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Thursday, July 22, 2010


1.I love Bobby Flay but is it just me or is he going a little hard personality wise on the contestants this season. on The Next Food Network Star. I’m not sure I like it. There are a few wimps tho but still…

2.Why did my Aunt’s friend from down south call her five times. She was blowing up the phone but my aunt gives me her undivided attention and hugs when I visit.*smile* She called one more time I gave the signal that it was cool and I actually got a call at the same time so my aunt answered only to hear that a relative was on the news The News!!! Really???? for committing a crime. SMDH! Nothing violent or heinous just dumb as hell!

3. I really don’t like Chad Ochocinco’s show. I've decided to boycott watching it. I probably wasn’t going to watch anyway. He said a lot of disparaging things about black women and out of 86 women his final lineup of 17 only has two ghetto, hood rat, head rolling, lip smacking, black chicks who are arguing with each other! How stereotypical is that??

4.Last season the T.O. show got me when I learned he did not know his father until age nine and said father lived directly across the street from him! Say what!!! This season is revealing that he has children by three different mothers and his two daughters just met for the first time. Their about 5 Yep! looked like ghetto twins meaning the same age different mom! He has yet to meet the son. thehell!!! Why would you do to someone else the thing that has pained you the most?

5.I get to be a foodie this weekend. Yaaaay!!! I’m going to the Gilroy Garlic Festival. I’m so excited!!! I haven’t gone in years! I get to walk around an taste lots of food made with garlic. I love garlic flavored food! They even give out garlic ice cream. Yum?

6.It already feels like Fall is here. The sun did not shine today. Overcast in July??? And I needed my heater again last night and tonight!

7. Usher’s Behind the Music premiered on VH1. It portrayed Chili from TLC as the love of his life and she actually was a part of the show. His ex-wife got about 10 min and was not a part.
On Rhymes with Snitch this week Anonymous said. In regards to Tameka Foster Raymond Usher’s ex-wife.

She is so....homely. Like her jaw is seriously f****d up and whatever she did to her nose didn't help. If she were an etch-a-sketch she should just shake her f*****g face and start all over. Why???? Bwhahahahaha!!

8.True Blood has truly gotten really exciting this season. A lot of unexpected twists. As scary as I am who knew I would like vampires so much! Check it out if you haven’t. Any fans?


K. Rock said...

1. I like them going in on the contestants. They need it.

3. I had no intention on watching the show but I was forced by a visitor. I am so uninterested in 85. Blah.

7. I felt the same way about that show. The woman he actually married didn't get any face time. She was more of an afterthought and Chili was the star.

8. I have heard and heard about this show. If I can find somewhere to start from S1, I amy give it a try.

Jameil said...

1) I'm with K. Rock. They'll be okay.
2) Fail.
3 & 4) Yeah I don't do either of those shows but of course can't escape it via twitter. TO sounds like an idiot tho.
5) Ooooh!! Take lots of pics!!
6) Wow... heater??? Not cool. I don't want these blazing hot temps but that's just out of order.

Adei von K said...

1. I think Bobby being rough is just getting them ready for Hollywood. Imagine if Gordon Ramsey was a judge??

3. 85 is the latest on a list of celeb dating shows where they pick "characters". I don't hold anyone to what they portray on TV cause foolishness sells.

5. Oooh, I love festival! You got me wanting to garlic texas toast now!

6. I can't believe u need a heater in July. Where are you? Syracuse??

AR Gal said...

I don't like the Ocho show either. I watched the first episode, well part of it anyway. I can't say I won't watch again as weekends can get a little boring sometimes. LOL

I had not watched an episode of the TO show until they did a marathon earlier this month. It was actually pretty good. It doesn't surprise me to learn that about he and his children. Folks learn only what they've been taught. That's no excuse but it is what it is.

You already know I'm jealous of your weather situation. *growls* That's alright....I'll be back. LOL

I heard about the Usher special. Some say it was good, others say it really didn't reveal to much. *Kanye shrugs*

LMAO @ the etch-a-sketch comment!!!

TRUE BLOOD fan reporting for duty!! The storyline is reeeeeaaaaally good this season but I swear if they do anything to harm my Lafayette I will go through the tv screen and kick all their asses!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm jealous about the garlic festival. For real! Garlic, onions and mushrooms are like the food trinity for me. Enjoy and taste EVERYTHING!!

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

First let me tell you that this KeKe Wyatt is JAMMIN! *sings loudly*

Ok yeah about Ocho Cinco, I refuse to watch that mess as well. I caught half of the first night and was disgusted. Why is this fool (Chad) telling people that he's Mexican?? I can't be bothered.

I wish Chilli would get her issues in check and make Tron another sibling with Mr. Raymond. As far as that Tameka....I will not a word!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@ K Rock
1. well I guess LOL!
3. Me either I thought I'd give him a chance. But he's been veto'd
7. Right! I totally agree. I mean with that much face time get back together already!
8. Yesss! do it I really think you will like it!

1. Boooo to both of of you. they're mean. LOL!
4.T.O. is losing me. The previews are looking stupid.
5. I'll try! I knew you would like this LOL!
6. I'm sitting here freezing now! I'm so mad!

1. If it was Gordon they would be crying! LOL! Yeah you're right.
3. That's one way to look at it. I'm just so tired of the portrayal of AA women.
5. I know right! I can't wait!!
6. Bay Area close to the bay and freezing. LOL!

@AR Gal
3.I can understand that! LOL!
4.I was kind of thinking that as I was writing, but it still caused me dismay. Do better T.O.
6. I wish we could switch places. I need to be somewhere hot right now. It's depressing here.
7. It was pretty good to me.
Those anonymous comments are always too funny!
8. Yaaayy!!!! True Blood is FIRE! this season. LMAO! about Lafy. I love his character too! He says the funniest stuff! I thought I was gon die when he was talking to Tara's mom.

@mrstdj I will girl! Me an onions NO, but garlic YAASSSSSS!

Welcome! KeKe's my fav too. Okaay! that fool know he not Mexican! LOL!

I think the same thing. Seems like she hasn't loved since him. And how she gonna hold cheating against Usher if they were on a break??? That man was trying to marry her!

Ladynay said...

I don't have cable so I won't be able to say much about Bobby Flay, Chad85, TO, or Behind the Music. LOL

I didn't read your comments but if you didn't share the story about the relative on the news, please do! Nosey people like me wanna know!

Garlic icecream? That's one of those things I'll try by having a friend buy it and taking a sample from them!

Why is it fall in CA but Hell everywhere else? No fair!

My bf is a True Blood fan! I've seen abour 3 episodes last season. Not bad.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Ladynay Welcome!
Oh my fam would die if I put the deets about the criminal on my blog! Snitches get stiches LOL!

Once you eat something garlic you can't even taste the garlic in the ice cream. Only the vanilla and besides its the one thing that's free!!!

I feel the same. Everybody is talking about their wonderful weather. It was actually hot in Gilroy at the festival so that was my second summer day Yaayy! LOL!

Yeah Trueblood is what's up!! You should watch with him. I can't wait til Sunday!

~Mommy+Me~ said...

I like the Next Food Network show, I watch it with my daughter. I agree with above-there are must harsher people they could have judging them. I am rooting for Arti. The Ocho Cinco & TO show, both are terrible! I like reality tv, but NO! That Garlic Festival you went to sounds great! I love me some Garlic! I'm Italian, so we pretty much put it everything. LOL
I didn't like the Usher show too much either, and would agree, they definitely spent more time on Chile. Speaking of, have you seen her show?? Not so much for me on that one either.
Love the etch-a-sketch comment!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@ Mommy+Me
I like Arti too. We had a great time at the Garlic Festival. I cook with garlic in everthing too! I watched Chili's show some. I really didn't like the love coach much.
LOL!@ anonymous that site cracks me up!

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