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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Remember the time... 1958-2009

This is the one year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson. Last year I was not blogging on the regular and did not do a post. This year I did want to acknowledge one of the greatest performers of all time. His music is (as I'm sure it was for many) a part of the sound track to my life. My mother loves music and had an extensive music collection and Michael Jackson was definitely a part of my childhood, teen years and adult life. Here are a few of my favorites. Please pause the music at the bottom and have a listen.

No real video was made for Butterflies but this one made by a Youtuber is very nice. Enjoy

Rest In Peace MJ you touched my life. Never can say Goodbye. Your music lives on.

UPDATE: Coming back in to say WOW!!!!!!!!! at Chris Brown's perfomance tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET awards. AWESOME!!!!


Don said...

Michael Jackson was an incredible performer. He changed the game and enjoyed much success in the process. He is the only performer loved by three different generations of my family. I am sure my kids would have made a fourth generation, had MJ lived long enough.


GorgeousPuddin said...

@Don I agree 100% He transcended generations with beautiful music.