Gorgeous Ponderings...

Gorgeous Ponderings...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Can We Discuss The Walking Dead???

Episode 507

Let's get to it!

1. EverbodyHatesChris/Noah redeemed himself because I thought I was going to have to full on hate him like Lori and Andrea of seasons pasts. 

2. So they just gon’ overlook the fact that somebody was coming out of the bushes 3 episodes back??  Who was that? 

3. And then Gabriel did a sneak move outta the church…  *sigh*  Why did they leave him anyway? He is totally useless. Just die already!  Carl shouldn't have given him a weapon either! He's done nothing to earn their trust! NOTHING! Michonne may have to kill him.

4. The mission to save Carol and Beth... Yasssss!

I like that Rick just be so ready to kill. This new cuddly soft Tyreese is still irking me. Dude you are HUGE! Just be ready to KILL! He has already jeopardized the group. If Sasha knew the dude he was supposed to have killed ate some of Bob's leg she would be PISSED!

5. And Beth... so apparently killing someone with meds didn't... NVM. So she is really going to believe what "MurderDoc" told her about medication after he had her kill the other doctor with medicine? She is just so naive! "MurderDoc" told Beth he knew that Dawn gave the order on Carol and Beth just believed the medication recommendation? Girl BYE! Just Bye! GoodBYE!  Man... if Beth kills Carol?????!!!!!!!!

6. The melt-y Walkers scene is in my top five grossest scenes ever for the show. The visuals were incredible!

7. I was so worried for Daryl. That melt-y Walker got pretty close to biting his head during the fight with that "cop" who was a big man! When Daryl used a head to clock him tho!!!!!!!!! EWW and LOL!!

8. We haven't seen how many "cops" actually stay at this hospital and those people are well fed, clean and in good health... Apparently the zombie apocalypse has been good to them so now we know a hospital is where it's at! LOL!

9. Sasha! Sasha! Sasha! Oh my Gawd! She was incredibly silly for turning her back on “Bob.” How do we even know if that’s his real name? He could’ve overheard her and Tyreese's convo. She gets a slight pass for grief, but girl?! That whole scene was sentimental drivel. "NewBob" needed to be waaaaay down the hall tied back to the post. He was cute tho… 

10. Wait... Haha! I forgot to mention Glen and nem. They need to make their way back to the church. That is all!

11. This hospital seems like a better location for Rick and the crew so I hope for a takeover.

12. Carol better not die to make room for all these new people!

Kinda get the feeling that the last episode will be a cliffhanger like Terminus. WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN?? ONLY ONE EPISODE LEFT!!!!!!

Chime in...