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Thursday, July 1, 2010


1. I watched the BET awards this past Sunday. It was surprisingly entertaining. I commented my thoughts on numerous blogs this week. It was strange to me that the awards were in Los Angeles but I couldn‘t follow on twitter and watch the show at the same time due to a time difference. But it was on the west coast?!? I’m still baffled by that. Entourage also premiered Yaaaay! I'll be watching!

2. I am completely obsessed with beauty blogs! I love to discover new beauty blogs. When I do, I read through the entire blog from inception to present. Sometimes it takes hours. After that the product hunt is on. I have to try the suggestions. I have a passion for great products no matter the cost. I believe that is called a product junkie.

3. I watched Sunday Best in OnDemand this weekend as part of my stay in plan. OMG I’m so mad I missed the season. The winner has a beautiful voice and spirit. Made me want to go to church. I love great gospel singing/music. There’s just something about it. Kim Burrell was the singing mentor this season. If you don’t know about her check her out here. Her voice is phenomenal. I saw her live once Amazing!!!!!!

4. This has been a week of self reflection for me. I’m trying to determine what type of person I am so I can improve. I realized that I hold a grudge maybe too long, I'm unforgiving and I might have unrealistic expectations of people. Gotta work on this!

5. I think the house on Food network star is BOSS! I’m enjoying this season. Is it just me or is that guy Paul really weird. People have strange personalities. Weird people scare me.

6. I’ve decided when I graduate from grad school I’m going to wear some Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahniks heels. It will be my personal tribute to SATC.

7. What is up with the spiders in the Summer? It’s like Charlotte’s Web up in here. I’m slightly afraid of spiders. I can kill the small ones and Daddy long legs, but the larger scary looking ones I have to call somebody to come kill it. For some reason they love to come into the bathroom. FAIL!

8.Since the 4th of July is this weekend and I plan to eat a LOT I’m on a cut back this week. Low salt, no sugar and only lean grilled chicken and fish with mixed greens for lunch and dinner. I started Sunday. I’m so bored but I'm no longer bloated. Yaaaay!

9. I am completely obsessed with air fresheners. My house must smell good. When people enter they always comment on how nice my house smells.  My favorite brand is Febreze NOTICEables. They have a  lot of scents and actually last for a month. My fav is the Morning walk/Cleansing rain combo. Refreshing!

10. I recently received love on a blog for the term Stupidvisor. Stupidvisor is a term I thought I created back in 2003 when I had the misfortune of being the only employee left to be supervised by a complete idiot after everybody else quit. EVERYBODY!!!! I Googled the word. Turns out it’s actually in the Urban dictionary. Hmmm I guess I didn’t create it. Anywhoo everything he did or said was complete nonsense.  I ended up walking away from that job because of him. Which slightly derailed my career path. Oh well! I will blog about this idiot in the near future. BecauseI still harbor ill will against him after all these years. See unforgiving.


K. Rock said...

1. I thought the awards were pretty good too. Much better than last years.

5. I love FN Star. I amcatching up on a coupl episodes I missed but that show is great. They have made it so much more like TopChef this year. Have you noticed that?

9. I need to get into air freshners. I love walking into people's houses that have a wonderful smell.

Jameil said...

1) I was shocked they weren't as bad as last year (which I was forced to watch b/c of the MJ tribute).
2) Yes it is! WOW! So not me.
4) I'm trying to work on me more, too.
5) Paul is creepy.
6) Yikes! Hope there's less standing at yours than mine!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@K Rock
1. I agree
5. Yeah with the challenges huh?
9. Me too. I once went to someone's house that wasn't EWWW! it was bad.

1. I agree
2. LOL!
4.That's good. I'm hoping to be a better person. It's one of my goals.
5. I know right! Like some type of personality disorder.
6. I'll be gellin with my Dr Scholl's inserts. LOL!

P.S. I love this... said...

1. I don't watch BET but after hearing about Chris Brown's performance, I YouTubed it, it made me cry.

2. I am a makeup artist and love all things makeup. I live in Sephora but also love discovering brands outside of the US.

3. I did Kim Burrell's makeup when I first got started in my makeup career.. I was part of a team to do makeup for Bobby Jones Gospel fest in Miami years ago. It was sooooo exciting and VERY eye opening. Ummmm hmmmm Oh did you know Bobby Jones is Donnell Jones's father??

4. LOLOLOLOL we must be twins! My sister says I must be more forgiving and stop cutting people off.

7. I never kill insects, they all have a purpose.. except roaches. YUCK!!

8. DITTO!!

9. Your my twin again! I'm all about the Glade plugins.. I have to try the Febreze ones. I love clean scents.. fruit and cake-y scents turn my stomach.

10 Stupidvisor!!!! That's hilarious.

Great post as usual Gorg!

Don said...

Stupidvisor is a perfect term to describe many of these many of the bosses at BCBS.

Definitely agreed upon Febreze. I tell my woman to buy all different kinds of brands. Oust is pretty good as well.

Please don't get me started on all that food on the Fourth of July. We will be in New Orleans attending the Essence Festival. But my family there throws down when it's time to throw down. Of course I am looking to find some good eating @ festival.

Number 4. probably needs to be when it comes to certain kinds of people. Just a thought.

Agreed - the BET awards were much better than usual. I didn't see last year's awards but I heard of the eve of destruction it offered.

Did you read the story where Chris Brown faked it?

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.I was moved as well.
2.Makeup artist. Cool!! What do you think of the Sedona Lace line of shadows a lot of beauty blogs speak on it.
3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! You did KB make-up WOW!!! How was she in person? Please dish on the eye openings! and no I didn't know that about Donnell WOW!!!! I that Bobby was how u doin?
4. Too Funny! Okaaay! I will cut a fool off in a minute LOL! I'm working on it. *smile*
7.Girl if I did that I would be taking spiders outside all day. Mr. Spider Killer is coming soon.
8. LOL!
9. I agree. I only like clean fresh scents. I don't even like vanilla for home EWW!
10. LOL!

1. I always ask HOW did YOU get this job? I mean seriously who hires these fools?
2. I like Oust too.
3. Oh you are about to have a ball. Especially when Fam throws down. None like it! I know the food in New Orleans OMG! TOO good!! Have a blast at the Essence Fest!
4. Hmmm maybe.
5. BET stepped it up. I hope it's a trend.
6. You know I had to goggle that! I hope it's not true. Dang Chris if it is.

Anonymous said...

5. That house is HAWT! All of the reality houses make me wish I was a contestant. *lol*

6. I have decided that by my 35th birthday next year, I will purchase my very first pair of Louboutin's.

Have a great holiday weekend!

GorgeousPuddin said...

5. I think all the houses look nice too! It gives me great decorating ideas. I couldn't be a contestant though. I try to be real dignified but girl I could see me fightin on T.V. because those contestants are crazy!
6. Heeeeey LouBou Love! That's the PERFECT B-day present to one's self LOL!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@mrstdj you have a wonderful holiday weekend too!

P.S. I love this... said...

You got mail!