the sharing of a man willful or unknowingly. The women seemed to have self esteem issues and I don’t think they truly like their situation. And the term sister wives?? O_O Really b**h you ain’t my sister! Believe that! Currently dude is courting a new wife to add to the household. The 3 current wives said he deserves a young, cute wife! Huh??????? The only part of the show I liked was when one of the wives' daughter said she wants her own man, no sharing! Yeaaaaaaaaaa for her!!

3.I realized after watching Law and Order SVU L.A. that I really, really, really, really hate Ter.rance How.ard's voice. I mean really HATE it! He whines! Booooooooooooo!

4.Sitting on the couch minding my own business. Cable blanks out because of an Emergency Broadcast of an Amber Alert. It's for a little girl kidnapped from in front of her own house at night read HERE side eye to parents with 8 year olds allowed outside unattended at 8:30 at night. Anyway, kudos to the driver who cut off the kidnapper stoping the truck allowing the little girl to escape.

5.A.ntoine Dod.son remember him? attended the BET Hip Hop Awards (yeah I know??) He has the come up story of all time read that HERE He was telling the truth you really gotta hide you kids cause they snatching people up out here.

6.And for that reason I want to purchase a stun gun. I will feel much safer when I’m out if I could shock the ish out of a potential thief or rapist. I wish I could get a combo pepper spray/stunner!  Think about if for a minute... LOL!

7.HDTV is the devil I’m always calling something the devil! LOL! I watched NBC news on Tuesday and OMG the local news woman looked like a hag. She was so beautiful! Has it really been that long since I watched NBC news?? Again HDTV is soooo wrong!

8.I’ve recently discovered that I am a toilet tissue snob. Since I've used Quilt.ed Nor.thern Ultra plush triple layers I don’t want to use any other tissue. Yep a snob! LOL! Get you some it's BOSS!

9.I am in love with the reminder button on my cable remote. I may log in 10 shows to watch over a few days and forget about them. When I‘m watching something else boop up pops my reminder LOVES IT!

10.I am first in line at buffets at most events, what cho lookin at? Somebody has to be first! LOL! Here’s why. I can NOT stand for somebody to double dip. If I see someone do that I almost have a fit and cannot eat another thing. So yeah that’s me first in line with no go backs. The food is contaminated after that. LOL!


K. Rock said...

1. I actually think those guys are really funny. I dont really care for them in that show though. Put them back in a mansion with some hoodrats. That's my kind of show!
2. Naw can't get into that one.
3. I heard he has his own show now. I don't really like the dude.
4. I really think this story was remarkable. I am SO glad this kid was found safe.
5. That song got frequent play round here.
6. Yes! And make sure you stun 'em right in the bozack.
7. Yeah you can see all up in people's pores and stuff.
8. I'm fine with the cheap stuff. LOL!
9. Sounds cool. I don't have anything like that.
10. Me too! I am always first when we get lunch at work. So what! Food is good.

Bajan Beauty said...

I watched Sister Wives last night for the first time...I knew I had to see it since I am obsessed with Big Love on HBO.

I do not understand the entire logic behind "the principle" the men have the good end of the deal. They get to stick and move a different chick every couple days =/.

I also noticed some jealousy towards the new "hot toddie". I don't think she knows what she is getting herself into. And how did they meet... is there a dating website for polygamist, she lived in a entirely different state. And if this is really want you believe and practice why broadcast it for the world to see. Especially knowing how judgmental people are. This just seems wrong on so many levels.

AR Gal said...

1. I caught a brief glimpse of that mess last weekend. I didn't realize they were still on tv.

2.When the one wife said that he deserves a cute wife I HOLLERED! I'm sure after 16 years they didn't expect him to want another wife but I mean they are living the polygamist lifestyle so it really shouldn't have been too much of a shock. I appreciate the fact that the children are raised to not feel pressure to live the lifestyle once they are on their own.

3.There is something about dude that has always seemed so fake to me.

4.The kids in my grandma's (well now my mom's) neighborhood don't obey the street light rule. I'm like, don't y'all have some homework to do, some baths to be taking...something?! LOL

5. A Halloween costume? *DEAD* His blow back hair is the bomb though.

9. I love the reminders. Problem is, I have to remember to remind myself to set the reminder. LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG where to begin- you are too funny!

I feel you on the buffet line and the toilet tissue. We messed around and got this stuff cause it was on sale and its extra thin and I can't stand it. We got the giant pack so now we're stuck with it till it runs out. I can't wait to get the plush back.

And I did picture that spray/stun gun and imagined somebody getting hit with both. They get the stun and think thats it and then here comes the spray! Hilarious

keyalus said...

1. I can't bring myself to watch that show. I am happily watching I Love Money 4 though which they tried to sneak in with no promotion. I kind of miss the trashy VH1 shows. I would absolutely watch another round of I Love New York!

2. As much as I love Big Love, I keep forgetting to record this. I think part of why (some of) those women agree to this is that children thing. I thought Mormons were committed to having a whole bunch of kids. I think it has something to do with growing their own church members or something. If you can't physically do that then you need another wife. Barb on Big Love felt guilty because her 3 (!) kids weren't enough.

3. Ever since Jaime Foxx clowned Terrance Howard, I can't watch him without laughing. "What's going on with you Iron Man?"

8. I like Cottonelle Ultra and nothing else will do. Too thin sucks but too thick doesn't work for me either.

~Mommy+Me~ said...

1. In the first 2 shows there were some funny moments, but VH1 beats shows to death! Why are they making these nobodies famous with these crappy reality shows?? I mean I like reality TV, but c'mon.

2. I'll have to check that out, just to see what it's about. What channel?

3. I was kind of bummed that I missed the Law & Order with Terrence.

4. I heard about that on the Gayle King show. I'm with you! I would never wish that on ANY parent, but hellllooo! Gotta give it up to the guy that made it his business & saved her! My daughter is 10 & she is not allowed to play in the front yard without someone watching her! She can play in th e backyard that's fenced in.

5. I missed the BET awards, but I know they will replay it like crazy anywayz.

6. LOL @ pepper spray/stunner

10. I don't blame you. I have a friend I used to work with that wouldn't eat at potlucks either b/c she was to squeemish about other people's bad habbits.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@K Rock
1.Yeah this particuliar show is beyond stupid! Me I'm all about getting your money, I just think they could've come up with a better concept and I did think it was over. Real is supposedly married and Chance may be DL so another dating show was out. Or so I've heard.
2. It's a bit disturbing!
3. Yeah he's a part of the L&O francise.
4. It is amazing!
5. Same here we would sing it or play the video just to laugh! LOL!
6. Exactly!
7. The pores the wrinkles. It's horrid! I feel the most sorry for the women!
8. Nooo! You must come over to the soft side you won't go back! LOL!
9. On your cable remote I'm sure you got it too.
10. Man after seeing the nasty things I have!!! Also only catered not stuff brought by folk. Nope!

I think that's what bothers me the most also! The men have all the options! Yeah Reality TV is crossing all genres. We get to see so much stuff that maybe we shouldn't, but now we're sucked in!
LOLOLOLOL!@dating website for polygamist! Girl stop!

1. I saw the promos and went into shock!
2. When she said that, I again went into shock! LOL! I'm so glad the girls can make their own decisions!
3. Yes! I can agree with that! Just so inauthentic! Ewww!
4. Maybe there is a sense of security there and I'm sure somebody is probably watching. I hate to say it but those days are long gone here! And after Jaycee Dugard no little girls should be outside unattended EVER! Predators are so bold with attacks now!
5. His hustle is AMAZING!!! He bought his fam a house! I really felt like he should've gotten more than half the profits from the song...And yes his hair is bangin! He can definitely Whip it back and forth! LOL!

@Real Talk LOL! thanks
After getting stuck with sale tissue too many times I just stock up when my fav goes on sale!
Girl yeah the buffet at work, weddings, conferences, etc I'm first! They need to get over it!

You got the exact imagery. LOL! They will know they messed with the wrong one that day!

1. I thought the same thing. I almost missed I Love Money because I thought it was a re-run. But I hate the characters already so I may pass!
2. A lot of people love Big Love. You have an interesting theory which makes a lot of sense. I guess to each their own! I'm all for the very aged russian nanny to help with the kids LOL!
3. I missed the Jamie Foxx clowning I will goggle that! LOL!
8. I was a Cottonelle devotee before the Plush came out!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. I agree it's just bad TV! They could've came up with better show!
2.It comes on TLC
3. I love L&O just not TH voice!
4. I thought that was the most awesome thing I've heard in awhile. People are starting to get invovled again!! Not just standing by watching bad things happen! I would've done something too!
5. The BET HipHop Awards haven't aired so you didn't miss it yet. I read this on the entertainment gossip blogs.
6. I'm still searching I bet it exist!
9. Geez I have a story about that! LOL! I feel her!

Jameil said...

1 & 2) Miss me w/both of these.
3) I have never heard my mom so vehemently dislike a show! Wow!!
4) Fail.
5) How much did yours cost? *straight face*
6) The make-up you wear in HD is KEY. You can't pop up in any old thing.
8) Hmmmmmmm
9) I'm in love w/DVR! I would never see anything w/o it!
10) Don't make me throw up, please!!

Anonymous said...

Let's talk.

3. Terrence Howard is the only person I would be willing to start an "I do not like anything about you club" instead of a fan club. He is just slimy/greasy/nasty. Of course, that's my humble opinion.

4. Just heard about this. Hooray for the Good Samaritan.

6. Have you every heard of Bear Spray? for warding off bears? For real, they have it. More effective than bear spray for bears is wasp spray for bears and all things/people unwanted. Never seen it or tired it but even cops recommend it.

8. Ever tried a padded, heated, bidet? It is a JOY! It'll make that tissue you're using seem like a wad of used gift wrap tissue!

9. I would probably miss half my shows if it weren't for the reminder on my remote.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1&2 a-okay~!
3. Really!!!! vehemently that is some serious dislike!
5. Bwhahahahahahahaha! *shakes fist at you vehemently*
7. I believe that! I was shocked at her appearance so much so I want to send her an email and tell her about the make-up!
9. Yeah that is a GREAT! invention also!
10. Well it's them. They need to do better!



3. Oh Gawd! That's strong! LOL! I would join up! Did you see him on Leno just gross!!!
4. YES! He needs a parade and some kind of commendations from somebody!
6. No I haven't heard of bear spray. But if it works I'll look into it. Thanks
8. I have never! but I'm adding that to my list of things to do before... Sounds wonderful!!! wait gift wrap tissue?? dang!
9. I used to miss so many shows! That's why were in lurve! LOL!

Ladynay said...

Real Chance of Love 15! Whoda thunk it! LOL!

There is a little girl cross the way from my house that is younger than my kid that hangs outside with her even younger brother when it's getting dark out! She comes to the door every now and again wanting Pooka to come out...ummmmm NO! smh

I want a bee bee (sp) gun.

Ultra plush triple layered anything would kill my toilet! *sigh*

Co-sign on the buffet line! Like you said somebody has to start it off right? Watching folks double dip pisses me off to no end! How you going to do that and we all gotta get some! Put some sauce or whatever it is on your plate and dip into your own personal stash fool! Ugh!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.*sings* I just want it to be ovaaaaa! The concept is just so dumb!

4.We live in scary times. Kids need to take it back to the backyard like back in the day or be watched period! Predators are just so bold now! The news said dude was watching her for awhile. Just so sick!

6.I have to stay away from guns and gun type things that shoot! LOL!

8.It's the bestest!

10. Exactly! People are gross!

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Lol i can't take Antoine and his mes... s,h...
Lol and i've been a toilet tissue snob! If it aint quilted, it aint SHHHHHHHH!


GorgeousPuddin said...

His overall persona is whack, but I can't knock the hustle!

Okaay! quilted is BOSS!

Daij said...

lol @ terrence howard's voice! It is kinda different!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Daij It's kinda whiney to me. I have to look at the screen sometimes and be like is he for real??? LOL! I started hating it in Four Brothers!

P.S. I love this... said...

1. I don't watch much of anything "reality" these days.. just Bridezillas, Say Yes To The Dress.. Does Real or is it Chance, still got that wack long hair?

2. I've been meaning to tune in but I just can't.. In a commercial, they talked about him kissing his GF while the wife was having a baby. SMH

3. Terrence Howard's voice sounds like he's always about to start crying.. annoying. He prolly thinks it sexy. Boy BYE!

4. Yes bring back the days of young kids not leaving the porch.. and coming back in the house from said porch, when the street lights came on or was that just my mom's rule? haha

6. I would like a stun gun.. I don't wanna be caught downwind and that pepper spray gets in my eyes too.

10. I don't eat at buffets for that very reason. When I was younger, I worked at Wendy's and my first job was to take care of the salad bar.. I was appalded at the "practices" they taught us to use to "refresh" the salad bar. YUCK!! So that reason and the nastiness of people, I just can't stomach a buffet. I feel sickened just thinking about it.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. Yeah girl Real's hair is still long. LOL!
2. Really????? see that makes me mad all over again! I won't watch anymore. Remember that scene in "Low Down Dirty Shame" when Jada's character slapped the soap opera star for something he did on his show?? It would be like that for me if I saw any of these people!
3. Exactly! He's another one I wanna slap.
4. Yep! Bring yo tail in this house! LOL!
6. Hmmm never thought about that!
10. Wow that sounds disgusting! The visual is killing me. I'm really referring to catered events like at work with nasty co-workers or parties!

Don said...

Number 5 is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The world is not a safe place for the innocent nature of mere children. Sad, but true.

Have never watched Sister Wives but I see a gang of tweets coming through reacting to the program.

Me and you both are first in line at buffets. I eat. I get my money worth at all buffets attended.

GorgeousPuddin said...

5. Man we need to totally take it back in day. You could only play in the backyard, front or in groups and SOMEBODY was watching. I'm so disgusted with the breakdown of society.
2. Sister wives has me fired up. Some stuff I just don't need to see on TV!
10. Bwhahahahaha! I hear you! LOL!