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Thursday, August 12, 2010


1.Watching shows where the characters have died in real life freaks me out sometimes. All except the Bernie Mac show I can watch that and crack up until the episode with him and Isaac Hayes that episode freaks me out. Two dead people in the same episode I can’t!!!! I obviously need to watch more old movies, everybody’s dead in those!

2.Who’s excited about Top Chef Just Desserts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and The Great Food Truck Race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? ME! Final three on The Next Food Network Star!

3. I’m really facing a dilemma! I started a M.A. program that I HATED HATED HATED!!!!!! it was totally not what I expected. I mean I hated EVERYTHING about it. The curriculum, the professors, the other students, the school. (I know that sounds bad) I have gone through this long process of ending that program and trying to transfer some of my units to another school and different program. Oh they gave/are giving me so much Stress, Drama and Flack! I felt like the first person in the world to hate a master’s program and want to change. The advisor was like “that is unheard of. You should have planned better” etc. Okay maybe I should have. But I didn’t. Just freakin help me lady!

4. I’ve been on my hair journey for 7 months. It seems that since I’m so focused on my hair it’s growing at a snails pace. I did the Big Chop in February and turned around got a relaxer. I know! Who does that???? My hair is this weird length that I’m not used to. It has grown out from the short cut, but is not back to it’s original bra strap length, and I don’t like it! Maybe I could cut it again so it can look better, but I don’t want to cut it, so it can grow back. My life is a mess right now with all this indecisiveness!!!

5. Face Book is officially dead to me. DEAD! The kiddies, nuts, baby mama/daddies, jump-offs, exes and bitters have taken over. My sisters had a fight online for all the world too see WTH?????? I had people calling me asking what the heck was going on? *sigh* I’m so ready for the next new thing in social networking!

6. Why is fattening food soooooo good??? Mmmmm a Philly cheesesteak hoagie with good cheese, extra sweet/hot peppers and tomatoes vs. a mixed greens salad with tomato, cucumbers, bell peppers, baby carrots tossed in olive oil and lemon. Yum NOT!

7. Fall is almost here!! It’s my favorite season. I love Fall. This year I’m loving the rocker chick/military vibe of clothes this year. I like the studs and embellishments. What are you loving and what are your Fall must haves? I must have a new pair of boots this Fall.

8. Do you know who Russell Brand is? He’s a pretty funny British comedian. Well he is remaking the comedy Arthur!! Dudley Moore was a hilarious actor and I‘m interested to see Russell’s take on the role but I've never seen the original. I just liked Dudley Moore. DVD time!

9. I usually don’t do telemarketers but I got a savvy gent recently. No matter what excuse I came up with he insisted on selling me a newspaper. I like the Sunday paper for the comics, the coupons and the Lifestyle section and I frequently buy it at the newsstand. But I tell you this guy was savvy????? I now have a subscription for the Sunday SF Chronicle for 35 cents, wrapped in plastic because I didn't want it to be damp or have bugs in an envelope labeled with my name on it because people steal newspapers around here and I wanted it to look official placed neatly on my front porch so I won't have to walk out into the yard every Sunday morning.

10. I frequently have run on sentences and I write so a lot. So this, so that *shrugs*


I'm Goin' Down Young Black and Down Low said...

1. I really don't have a problem watching movies or television, that have dead people, then again I like old movies, grew up on nick at night and tv land, when they actually had old shows, not stuff from the 90s and mid 2000's, like Pattie Duke, Leave it to Beaver, I love lucy, Mr. Ed.
The only things I can't watch is movies and Aaliyah videos. I just can't it bothers me to much. I have to turn. I haven't watched Romeo Must Die since she died or Queen of the Damn ever.

2. Haven't heard about Top Cheks Just Desserts, but that should be fun.

4. Don't cut it, just deal through the awkward legth stage...look at some Rhianna pics, or get a bob thing going, or perhaps a faux hawk, with the middle doing something and the sides slicked back. When in doubt get weave!

5. Faceboook was never alive for me. I don't get this over exposure to your personal business at all. I hate Facebook!

6. I have been wondering the same thing about fattening food. I have been trying so hard to loose these extra punds this years...well sorta trying...kinda trying...maybe trying? Either way I have been hitting up on all these new places. And trust me as much as I do enjoy salads, They ain't whatI'm getting, let me tell you I haven't had a good philly cheesesteak in a minute...that sounds good, with steak fries dipped in russian dressing. Hmmm good times.

7.I can't wait for fall either. Even though I do more layersin the fall, I don't feel at pudgy in the Fall asI do in the Summer. I willmiss seeing all the hoodboys where nothing but saggin jeans and no shirts. But Fall and winter is where I shine.

8.He's okay. I enjoyed him in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I don't think the remake will be fun. Sorry but rarely is the remakes good, compared to the original.

10. Join the club!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@...Young Black...Welcome to my blog!
1.Funny I just recently watched Romeo Must Die for the first time since her death. It came on tv. Hmmm I don't think I like old shows much I watch them in there season then it's a wrap LOL!
2. Whaaaat!!! Food Network dude check it out!
4. Well as a black girl that had long hair a weave is not an option #FAIL LOL!
5. Yeah I hear you!
6. I mentioned that cheesesteak because it was a toss up between that and the salad. Cheesesteak won and it was good LOL! I'll workout 2x tomorrow.
7. Yeah Fall is my season! I can't wait to get and wear my new boots!
8. I started liking him in that movie too. He is too funny to me. I love stupid humor and he's good at it. I think he might be okay as Arthur he reminded me of that character already anyway.

Ladynay said...

3. Is the school you're considering transferring to any better?

4. You can always do a twist/braid out and wrap a cute scarf or headband around it.

5. FB is slowly fading with me.

6. You tell me and we'd both know.

7. Love the Fall! No extreme heat, not a lot of bugs, Turkey Day...the list goes on and on

9. I wonder what Mr. Savvy's numbers look like. On the rare occasion I accidentally pick up the phone for a telemarketer, before they can get into their script good I tell them that I am not interested. If they push on I tell them I am not interested again and thank them for their time before they get the "click". :-)

AR Gal said...

1. I get more choked up watching 'Marley and Me' than seeing dead actors on the screen. Go figure.

3. Boo to your advisor!

7. I am waiting with baited breath for fall. I think I may shed a tear when it officially arrives. And by official, I mean being cool enough to actually see my breath in the air when I breathe. LOL

8. One of my friends absolutely LOVES Russell B. She swears they are having a love affair and that Katy Perry is only a slight insignificant bump in the road. LOL No she's not a stalker.

9. We've had a subscription to the paper for the past four years. Between the both of us, all we ever look at are the sales ads, coupons, the lifestyle section and the want ads. LOL

10. You would be surprised of what my profession is based on how I write on my blog. I let it all hang loose!

~Mommy+Me~ said...

I know what you mean about watching movies/shows with dead actors. I can do it, but I get what you're saying. I can watch Bernie Mac Show over & over. Along with Everybody Hates Chris. :)

Some advisors are terrible!! I had one tell me I wasn't going to graduate on time when I was getting my bachelors degree. She was wrong, but she had me in tears!!

I love all shows on Food Network. Do you watch Chopped?? My daughter & I love that show! The most recent episode was all women!

We get the paper too. I just barely skim through it. The news is pretty depressing. I mainly look for the ads/coupons.

I LOVE FALL TOO!! It is my favorite season! I love everything about it, the weather, the leaves, back to school, the clothes, the smells, pumpkin patches, pumkin spice lattes. :) I'm excited for it, I know it's right around the corner & I'm like a kid waiting on Christmas! :)

K. Rock said...

2. Love Top Chef but I am not into desserts. It's because I don't bake. So if there is NO other food competition show on, I will check it out. And for FNS, I guess I will go for Aarti cuz I wouldn't watch a show with the other 2. The Food Truck show I am excited about. I just hope it's about the food and not so much the drama (which is what the previews lead me to believe).

3. *eye roll to your advisor* Who says something like that. Rude rude rude!

4. Just remember the awkward length is temporary. You gotta stick to something!!!

5. I think FB can be expired according to some people, but I have picked my friends strategically as to minimize the drama you are referring to. Cut the dramatic friends off your list!!

6. Fattening food is good because it's fattening.

7. This fall will be my second attempt at establishing a fall wardrobe. I bought a few new things last year but I have dropped a size and I don't know if I can still fit it. But I need money first so let me put my brakes on!

GorgeousPuddin said...

3. The school is better and it offers the program I want. We are facing budget cuts on the state level and although I didn't want to go to state it's what I can afford. I really want to go to school out of state but I'm too chicken to leave. I'm making myself leave for my phd degree.
4. I tried that once it looked okay. I might try it again since I have a little more length. I might look less pouffy.
5. Yeah I agree
6. I wish it was reversed or it could be reversed temporarily imagine eating the calories of a salad but it taste like your favorite food! Yum!
7.Exactly! All the good things is life.
8. That is usually me too! LOL! he got me!

@AR Gal
1.Bwhahaha! Now that's funny!
3.Okaaay! Boooooooo! to her.
7.You can see your breath in the fall???? It's not quite that cold here until winter. Dang!
8. That's too cute and funny! I thought he was obnoxious at first but I really like him and he and Katy are too cute together! Or maybe him and your friend are too cute together?? LOL!
9. Pretty much that's what the paper is for! You can get the news on tv. I love sale papers and coupons!
10. Same here. I work in education. So I'm appalled at my own writing sometimes. But hey this is my outlet! And you should be able to write how you want! Its yours too!

Okay who died on EHC? Naw I hear you its a cute show!

Oh girl those advisors!?! according to mine in undergrad I was too much of a party girl to graduate. He had me all wrong. I changed from him immediately! The hell you say!

I watch FN a lot too. I've only seen a one epi of Chopped. I gotta check it out again. I really like Triple D with Guy Fieri, Unwrapped,
and most of the chef shows. Love Tyler Florence, Bobby Flay, Aaron M. Giada, Rachel many to name!

I'll be happy to see those coupons and salepapers. That's the only reason I got the Sunday edition.

Yaaay!!! a Fall fan! All the things you said Yasss! Especially the clothes and the seasonal lattes. Yum!

2. I like Aarti. I would love to try her food in real life. What she made for the Iron Chef comp looked sooooo deelish! I think they will be creating some incredible stuff on Just Desserts! Oh GAWD! I can't wait. I LOVE dessert!
3. Second crazy advisor of my life but she is the last cog in this process so I gotta kind of take it *sad face*
4. You're right! I'll just keep rocking this ponytail with my hats! LOL!
5.I was so excited about FB when it started not so much now.
6. Exactly!
7.You could get your clothes tailored since you dropped a size. Congrats on that accomplishment!!
They early sales and end of season clearance is the best time to buy. Yeah you will definitely need the funds to do it.

Anonymous said...

2. Me and the Food Network are in love, but I do cheat often and hang out my Top Chef folks at Bravo. The Cooking Channel is my new crush!

3. Good luck with your transfer. I often wonder if some people simply get a thrill from NOT being helpful.

5. Facebook is still cool with me. I've hidden at least 150 of my 300 friends, so I only see the stuff I want. And, of the ones I still see, they're not posting any nonsense, so I'm cool. My cousins are spread all across the country and we're becoming connected again like we were as children. I refuse to give that up over some messy people.

GorgeousPuddin said...

2. Food Network and Top chef oh yes! I had to downsize cable so no Cooking Channel for me! It must have gotten better. You are the 2nd person to give that channel love. I didn't like it.
3. I think my process is making her work! You know some people don't like to work anymore and customer service sheesh!
4. Wait my sister is having the same love affair with FB she talks about all of her extended fam she's found. (diff dads) But then turns around and is one of the reason I hate it. Go figure!

Don said...

I thought about creating a Facebook account once and I browsed the site and it immediately became too much for me. It's too random for one thing. Then I know entirely too many local peeps on the site.

Fattening food is definitely the business. Loving the visuals of the Philly cheesesteak.

A Master's Program is impressive, which I am sure that you already know. Handle your business.

Jameil said...

1) I love Cary Grant & Hepburn movies so I had to get over all the dead people about a year ago. But it's disappointing to not be able to write a love letter to them!
2) Not really me...
3) Wow... that's not cool of her to insert her judgment. Get what you need from her and let that garbage roll off your back.
4) hair is so annoying. if you want long hair, that's not going to go away. try to stick it out... or get a weave!
5) LOL! fb drama is the WORST & i am so ready for the next one!
6) oooooooh fat fat fat! mmmmmm
7) i'm trying to cut back and do stuff with my current wardrobe. i feel like i have too many clothes. (it's almost painful to write that b/c i LOVE fashion)
8) so lost....
9) lolololol
10) i feel you!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Don Hey!!! Yeah I feel you about FB. Everyone has their different feelings about it. Me personally so done!

That cheesesteak was so good!!! :)

Why thank you sir! I just need it to all work out soon!

1.a love letter Jameil??? LOLLOLOL!
2. Boooo! *sad face*
3. Yeah I am. People!!
4. I'm trying to stick it out. I really can't do weaves. First off I can't tolerate braids. All grown and tender headed. LOL!
5.Exactly! Come on computer geeks get with it!
6. Bwhahaha! Okaaaaaay Loves it! Mmmmmm Faaaaat *in Homer Simpson voice*
7.I'm all for the fashion remix girl work it!
8. If you like stupid humor check out "Forgetting Sara Marshall" Russell Brand is hilarious!
9. He got me!